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Letter – Ralph Grey – 4 May 1675

ditto Sr yours I recd and hath accepted your bill to Mr Frast, I could have wished you had ordered some freind of yours to have taken a loading of coles for we have a bad trade Coles fallen from 12s5d to 8s6d per chaldr that makes out cares of money and a dead trade <howsoever> shall paye you praye send on Bage of <chaped> fine hops and at cheapest rate I had another meeting with the brewers and at last prevaled to refer it <wholly> to Mr Mathews for I hope M[aste]r ex

Letter – Ralph Grey – 14 May 1675

ditto the 14 : 1675 Sr This may serve to aquaint you that Mr James <Border> saled the 9 instant I have here inclosed sent you the Accompt of his coals and lead which you may send to your correspondent Bath. A fothr of lead upon his owne accompt which he <pro….> to aquaint you with and <….> to se it pd in my last I aquaint[ed] you with the sale of your <Rosall> and your brandy and two <ba[rre]ls> of <Crenish> Rye is fall[en] here to 15£ per Last

Letter – Ralph Grey to William Hester – 15 May 1675

Newcastle : Maye the 15 : 1675 Mr Haster Yours of the 11 currant came to hand wherin I pceve you find the ball[ance] of the accompt to be fifty four pound <twelve> shill[ings] I was in good hop[e]s that Mr Harry Hill had pd youe the sixty pounds which was due last October he having writ me since you were heare that he had pd the mony I shall writ him this post and if I find a saling shall put his bond in suit and returne you up the mony by the first for he hath dealt verey unw

Letter – Arthur Grey – 21 May 1675

ditto the 21 : 1675 Sr My Mast[e]r being out of towne : Mr younge having drawne of the brandy and measured it finding it should c[o]nt[ain] 58 Gall[ons] 3 quarts per <hhd> whears you mension in your letter that they should cnt 63 Gall p <hhd> since I have had the gager to gage them and […] [….] cnt no more but what the gall < p. ..> makes & complains that it is a kind of a mixt brandy and and [sic] hath a great deal of brimston in it and likewise that it is mix

Letter – Ralph Grey to Matthew Shepherd – 22 May 1675

May the 22 : 1675 To Mr Shepard to send per first opportunity 1 <hhd> sugar at 44s 1 <hhd> at 62s per first not other Yours Ra Grey

Letter – Ralph Grey to William Hester – 6 Jun 1675

Newcastle Jun the 6 : 1675 Mr Heath: Thes at present are to desire you to send me per the first opportunity 6 Bar[re]ll of your best Neat Soape and ½ Last of your best ord[inary] soape praye let there be as many halfe fir[kines] as you can spare. Not else but that I am Yours Ra.Grey

Receipt – William Blackett to James Standsfield – 8 Jun 1675

Indermark [Innerwick or Invervar?] 8th June 1675 Teusday Recaved then of Sr James Standsfeild knight for his third advance of his one fourth part concern in the Leed myns of glenlyon The some of twenty five pound sterling, being to defray the charges on driveing on the sd Leed myns . Wm Blackett [outer leaf:] Mr Matthew <M>ackele. Please pay the contents on the other side & include it in the acct of the bills to be cloased with John Shand. Jas Standsfield

Letter – Arthur Grey to Thomas Lemon – 8 Jun 1675

ditto the 8 : 1675 Mr Lemon Sr in my Masters absence last weake I sent your accompt and prasing the book since I found a mistacke. I gave you an account in p[ar]t of a Last and a halfe of Rye sould at fourten pound the Last which in our booke is plast and sould at sextenpound per Last the error being carried on in the accompt will macke the ball[ance] but one pound seventeen still Sr your wine yeasterdaye came to safe hand and we have had sevarall <ventamors> tasting of it and thares n

