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Letter – Michael Blackett to Edward Blackett – 8 Jan 1676

8 ditt<o> Writt Brother Edward Blackett and advised him that I had allowed my <..> brother Mittford by his order £16 and placed the Same to his Debitt

Letter – Michael Blackett to Edward Allen – 8 Jan 1676

Ditto Writt Mr Edwd Allen and advised him I Care not wheather I have his Rye or noe and likewise Wm <Sparrow> is In the Same Condition wheather he have his pease or noe, if for his pease he will take w[ha]t is offered tis well, if nott may use his discretion they being still to <……..>

Letter – Michael Blackett to Charles Banks – 10 Jan 1676

Janu[ary] 10th 1675 [1676] Mr Ch: & Ja: Banks Srs Though unknown, yett by the recommendation of my Mr Tim: Davison I make bold to write to you these few lines w[hi]ch if they come to your hand my request is that you would write <..edially> to Mr Jno Strother of Stockholme and advise him that you will accept my bills for what he draws upon you upon my Acco[un]tt to the value of £1000: be it a little more or lesse, though I think he will nott have accation to draw above 4 or £500

Letter – Michael Blackett to Peter Watson – 11 Jan 1676

Janu: 11th 1675/6 Mr Peter Watson & Mr Fra: Townley Srs My last unto you was the 24 past to w[hi]ch referes you, since none from you, soe the lesse to inlarge upon the serving cheifly for Covert to the Inclosed, att w[hi]ch all things considered you cannott think much, nott that I doubt butt upon my friends letter of Recommendation you would p<er> forme with me in the needfull, butt I looke to have two things for my <.ow> because I w<ould> nott realy for £1000 have m

Letter – Michael Blackett to James Standsfield – 11 Jan 1676

Ditto Writt Sr James Standefeild <he> pay to An: <Dobson> £140 if In case the Call for the Same

Letter – Michael Blackett to Edward Willett – 15 Jan 1676

Newcastle Jan 15 1675/6 Mr Edward Willet Sr The above is a Coppy of my last to w[hi]ch referrs you since none from you soe the less to inlarge upon, but to advise you that I am utterly undone for not imploying of <Mr> Legendre yet all will not doe for as p[er] before I now neither feare <freets> nor will make use of legendre soe Long as I live but as I sent the bills you sent me to London <ne……> it seems they weer [were] offerd to Mr Pe: Bar upon w[hi]ch he writt me a

Letter – Michael Blackett to Edward Allen – 15 Jan 1676

Newcastle Jan 15th Mr Ed: Allen Sr I have before me yours ot the 11th with m<uch> ado have driven my miller up to 3s 6d for your pease but God knows he cannot pay you your mo[ney] in London for he hath no friends there nor will not be bound to do it he will pay Ready mo[ney] here upon delivery so if you approve of this upon your answer I shall make a bargaine I could not remitt you your money under 2 p[er]% <Lose> you know w[ha]t you could doe as for Charging upon me for if yo

Letter – Michael Blackett to Samuel Sowton – 15 Jan 1676

Ditto Mr Sam: Sowton Sr Thanke you Heartily for your kind Letter of the 8 present I desire to know w[ha]t you call a reasonable Exchange which If I like and that you have any Mo[ney] at Stockholme I will take £1500 or perhaps more of you I am s[ir] MB

Letter – Michael Blackett to Henry Nelthorpe – 15 Jan 1676

Newcastle Jan 15th 1675/6 Mr Hen: Nelthorpe Sr I have before me yours of the 11th In w[hi]ch take notice of the Receipt of my 3 french bills which I perceive were offered to Mr Bar I would rather have Given £5 then he should have knowne thereof because he is angry with me that I do not Imploy his Bro[ther] Legendre of Rouen but I do not care I hope every man may Imploy whome he pleases so speake not a word of this to him but negotiate my Bills upon the best termes you can because shortly

