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Letter – John Lindsay to James Standsfield – 7 Jan 1675

Jany 7 1674/5 Per first advise us if you have made any further enquiry after the mines as you promeised .

Letter – Peirce Reeves to James Standsfield – 21 Jan 1675

London Jan 21 1674 Sr James, Our last was of the 16 instant therein desyred you to send up per first such writeing as is required for my Br. Lindsay to signed on acct of Mr Wilkys estate. And inclosed was a Lettr to himself. Since Recd Yours of the 14th instant Adviseing your readiness to comply wth Ald[erman] Simpsons twoe Bills on You for £200 - If you draw on us the Value shall be duely honourd. This day we spoke with Mr Andrew Duncan who knows not od any money hes to receive on Mr

Letter – John Lindsay to James Standsfield – 21 Jan 1675

Jan 21, 1674/5 Take notice wt you writt that the Earle of Queensberry will shortly be there: when his Lo[rdshi]p is there discourse with him and desire his Lo[rdshi]p to give his proposal and 2 or 3 posts to answer them And as you hinted in a former Letter that you were willing to come in ashare which my friends have prevailed with them to embrace you being myself concerned with them, enquire of his Lo[rdshi]p if he did not once agree with some towards Darbyshyre who by some accident did not

Letter – Ralph Grey – 22 Jan 1675

Newc[astle] Jan the 22 1674 Sr Yours of the 16 Jan came to hand I perceive by it [your] [booke] you find in debetor in your booke £42:3s which I thought Mr [Hill] had pd forty pounds which which [sic] <C> he writ <thereof> If he have not pd that order it up, he did asure me he left soe much in the wood mongers hand to pay you, I shall writ him about it for allowed him <10>£ upon acct and for the remainder I hope youn will abaite for the loss I had in <T>horp

Letter – Peirce Reeves to James Standsfield – 29 Jan 1675

Our last was of the 18th inst. Since recd yours of the 20th. Take notis of the contents & w[i]th[i]n recd your accot currant, but not your accot of Bills wch desyre per next. of your accot shall advise per next & as to the Leed Myns Mr Vemuyden will write to you at large before he setts forwerd his journey theither wch he intends being <…> needfull. For my Br. Jno Lindsay & Comp, Peirce Reeves.

Letter – Ralph Grey to Merrall – 2 Feb 1675

Newc[astle] Feb the 2nd 1674 To Mr Merreall for [6] Rims of<cap> paper <6s per> and of 2lb 6 Bundals of 1lb: 6 Bundall of half lb not other but that I ame yours Ra:Grey

Letter – Ralph Grey to Matthew Shepherd – 2 Feb 1675

ditto To Mr Sheapard for two buts of the best [Mosall] p Ra:Grey

Letter – Ralph Grey to Watkins – 2 Feb 1675

ditto To Mr Wathing to send per the first opportunity <8> dozen of the best Round pins not other at present but that I am Yours Ra:Grey

Letter – Ralph Grey to Matthew Shepherd – 16 Feb 1675

ditto the 16: 1674 Mr Sheapard Sr Yours I recd with the inclosed acct of the goods recd and the monyes pd, which I have prased and finding it right acordingto your letters, shall god willing order your use the remainder of your monyes by the first opportunity, when pd pray advise me that I may place it to acct This whats neadfull from, Sr yours to command Ra:Grey

Letter – Ralph Grey to Randolph Richardson – 20 Feb 1675

Feb the 20 1674 To Mr Randolph Richardson to send per the first opportunity one <….> of <……….> hops this what neadfull from yours Ra:Grey

Letter – Ralph Grey to William Webb – 27 Feb 1675

Feb the 27: 1674 To Mr Webb to send per the first opportunity one <hhd> of purged suger about 26s or 27s per <Cnt> and 12lb synamon, 6 Barll figgs not other at present p Ra: Grey

Letter – Ralph Grey – 13 Mar 1675

March the 13 1674 Sr yours of the 9th March I recd for which I thanke you : I p[e]rc[ei]ve your friend have sent me 12 botles of canary for which I thank him, returnes is very scarse heare I wish you had charged the ball[ance] of the acct per Rob.<Thorp> or if William Sanderson come downe or who you plese your bill shall thankfully be pd, Lead heare 13£per fother, coles 12s per Chall, Rye 5s2d per bush[ell]. Beanes 4s9d per bush[ell] : oats from 1s6d to 4s the best: <Holland>

Letter – Ralph Grey – 13 Mar 1675

ditto Sr I p[e]rc[e]ve by my fitter that he recd the £10:15s which by mistake he hath ordered in to Mr Sandersons have this post the writ as to that concerns, he informes mec that he did aquaint Mr Sanderson with it 14 dayes since when he was there and did not questione the payment this whats neadfull from yours Ra. Grey

Letter – Ralph Grey to William Webb – 27 Mar 1675

March the 27 1675 Alderman Webb To send per the first opportunity one <…> of the best fine currint one small bar[e]ll of rice one bar[e]ll of Brimston: one Box of <flat> indigo : Not else but that I am Yours : Ra Grey

Receipt – William Blackett to James Standsfield – 1 Apr 1675

Edinbruge the first of April 1675 Received then of Sr James Standsfield the Sum of twenty five pounds sterling for ¼ part of his first advance made for defraying of the Charges in Driving on of the Leed Myn of Eagle I say recd by me £25 stlg Wm Blackett [outer leaf:] memo to post the 2 H: moores accots in my proper leager Mr John Mecckwath [Mackworth?]

