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Letter – Michael Blackett to Henry Nelthorpe – 4 Feb 1676

Newcastle feb 4th 1675/6 Mr Hen Nelthorpe Sr I have before me yours of the 29th past am glad you have Negotiated by french bills the Tearmes are to my full Content have booked the same in Conformity with you. In my last I drew £200 upon you and this post I have drawne £103 more In 3 bills viz One payable 6/d[ays] sight to mr Jno <maceson> or order valew of Sr Ra: Delavell Bartt for £50 one payable 6/d[ays]sight to Mr Ed: Caskells or order valew of Ditto

Letter – Michael Blackett to George Turfrey – 4 Feb 1676

Ditto Mr Geo Turfrey Sr Since my last of the p[ri]mo present have spoken to Mr Robt Rand and severall others of our masters but your order is Com’d to late for all our vessells are disposed of this excepting one the m[aste]r whereof Ab: Dixon by name is a Scatter braind fellow who I would not Counsell you to meddle withall & so will acquiesce I delivered with my owne hand your letter to Mr Spurne who hath promised me to write you answer this post – Sr you that are Concerned In many

Letter – Michael Blackett to Charles Banks – 4 Feb 1676

Ditto Mr Charles & James Bankes Srs I writt you the 20th past under covert of one to mr peter Wattson & compa[ny] but I questione whether it came to your hand or not because I gave him libertie to burne it if in case he accepted on my Commissione but since I have mett with sume passageis w[hi]ch shall hinder me of Imploying of them so upon Receipt forward the Inclosed to Mr Jno Strother of Stockholme and advise him that you will accept his bills for w[ha]t he shall draw upon you to

Letter – Michael Blackett to John Strother – 4 Feb 1676

Newcastle feb 4th 1675/6 Mr Jno Strother Sr My last to you was of the 18th of xber to w[hi]ch refers you since none from you so the lesse to Inlarge upon I hope all my letters came to your hands & I doubt not but you will buy all my Goods to Content but whereas I formerly desired you to draw your reimbursement upon Mr Peter Wattson & compa[ny] I now desire you to draw all upon Mr Cha: & Jam: Bankes of Hamburg from whom with this I suppose you will have a letter of libertie to v

Letter – Michael Blackett to Edward Allen – 4 Feb 1676

Ditto Mr Ed: Allen Sr Here hath bene so many Hollydayes this last weeke that I cannot possiblely Get your pease delivered before munday which I thought Good to advise you of & so I remaine MB

Letter – Michael Blackett to Peter Watson – 4 Feb 1676

ditto Writt Mr Peter Watson and Compa[ny] I have before me yours of the 4 and 14 past and have allsoe perused 2 of the same dates from you to Mr Robt Mallabar, your 2 to me are well enough butt your other 2 I understand by them that seeing I did question wheather you would accept Mr Strothers bill<s> or nott, you seeme to questione wheather you will <….y> Doe itt or nott, soe I shall nott trouble you, w[ha]t Charges you have beene att mr C and J bankes will repay you and if you

Letter – Michael Blackett to Henry Nelthorpe – 5 Feb 1676

Newcastle feb 5th 1765/6 Mr Hen Nelthorpe Sr I have at present only to advise you that this day I have Charged upon you £100 payable 8/d[ays] sight to Mr Robt <.eaglemar> or order valew of Mr Nicho: fenwicke w[hi]ch pray let be discharged. Sr if any do remitt you any money from some port In the W Coast by the order of one Mr Wm Leck pray take notice tis upon my owne acct or if he come to London he will pay you the money himselfe which I suppose will be aboute £4: or £500: -: - at

Letter – Michael Blackett to James Burkin – 5 Feb 1676

Ditto Sr Since my last of the 4th present p[er] yesterdayes post have none from you so the lesse to Inlarge upon this serveing Chiefly for Covert to the Inclosed affedavitt which Cost me in all 7s & the postidge of your letter 6d in the whole 7s 6d w[hi]ch I have placed to your Debitt Sr as I writt you in my last I am totally at your Devotione and will remaine so while I am MB

Letter – Michael Blackett to Walter Chaytor – 5 Feb 1676

Ditto Mr Walter Chaytor Sr I have not writt you this Long time for want to occatione this is Chiefly to advise you that I have this day shiped and Consigned unto you by the Jno of Newcastle Jno Vaughten m[aste]r 400 p[iece]s Leed which after Good arrivall be pleased to receive and dispose thereof for my most advantidge paying the m[aste]r 10 <stuyvers> p[er] p<.> freight with a <stuyver> upon a Gilder for primidge & Averidge next post God willing I shall send you a b

