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Letter – Michael Blackett to James Cooke – 12 Nov 1675

Ditto Mr James Cooke Sr If it be possible to procure me Bills for £1000 pray send me Them pray once more try your hand: for if you do not help me in earnest I am quite undone & advise me p<er> next post w[ha]t I may rely upon money is ready I am MB

Letter – Michael Blackett to Robert Jackson – 12 Nov 1675

Newcastle 9ber 12th 1675 Mr Robt Jackson Sr If you can spare a Bill for 4 5 or £600 or £1000 or can procure me Bills for that sume upon my owne acct I will take it as a great kindnesse from you and if at any time I can doe you any service in Requitall pray dispose of MB pray let me know p[er] next post w[ha]t I may rely upon

Letter – Michael Blackett to John Eden – 12 Nov 1675

Ditto Unckle Eden I have before me yours of the 6th present and do take notice how far you have Carried on the Businesse with Mr Draper but you do drive things so to the last that I know not what to say to you for do you thinke I can leave my businesse upon a minuits warning I got your letter upon tuesday night & is it Likely I could meet you at Billingham that night no nor could not come the next day to you if it would have advantidged me £1000 God willing I will be with you to morrow

Letter – Michael Blackett to Edward Willett – 12 Nov 1675

Newcastle 9ber 12th 1675 Mr Ed: Willett Sr I have before me yours of the 5 present with the very welcome newes of Jeremy Gardners good arrivall at newhaven w[hi]ch Wm Creagh had from Mr Richd: pickering 2 posts before me but god be thanked they are arrived the disposall of w[hi]ch is left to your discretione not doubting but you can doe as well as others & will d<oe> for me as if it were your owne Concerne and as moneys comesin be remitting me as formerly desired pray send me p[

Letter – Michael Blackett to Michael Clipsham – 12 Nov 1675

Ditto Mr Mich Chipsham Sr I have before me yours of the 6th present signed alsoe by Mr <Swynocke> w[hi]ch I shall answer in short for can say no more to it than that I sould your prunes according to your order as soon as I could & as well as I could am sory w[ha]t I did did not prove to Content I will not say but Alderman Webb gave 9 s for the same prunes: for I have wine on my hands w[hi]ch any one shall have for £20 p[er] tun & yet I <sould> a good quantity of the v

Letter – Michael Blackett to Benoit Decoud – 13 Nov 1675

Newcastle 9ber 13th 1675 Mr Benoit Decoud Sr I have before me yours of the 9th present doe heartily thanke you for your readinesse to serve me upon all occationes and seing you are so kind as to give me assurance of your fidelity and Endeavours to promote my Interest to the utmost of your power of which I doe not question I will be as fre[e] with you as to tell you that God willing I Intend to follow the wine trade after a while & that you only shall be the man I will make use of thoug

Letter – Michael Blackett to Charles Finlay – 13 Nov 1675

Newcastle 9ber 13th 1675 Mr Cha: finley Sr I desire you would be pleased to advise all my Tennants that god willing I Intend to be at <Darnton> the day after Great Monday against w[hi]ch day I expect all there moneys to be ready for they shall no longer put me of 14/ d[ays] as they did the last time I did thinke to have bene with you upon martinmas day & to have p[ai]d CP some money but I must have another award drawne before he get the money my service to all friends with you I

Letter – Michael Blackett to Edward Willett – 13 Nov 1675

Newcastle 9ber 13th 1675 Mr Ed: Willett Sr My last to you was of the 12th present since none from you so the lesse to Inlarge upon this being Cheifly to advise you that there is one Monseu Piere Barronneum of paris who desires my Corrispondence he haveing formerly Imployed Jno Legendre of London to send him Leed from hence so p[ai]d twice commissione w[hi]ch he would Gladly save & have water from the fountane head it seemes sd Barronneau should have had 200 p[iece]s of the Leed you hav

Letter – Michael Blackett to Pierre Barronneau – 13 Nov 1675

Newcastle 9ber 13th 1675 Monsieur pierre Barronneau Monsieur Jay Receu lagreable value du 6 du Cour[an]t a laquelle Cette Le ruira en Response Ilest bien vray que mons[ieu]r Jean Legendre de Londres me donna ordre de luy Envoyer 200 p[iece]s de plomb ou pour havre de Grace ou pour Rouen mais ne voulut plus donner pour frett que 14 <ll> <…> les 50s p[er] tonneau pour Rouen ett 14<ll> sansces 50s pour tonneau pour havre de Grace accquell pris il nestoit pas possible darre