Letter – Michael Blackett to Peter Barr – 15 Jan 1676

Newcastle Jan 15th 1675/6 Mr Peter Bar Sr I have before me yours of the 11th present but as I neither Love Lying nor decembling [dissembling] so I must tell you plainly that I am wholly at you[r] Command upon all occationes for a Requital in some measure of the favoures Received from you but for to Leave all ould friend whome In my Life time I have bene very much Ingaged unto and to Cleare to anew unknowne friend is a little unreasonable so I must beg your Excuse and the next place my adve

Letter – Michael Blackett to John Horsham – 15 Jan 1676

Ditto Mr Jno Horsham Sr My last to you was of the 7th present to which refers you since have received yours of the 4th present thereby takes notice you have some hopes of disposeing of 30 or 40 tun of my Leed to some <Exon> merchants so God willing shall send you about that quantity if possible to be had for this winter time I cannot command the Carriage men as I could do in summer time but this frosty weather hinders my Vessell from <starting> about Candlemas or before I hope

Letter – Ralph Grey to Robert Thorowgood – 18 Jan 1676

Mr Robt Thorowgood Jan 18th Sir Yours of the 13th Came to hand wherein I perceive <wts> between Woodrow & self your stand in it is the <part> of shipes & debt is I shal by your order send the bill of sayle your brother is not come home; as for the disapointement he should have bought Kerseys Mr Forkchin & Mr Bland meet him & <stocking> with his grandfather in <wensedale> that is the disapoyntment your Bro: meets with which you desire to to be i

Letter – William Blackett to Edward Blackett – 18 Jan 1676

A Copy of Sr Wm. Blacketts Lettr to his Son upon the death of his Granson Newcastle 18 Janry 1675 Son Edwd, I have both yours and my Brothr Nortons Lettrs of the 15 pr.sent, the first giving me an acct of the Illness of our dear Willy & the lattr of his Eternall happiness in takeing his Leave of this vale of misery wherein he left us to bewaile his loss; and though nature cannot but be sensible of such a visit yet when we consider it’s from the Lord we have no reason to repi

Letters – Francis Bowes to William Blackett – 19 Jan 1676

Thornton Jan 19th 75 Sr, I understand you would returne me a £1000 or £1100 to London for 40d p Cent wch (I think) you will not be so unreasonable to take what ever the other penurious mony changers of the towne exact, you (I deeme) ax above such more than Jewish usurers. If you will take 25d (wch is 3d per L) I will gladly give it you for I am offered it so of Mr Thompson goldsmyth at York and have it pd at Lond upon sight. But for my mony is at Newcastle twill be more convenient to

Letters – William Blackett to Francis Bowes – 21 Jan 1676

Newcastle January 21 1675/6 Sir I have received yours of the 19th present wherein you judge mee unreasonable for asking 2.pCent for <relivening> mony to London Chancery had 2 ½ p cent the last weeke wch is rather under then over the Courant price that all people are willing to give, first you call it an Exaxtion, and for the name you give my neighbours I shall let it lei. In your letter for leave of taking could, but as to there qualification of more than Jewish usurers I think

Letter – Michael Blackett to Robert Jackson – 25 Jan 1676

Newcastle Jan 25th 1675/6 Mr Robt Jackson I have both yours of the 13 and 17th present and for answer I do say possitively you were to send me the Dollers the munday before I got here: that soe I might have had time to have Disposed thereof and send you money for them and the Bill altogeather the munday after tis nothing for you to Disburse £170: upon a minuts warning faith I could find in my heart to Returne them because you are so sharpe but because you say you want money shall not do it,

Letters – Francis Bowes to William Blackett – 26 Jan 1676

Thornton Jan 26th 75 Sir, Your last post will always make me esteem ye a civil person, and one whom I shall always have a respect for. I much regret my unfortunate <news>, that I made my application to you no sooner; but since it cannot be now helped I shall thankfully accept of so much as you can pay at this time wch you say will be 4 or 500£; but you will much oblige me to make it up 600 £ seeing Wm Hutch hath so much to pay you: and I know you can with the least worde get it ma