Letter – Michael Blackett to Edward Willett – 5 Feb 1676

Newcastle feb 5th 1675/6 Mr Ed: Willett Sr I have before me yours of the 2<0> past & 4 present which I shall answer In short but I must tell you that by your latter I do so much thinke my selfe Obliedged unto you that all the Barrs in England shall never make me make use of Legendre the coppy of which letter pray peruse at your leisure and take a fools advice have a care how you write the same to others in this place for it may be you may be trappand by there Servants but I shall

Letter – Michael Blackett to Nicholas Verlaen – 5 Feb 1676

Newcastle feb 5 1675/6 Mr Nicho: Verlaen Sr I doe very much wonder that all this winter time I have nott had soe much as on[e] line from you thought I did not write you yett I thinke you might have advised me on <.> In <4..> accurdence with you and all soe how my leed mends, ships will now begin to start soe pray lett mine be putt of upon the best tearms you Can and the money remitted unto me haveing advice from Rotterdam how leed rules there and nott knowing how itt rules with

Letter – Michael Blackett to Edward Willett – 5 Feb 1676

An addition to Edward Willetts Sr You are desired to send me by the first opertunity a pare of good pistles the best you can meet withall, about a quarter long English in the barrell and two of the best <Correbiks> I mene <…> hatts that will turne any raine about 7 an[d] a halfe in deomiter [diameter] an[d] soe deepe as will cover one eares all being for my own use I desire they may <be> Extranorniery good

Letter – John Rushworth to William Blackett – 8 Feb 1676

London Feb 8th 1675 Yesterday wee did expect a full relation of the Ingagement at Sea between the Dutch and the French but the post that came to Court on Sunday brought noe Confirmation of that Ingagement but divers of our Merchants have letters from severall Ports in Italy confirming the Victory over the French now doubt but by the next post you will have the particulars. The 17th of this month if the Dutchess of Clevelands appointment hold she begins her journey for Fr

Letter – Michael Blackett to John Strother – 8 Feb 1676

Newcastle feb 8th 1675/6 Mr Jno Strother I have writt you severall letters all w[hi]ch I hope come to yout han<d> In due time to this day not any from you soe the last [less] to Inl[a]rge upon this serveing onely to accompeny the bearer thereof Mr Will laike <..> of the owners love of newcastle you have had now by severall of my formers how that I have fr<egt..> him soe shall nott Inlarge upon that particular the goods desired are me[n]tioned above w[hi]ch I hope he will f

Letter – Michael Blackett to Anthony Allaire – 8 Feb 1676

Newcastle feb 8 1675/6 Sr The above is Coppy of my last to w[hi]ch refers you since none from you soe the less to Inlarge upon this serving onely to Accompeny the beare[r] hereof Mr Will Laike m[aste]r of the owners love of Newcastle the vessell w[hi]ch I have fr[e]ighted, I cannot tell whether he would bring you any goods or nott, if he doe pray dispose thereof to my most advantage and Load the vessell w[i]th all Expedission w[i]th the best and <Roundest> salt such as you know is mos

Letter – Michael Blackett to John Horsham – 8 Feb 1676

Newcastle feb 8 1675/6 Mr John Horsham Sr Of late I have not any from you soe the lesse <to> Inlarge upon this being Ch[i]efly to accompeny the bearer hereof Mr Will Laike m[aste]r of the owners Love of Newcastle In whome I have Loaden And Consigned unto you 87 Chalder of Coales this <meas…> w[hi]ch after good arrivall be pleased to <reaceivd> <……> and dispose thereof for my most advantadge the m[aste]r <…> pay noe Charges w[ha]tsoever w[hi]ch makes m

Letter – Michael Blackett to John Horsham – 8 Feb 1676

Newcastle feb the 8 1675/6 Mr Jno Horsham Sr My last is what I wrote you this morning by m[aste]r Wm Leck who I hope may be with you so soone as this God sending him to arrive well at your port what Coale you take out of him be pleased to dispose thereof so soone as you can and remitt the neett proceed as formerly desired pray assist the m[aste]r and order it soe I may save if possible the Charge of Ballast about w[hi]ch businesse I can say no more then I have done do wholly Leave it to yo