Letter – Michael Blackett to Nicholas Verlaen – 16 Nov 1675

Newcastle 9ber 16th 75 Mr Nicho: Verlaen Sr I have before me yours of the 12th present the <f..> rye that can be bought for 3s a bush[el] & sound I will venture upon 20 or 30 last to send to your place In w[hi]ch you shall be halfe concerned but can light of none to Content as yet the dispersall of my leed is left to your discretion so do w[ha]t you thinke convenient therein I hope my goods desired are all shipt ere now <w[hi]ch> I should be Glad to heare & w[he]n you a

Letter – Michael Blackett to Walter Chaytor – 16 Nov 1675

Newcastle 9ber 16th 1675 Mr Walter Chaytor Sr I have before me yours of the 15 present I do approve of the 400 bundells of Rod Iron w[hi]ch you have bought for my acct & shiped aboard Jno Vaughan of whome I shall alsoe call for the keys you omitted to send me p[er] Tho Richardson vessell & when I receive an acct of the Rods shall place the ammount to your Creditt & w[ha]t you shall be In disburse may frely valew upon me for now I can send you no Leed whereby you might reimburse

Letter – Michael Blackett to William Blackett – 16 Nov 1675

Newcastle 9ber 16th 1675 Hon[oure]d Sr I have before me yours of the 11th present both H kirkhouse & I have done w[ha]t we can do about procureing of a vessell for Rott[erdam] for you but can meet with none we shall still be endeavouring if any to be gott of w[hi]ch H K doubts very much it shall all be upon your acct for I have no mind to venture this winter time the money R M recd more than the pay cam<e> to was to pay for candles for all your Groves w[hi]ch he sd was to come from

Letter – Michael Blackett to James Cooke – 16 Nov 1675

Newcastle 9ber 16th 1675 Mr James Cooke Sr I have before me yours of the 16th doe heartily thanke you for your kindnesse therein expressed you did well not to medle with that Bill of £80 you mentione but as for the bill of £200 I keep it & will God willing send the money to Robt <Josling> of Richmond p[er] first opertunity & doe heartily thanke you for your kindnesse herein pray be seekeing about & get me bills for 5 or £600 more if possible payable any time before Chr

Letter – Michael Blackett to Robert Jackson – 16 Nov 1675

Newcastle 9ber 16th 75 Mr Robt Jackson Sr I have before me yours of the 15th I could not possiblely meet my unckle Eden for reasons tould himselfe your bill I have filled up for £100 payable according to your desire upon the 16 of xber next unto m<r> Na: Holroide or order valew of myselfe mon<ey> for the same I send you by the bearer w[hi]ch I do not questione but you will find right & I doe thanke you for your kindnesse if you will please to send me bills for 4 or £600 n

Letter – William Blackett to James Standsfield – 18 Nov 1675

Leed Hill 18th 9ber 1675 Sr James Standsfield Worthy freind I stayed at Edenbr in Expecktation of yr Coming home till I was ashamed to look upon the street & since I was frustrated of seeing you I thought fit to send this unto you to bid you welcom to Newmils were I hope you are arrived in good health. Sr: the M[aste]r of the mint and I parted to my Judgment Good freinds but no mony so that I was forced to leave my man to deliver you som letters with the Glenlyon acc

Letter – Ralph Grey – 19 Nov 1675

November the 19th 75 Honord Sir Yours of the 25 of October recd for which I thank you & for your advice of the price of Cole and lead I have agreed with Mr Jno Dobson to goe in Spring I intreat your further advice what the Charges there Come to upon every per of Coles and w[ha]t the Custome & Charges of lead per tt for my better goverment. I cannot prevail with him to goe higher than New Haven [probably Le Havre] and shall according to your order consigne them to <Mr Jn a Co

Letter – Michael Blackett to John Horsham – 19 Nov 1675

Newcastle 9ber 19th 1675 Mr Jno Horsham Sr I questione not but you have heard of the com<panys> seperation & how that for future I am to act for my selfe & I hope you will accept of the small concerns w[hi]ch I shall have in your place haveing bene recommended to me by my good friend Mr Robt Jackson of Stockton and if at any time I can do you any service in these parts upon all occationes you may frely command me who you shall find as honest punctuall and ready to obey your C