Letter – John Grey to William Blackett – 2 Apr 1675

Lintz the second of Apryl 1675 Sold to Wilam Bleckeit one <Stwdie wies> - 7 stone 2 lb - at 7 shilinges and sexpenc sterling a stone - 2-17 <Tesevet> be me John Gray fule and complit pyment of this above wryten day and dait forsind as witnes my hand John Gray

Letter – Ralph Grey to William Webb – 1 May 1675

Newc[astle] : May the 1st : 1675 To Alderman Web : to send per the first oportunity 7 bar]re]ll of Ra:[sins?] one <hhd> of <figs>: at 28s per <cent> one <hhd> at : 50s per [cent] not else at present but that I am : Yours to command Ra: Grey

Letter – Ralph Grey to Watkins – 1 May 1675

ditto To Mr Watkins to send per the first opportunity 6 doz of the best small 12 doz of the best Large 6 duzen at 4s:10d 12 doz at : 5s:10d 6 doz at : 6s:6d not else but that I am Yours to command Ra: Grey

Letter – Ralph Grey to Thomas Lemon – 1 May 1675

May the first 1675 Yours of the 26 per post & of the 27 per Mr Porter came to hand I have according to your order recd of Mr Porter 1 ½ last of rye which I was not bid above 16£ per last their being soe much East Contry corn come in this week corn which they sell at 17£ per last soe have lofted yours & shall dispose of it to the best advantage a[s] for your 2 hoggheads of Brandy I had your M[aste]r to see them filld up which wanted 2 ½ gall[on]s Mr Rain doth profer 3s3d per G

Letter – Ralph Grey to Thomas Lemon – 4 May 1675

Newc[astle] May the 4 1675 Sr my last was of the first instant to which I referr you since which I sould your Rye for sexten pounds per Last your Brandy for thre shill four pence per gall the best none gives but 3s6d per gall your Rousin for nine shill per Cnt there being of the same sort sould for same price, of mounday morning Mr Porter sent me home the canvis which his men found out I have sould it to Mr Swaine for nine pence halfpenny per yard it proving bad in the middle or <shd&

Letter – Ralph Grey – 4 May 1675

ditto Sr yours I recd and hath accepted your bill to Mr Frast, I could have wished you had ordered some freind of yours to have taken a loading of coles for we have a bad trade Coles fallen from 12s5d to 8s6d per chaldr that makes out cares of money and a dead trade <howsoever> shall paye you praye send on Bage of <chaped> fine hops and at cheapest rate I had another meeting with the brewers and at last prevaled to refer it <wholly> to Mr Mathews for I hope M[aste]r ex

Letter – Ralph Grey – 14 May 1675

ditto the 14 : 1675 Sr This may serve to aquaint you that Mr James <Border> saled the 9 instant I have here inclosed sent you the Accompt of his coals and lead which you may send to your correspondent Bath. A fothr of lead upon his owne accompt which he <pro….> to aquaint you with and <….> to se it pd in my last I aquaint[ed] you with the sale of your <Rosall> and your brandy and two <ba[rre]ls> of <Crenish> Rye is fall[en] here to 15£ per Last

Letter – Ralph Grey to William Hester – 15 May 1675

Newcastle : Maye the 15 : 1675 Mr Haster Yours of the 11 currant came to hand wherin I pceve you find the ball[ance] of the accompt to be fifty four pound <twelve> shill[ings] I was in good hop[e]s that Mr Harry Hill had pd youe the sixty pounds which was due last October he having writ me since you were heare that he had pd the mony I shall writ him this post and if I find a saling shall put his bond in suit and returne you up the mony by the first for he hath dealt verey unw

Letter – Arthur Grey – 21 May 1675

ditto the 21 : 1675 Sr My Mast[e]r being out of towne : Mr younge having drawne of the brandy and measured it finding it should c[o]nt[ain] 58 Gall[ons] 3 quarts per <hhd> whears you mension in your letter that they should cnt 63 Gall p <hhd> since I have had the gager to gage them and […] [….] cnt no more but what the gall < p. ..> makes & complains that it is a kind of a mixt brandy and and [sic] hath a great deal of brimston in it and likewise that it is mix

Letter – Ralph Grey to Matthew Shepherd – 22 May 1675

May the 22 : 1675 To Mr Shepard to send per first opportunity 1 <hhd> sugar at 44s 1 <hhd> at 62s per first not other Yours Ra Grey
The Dukesfield Smelters and Carriers Project aimed to celebrate and discover the heritage of the Dukesfield Arches & lead carriers' routes between Blaydon and the lead mines of Allendale and Weardale. A two year community project, it was led by the Friends of the North Pennines in partnership with Hexhamshire and Slaley Parish Councils and the active support of Allendale Estates. It was funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund and the generous support of other sponsors. Friends of the North Pennines: Charity No:1137467