Letter – Michael Blackett to Edward Allen – 8 Feb 1676

Ditto Mr Ed: Allen Sr I have s[ol]d all your pease but there is some Little mistake betwixt my miller and I about the <..> of the quantity so I cannot possiblely send you an exact acct till next post at which time God willing you shall have it in the meane time if you have drawne any money upon me upon acct thereof your Bills shall be Honn[oure]d and in answer to this let me have your Last ord[er] whether I shall remitt you the neet proceed or that you will draw it upon me I will Cou

Letter – Michael Blackett to Humphrey Willett – 8 Feb 1676

Newcastle feb the 8th 1675/6 Mr Humphray Willet & compa[ny] Sr I have before me yours of the 3rd present with 2 Inclosures the one is from your Bro: Ed: to my selfe the is other is I suppose from you my Bro: Davisson which I have <..> according to your desire butt pray Sr let me be so free with you as to tell you that I do nott understand your writeing at all when you say you will readily be responsable for your Bro: Ed: In that he shall alwayes alwayes render me a true & a f

Letter – Michael Blackett to Edward Willett – 8 Feb 1676

Mr Ed Willett Ditto Sr Since mine of the 5th present have received yours of the 7 Ditto the Contents have well observed but I wonder w[ha]t needs so many Complyments betwixt you and me if I were not satisfied with youre ability & honnesty do you thinke I would Imploy you In short I am so well Satisfied therewith that I desire none of your friends to give me any Security of w[ha]t I shall trust in youre hands and for the remainder of all youre Complements I shall answer them with Silenc

Letter – Michael Blackett to Edward Allen – 10 Feb 1676

Feb the 10th Mr Ed: Allen Sr Inclosed you have the acct of youre pease Ballance is £89: 5: 2d what I disbursed for port of Letters shall place it all to the beanes acct which I perceive you have a mind to Let lye 2 or 3/m[onths] Longer your order aboute the same shall alwayes be observed As for the remitting of your money I shall Begg youre excuse till I receive answer to mine of the 8th present for I would willingly have you to draw it upon me because the Losse is Intollerable – I hop

Letter – Michael Blackett to Henry Nelthorpe – 15 Feb 1676

Newcastle feb 15th 1675/6 Mr Hen: Nelthorpe Sr there is some merchants in this towne whose friends in London hath mett with the Convenience of drawing Severall Summes of money upon them gratis I wish you could do the like & Charge upon me till I gave order to the Contrary £2: £3: or £400 at a time it would be something in my pockett I have a vessell Sailed which Intends for the west burthen aboute 100 Last so that I hope shortly either the m[aste]r Wm Leck by name or m[aste]r Jno H

Letter – Michael Blackett to George Turfrey – 15 Feb 1676

Ditto Mr Geo Turfrey Sr I have before me yours of the 10 present Robt porter shall be furnished with what moneys he desires not doubting but you will Comply with my Bill for the valew Though you write me not a word of it as alsoe for w[hi]ch more I shall at any time pay to any other m[aste]r by your order but I would Gladly have an agrement betwixt us aboute my Commission as I tould you I will be very Reasonable: for w[ha]t you thinke convenient to allow me shall satisfie MB

Letter – Michael Blackett to Anthony Allaire – 18 Feb 1676

Newcastle feb 18th 1675/6 Mr Antho: Allaire Sr My last to you was of the 8th present of w[hi]ch I writt you by m[aste]r Wm Leck who sailed Saturday last 12 present so I hope he may be with you as soone as this & I questione not but he will find his Loading ready for his takeing in and that it will be of the very best and Roundest Salt and the most fitt sort for Stockholme markett which I leave wholly to your discretione as alsoe the disposall of w[ha]t Goods he Brings unto you w[ha]t t

Letter – Michael Blackett to Samuel Sowton – 18 Feb 1676

Ditto Mr Sam: Sowton Sr To this day I have not heard one word from mr Jno Strother so that I am affraid he is on his way for England pray write me a line or two in answer to this and advise me withall youre thoughts or that whether he is or is not that soe if he be I may In time I may In time write to another to Care of my Businesse for my vessell is saild & the time Consequently will not admitt of any delay by writeing 2 lines in answer to this as is above desired you would very much
The Dukesfield Smelters and Carriers Project aimed to celebrate and discover the heritage of the Dukesfield Arches & lead carriers' routes between Blaydon and the lead mines of Allendale and Weardale. A two year community project, it was led by the Friends of the North Pennines in partnership with Hexhamshire and Slaley Parish Councils and the active support of Allendale Estates. It was funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund and the generous support of other sponsors. Friends of the North Pennines: Charity No:1137467