Letter – Michael Blackett to Henry Nelthorpe – 29 Jan 1676

Newcastle Jan 29 1675/6 Mr Henry Nelthorpe Sr I very much wonder that to this day I have noe answer to mine of the 15th past att this raite how doe you think I Can booke Things In Conformity w[i]th you, for I doe Imaggine you have negotiated my bills, in assurance of w[hi]ch I have this valued £200 upon you payable Todays sight To [space left blank] or order value of [space left blank] w[hi]ch pray let find dew honner In every Respect and <due respect> and if in case you have not n

Letter – Michael Blackett to Samuel Sowton – 29 Jan 1676

Newcastle Jan 29 1675/6 Mr Sam Sowton Sr att my returne out of the west I doe meet w[i]th yours of the <20>th present; for answer w[ha]t you call very noble and favourable exchange I must confess is tollerable but I am resolved to run the hasard of have my money drawn upon Hambrough and soe upon me after wards soe shall not trouble you how ever doe tha<nk> you for your Kindnese and soe I remaine Sr Yours to comand MB

Letter – Michael Blackett to Edward Allen – 29 Jan 1676

Newcastle Jn 29th 1676 Major Allon Kind fri[e]nd at my Returne out of west I doe mee[t] with yours of the 20th present upon I have agreed w[i]th my mil[l]er for 13s 6d for your pease <…> shall be p<aid> some time the next weeke <for me>, if you can draw some moneis upon me upon that amount to content may freely doe it your bill shall be Honor<ed> if not I shall remitt you your moneis at short sight att too persent [per cent] or under If I can pray tell me <w[ha]t

Letters – Francis Bowes to William Blackett – 30 Jan 1676

Sun morne Jan 30 Sr, Had I time I think I could pretty well vindicate what you are so tart about & answer with sharp expressions about Judas .. I used indeed the word exact, but sd not you did exact wch differ much; & the word Exact is as often taken in a good sense as a bad; & never hearing of above 30 pC , I called it unreasonable. I will breed no animosity betwixt us by any further reply & desire you to acquire .. Likewise. This inclosed will assure you that mentioned

Letter – Michael Blackett to William Blackett – 1 Feb 1676

Newcastle feb p[ri]mo Honnered Sr I perceive it doth not stand with your Convenience to remitt me my money: so that if you will please to allow me the Curr[en]tt advance betwixt your place & London I will be willing to take my money of you at Edenbrough unto w[hi]ch pray afford me your answer I am MB

Letter – Michael Blackett to George Turfrey – 1 Feb 1676

Newcastle feb p[ri]mo Mr Geo <Turfrey> Sr I have before me yours of the 27th past Obediah <Spurne> is not In this River so that I suppose he is not yet arrived which makes me keep his letter & when please God he arrives I shall deliver it unto him & solicite an answer according to your desire the postidge being 6d I have placed to your Debitt about your other businesse I could do nothing yesterday but against next post I shall discourse with Robt Rand & some others

Letter – Michael Blackett to Henry Nelthorpe – 1 Feb 1676

Newcastle feb 1675/6 Mr Henry Nelthorpe Sr I writ you the last post I do very <…………> wonder I do not here from you, but I hope you have negotiated my bills soe have this past <valued> upon you £200 payable <..> <sight> Mr <Tmo farison> or order value of him w[hi]ch pray settle <………> & placed to the debt of MB

Letter – Michael Blackett to James Burkin – 4 Feb 1676

Newcastle feb 4th 1675/6 Mr James Burkin Sr I have before me yours of the 29th past for answer unto which In the first place pray take notice that I am not in Compa[ny] with my father but for future am to act for my selfe and if at any time I can do either you or your friends any service in these parts none shall be more ambitious of your Commands nor more ready to observe them than my selfe for my ability and Honnesty I will not say word I have done your friends businesse but the affidavi
The Dukesfield Smelters and Carriers Project aimed to celebrate and discover the heritage of the Dukesfield Arches & lead carriers' routes between Blaydon and the lead mines of Allendale and Weardale. A two year community project, it was led by the Friends of the North Pennines in partnership with Hexhamshire and Slaley Parish Councils and the active support of Allendale Estates. It was funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund and the generous support of other sponsors. Friends of the North Pennines: Charity No:1137467