Letter – Ralph Grey to John Cawood – 8 Jun 1675

June the 8 : 1675 Mr John Cawood Yours of the 1st June came to hand <with> the inclosed bill upon <Hen> Arkley I p[er]ceve the <glase> is redy but canot geat a shipe to send it as Mr Arkley is gone to <Whitby> and so for Hull and from there to Norige. Beans here at 3s8d per bush. Oats at 2s: not else but that I am Yours: Ra. Grey

Letter – Ralph Grey to Thomas Lemon – 12 Jun 1675

ditto the 12: 1675 Mr Lemon Thes may sarve to aquaint you that I have put your wine to saile and can be biden no mor for it but £30 per Tun if you be plesed for to despose of it at that rate you may aquaint me per the first opportunity and it shall be performed by Sr Yours to command Ra: Grey

Letter – Ralph Grey to William Hester – 15 Jun 1675

June the 15 1675 Mr Hestr Sr yours of the 10 current came yo hand wherein I p[er]ceve you did serve of Henry Hill and since hat bene with your man and promiseth he will paye the monyes <> the bond which I have sent you heare inclosed it was due the 21 october. Let him paye consideracon for the time which the other of his brothers wanted with charges of Arrest and intrest till he entred the bond praye writ the receipt of it I thanke you for your care in sending the soape

Letter – Ralph Grey to Thomas Lemon – 15 Jun 1675

June the 15 : 1675 Mr Thomas Lemon Yours of the 28 and the 5th came to hand wth your wines per Mr <Trackett> I prceve you thinke your brandy sould too cheap I p[ro]test I did my utmost yeat Mr Jas Younge complains of it and hath not as yeat pd for it, pure <nayce> brandy at that time was sould at 3s6d per Gall which they acc[ou]nt 8d per gall better and for the Gage it was no mor nor what my man writ; for your wines I was bid 30£ per tun for it all which I would not take

Letter – Ralph Grey to William Webb – 19 Jun 1675

ditto the 19 : 1675 To Aldrman Webb to send per the first opportunity one Barll of sugere fine blue and <thre> large Barll of ord[inary] Currin about 28s percnt and to advise me of the price of goods nopt else at present but that I am yours Ra:Grey

Letter – Ralph Grey to Merrall – 16 Jul 1675

July the 16 : 1675 Mr Merall Thes at present are to desire you to send me per the first opportunity 6 Rems of Case paper 6 Bundals of two pound 6 Bundals of pound 6 Bundals of <….> 6 Rems of your best cut paper at 6s6d per Reme not else but that I am Yours Ra Grey

Letter – Ralph Grey to Thomas Partis – 17 Jul 1675

Newcastle July the 17 : 1675 Mr Partis Yours of the 14th came to hand for which I thanke you, I prceve you have refered on <qrter> for your self and and [sic] me which I accept of but I had rather had a great[e]r concerne with you then that if you come not for <these pts> must order my concerns in <sunder> other vessels of which I shall give you a futher accompt I could have wisht them in your hand. Jo: Riggs and mine 150£ I refer that to further consideracon whic

Letter – John Lindsay to James Standsfield – 24 Jul 1675

July 24, 1675 As to the Leadmynes shall say more when you send me a Copy of the Contract

Letter – Ralph Grey to Thomas Lemon – 28 Jul 1675

ditto 28th 75 Mr Lemond Sir This at present is to acquaint you that I have sold your Claritt and white at 30£ per tun to Mr Hubboock postmaster of Durham but I am afraid that it will be martinmas day er it be pd, if it had been good wine had gone <currently> if ther was 2 Hogs[heads] of it good & could have sold it for 36£ & other 2 Hoggs fitt for nothing but viniger, your Sherand wine none would buy it, soe have sold Mr Woodraw 7 gall for his maids funeral & Sr F

Letter – William Blackett to James Standsfield – 11 Aug 1675

Lieth 11 August 1675 Honnored Sr I would intreat you Caus your servt Mr Schand to Write me out a note of the Cost of thoes Coles you sent unto St Johnston's, not only that, but A shair unto the freight for carriing of them to that place both which soms being aded togeather I thinck it would not be amiss iff you sent me as much mony as would fil out your fourth £25 for GlenLyons leed mynes for I would not willingly have broken aaccots I intend to give in my 6 mo accot when

Letter – Peirce Reeves to James Standsfield – 14 Aug 1675

Aug 14, 1675 The enclosed copy of the Agreement with the Earle of Queensberry we rcd and when Br[other] L[indsay] comes to town shall advise you thereof.