Letter – Michael Blackett to Peter Barr – 19 Nov 1675

Newcastle 9ber 19th 1675 Mr Peter Bar Sr You will doe me an exceeding great kindnesse if you will please to recommend to me an Honnest carefull corrispondent in Rochell who will dispatch businesse with all speed posssible for with such I know you commonly deale withall I shall not make use of him till after candlemas but <Have> to provide aforehand my friend there grows ould & leaves his businesse to his men so is not so well done as it ought In requittal of w[hi]ch kindnesse all

Letter – Michael Blackett to William Blackett – 19 Nov 1675

Newcastle 9ber 19th Hon[our]ed Sr Since mine of the 16 have yours of the 13th with an Inclosed for Jno Mowbray w[hi]ch I have forwarded & have writt him w[ha]t I thought convenient when I receive his answer it shall be signified unto you I have spoake with Wm Creagh who is resolute for under 20 <s of> for newhaven and 25s for Rouen he will not take one farthing & he tells me you writt to him that you were resolved to ship 400 or 600 p[iece]s & to consigne them to his friend

Letter – Ralph Grey to Ralph Grey – 20 Nov 1675

Newcastle November the 20th 75 Sonn Ralph I rec[eive]d a Letter the 11th Current From Mr <Byron> per Mr Tradills order wherein I perceive Lead is Fallen to 29 <.y> & Brandy to 80 the H[ogs]head there will be loss by the Brandy & noe profit by the Lead, present my service to Mr Traddill & acquaint him I have shipt aboard of the Loves Increase of Newcastle Thomas White Master 300 p[iece]s lead qt 386c:1q 14lb which Charges amounts to £240: 08s: 06d which will shi

Account – John Curtis to James Standsfield – 20 Nov 1675

Disbursed by me Jo Curtas for my mst Will:Blackett at Wanlock head Lead mines from the 4 September til the 20th November 1675 as Followeth £ Robart hare for 3 horse lod house timber 0 1 6 Jo hare for 3 horse lod house timber 1 6 Robart Criton for 6 jorse lod house timber 3 Andrew Criton for 3 horse lod house timber 1 Jo Lattimer for 8 horse lo

Letter – Ralph Grey to Tradell – 22 Nov 1675

Newcastle November the 22th 1675 Monseur Tradill For service to you presented I intreat your Care of my sonn that he improve his time; you & he desires to stay that he may gett such insight into Trade, that he manig it when he comes into Inglang. If he doe not improve in bookeepingg by seeing your acts; if their be any good keiper there that doth wach I would have improve himself to keep him Imploied in any Concern, which will keep him out of Idleness and bad company I have shipt

Letter – Ralph Grey to John Cawood – 22 Nov 1675

Mr John Cawood I have sold yore Tobaccos to <Mr> Burdeaux (at 5<d> per s/ll) send your <pacqerts> your ceartifacate that he may have <alloacacion> in your Custome, Yors R.G.

Letter – Michael Blackett to John Eden – 22 Nov 1675

Newcastle 9ber 22nd 1675 Unckle Eden As I came thorow Durham I failed not to speake with Mr Spereman and to acquainte him fully of the businesse you know of: who not to trouble your patience with every particular of our discourse In short tould me that my case was so plaine & reasonable that he was Confident not one of them would offer in the least to withstand a tryall with one soe to try them gave me the Inclosed suppenies [?subpoenas] w[hi]ch pray get served as you thinke best and if

Letter – Michael Blackett to James Schand – 27 Nov 1675

Ditto Mr James Schand Sr According to former order I have shipped & Consigned unto you 85 p[iece]s Leed In the Adventure of Leith James Wooll m[aste]r for acct of your m[aste]r Sr James Standsfield Inclosed you have Invoyce & bill of Loading of the same the cost and Charges of w[hi]ch being £73: 3: you may with the ammount of the last percell appoynt me so soone as it shall stand with Sr James his Convenience either here or at London here is one younge who hath a vessell <abo
The Dukesfield Smelters and Carriers Project aimed to celebrate and discover the heritage of the Dukesfield Arches & lead carriers' routes between Blaydon and the lead mines of Allendale and Weardale. A two year community project, it was led by the Friends of the North Pennines in partnership with Hexhamshire and Slaley Parish Councils and the active support of Allendale Estates. It was funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund and the generous support of other sponsors. Friends of the North Pennines: Charity No:1137467