Letter – Peirce Reeves to James Standsfield – 17 Aug 1675

Londo Aug 17, 1675 Sr Ja Standsfield Our last was of the 14th inst subce none from you. As to the agreement with the Earle of Queensberry: Our friend at psent is out of towne in the North but doe believe you may depend upon his taking of 3 fifths part. We should be glad to hear fro you before you goe to your journey wishing you prosperity therein & lets know where we may write you there & as needful For my Bro Lindsay & Compy Peirse Reeves [outer leaf:]

Letter – Ralph Grey to Joshua Pannell – 19 Aug 1675

Newc[astle] August the 19: 1675 Mr Panall Though unaquainted I salute you, and upon Mr Richardson and the present Master recomidations have consined you five h[ogs]h[eads]ds of tobacco the Numbers and weight you have as in the Margin, hoping that you will dispose of them to the best advantage and at price curant & to the returns be in spring stufe as pound flax or the <....> not else at present but that I am Sir Yours to Comand Ra: Grey [note in the left margin:] T:G

Letter – Ralph Grey to Thomas Lemon – 28 Aug 1675

Ditto ye 28: 1675 Mr Lemon Sir yours I recd and acording to your desire here per Mr Youngs and Mr Cros sent yaw 50 p[iece]s of Lead the w[e]ight yow have in yawr accoumpt, as for yaur wine I have only disposed of 5 h[ogshea]ds at £32 per Tune and have as yet but recd the one halfe of the moneyes and doth not know when I shall rec[ei]ve the rest and without trusting I would not have got it ofe, as for your renish it is not as yeat sould you writ that it should hauld eighty Gall[ons] wh

Letter – William Blackett to James Standsfield – 1 Sep 1675

Edinbruge the 1 September 1675 Received then of Mr Jno Schand for Sr James Standsfield in part for defraying the Charges of the Earl of queensburys Leed Myns I say for his 4 part Intrist their the som of twenty four pound stg I say recd £24 Wm Blackett [outer leaf:] Receipt Mr Wm Blackett To Sr Ja Standsfield on acct of his interest of Drum Lanrig Leid myns per then p J S £ 24 Booked

Letter – Michael Blackett to Henry Nelthorpe – 3 Sep 1675

Newcastle 3d 7ber 1675 Mr Henry Nelthorpe Sir You will perceive by my last letter that the Companie Is separated, and I for future am to act for my Selfe, w[hi]ch I now begin to doe, God give a blessing to my Endeavours, and haveing noe minde to Change Corrispondence, I desire to know wheather you will accept of my little Concerne upon the Same tearmes as you doe w[i]th my father I meane that if I doe order you some monies, wheather you will allow me, as you allow my father, for the ti

Letter – Michael Blackett to John Eden – 3 Sep 1675

Newcastle 7ber 3d 75 Unckle Eden I had the honour yestarday to dine w[i]th his lordship the Bisshop of Durham and all his Commissioners, the former hath promised my father, and the latter my selfe, that all things In reason shall be granted me, and for a treaty have appointed tomorrow forthnight the 18th pres[en]t In the morning nothing without you I Can doe, therefore if you Can with Convenience meet me at Durham the night before, it will be singular well, if not then advise me In time that
The Dukesfield Smelters and Carriers Project aimed to celebrate and discover the heritage of the Dukesfield Arches & lead carriers' routes between Blaydon and the lead mines of Allendale and Weardale. A two year community project, it was led by the Friends of the North Pennines in partnership with Hexhamshire and Slaley Parish Councils and the active support of Allendale Estates. It was funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund and the generous support of other sponsors. Friends of the North Pennines: Charity No:1137467