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Letter – Ralph Grey to William Webb – 29 Aug 1674

ditto Aldrm Wedd I much wonder why I cannot have the goods I writ for as other men have; I writ for Reson of both sorts and you writ me that you would shipe them but have not, you have sent me a <….> of <pruns> that is not fit for sale they are so bad, our neaghbours have gate sum here that is better worth 1s6 per Cnt then ours is worth 8s so unless you abate of the price we cannot sell them and if we do not sell them we must be forsed to send them back agane, praye send

Letter – Ralph Grey – 2 Sep 1674

Ditto the 22 1674 Sr I had answered yours longe er this but that I cannot prevail with any M[aste]rs that will be concerned in <them> to <trouble> in thes stones for the fire harths I have bid twenty shill[ings] per <H> but it will not do and its unreessoneble, I praye if you can prevale in with sum M[aste]r of <S Lye> thare to take them in <heare> there is two fournaces for wich the Quary will baite nothing of nine pounds and if his wife had not made a foo

Letter – Ralph Grey to Randolph Richardson – 4 Sep 1674

September the 4: 1674 To Mr Randolph Richardson for 1 Bagg of the best new English hops not else but that I am yours Ra: Grey

Letter – Ralph Grey to William Hooker – 12 Sep 1674

Newcastle Septem the 12 1674 Thes at present ar to aquaint you that I have writ you a bill of fifty pounds and five shill charged upon Mr George Potts which I hope will be current payment, this whats needful from Yours Ra:Grey

Letter – Ralph Grey to Thomas Bludworth – 12 Sep 1674

ditto After my service presented, I hope erre this Mr Barnes is arrived with your Lead Oare [quantity] 34 Casks, <Nett> 161 10 11 as per your inclosed notte of pticulars, the M[aste]r and I did agre with 20s pr his fraite , but he repented at taking in of the ore except I would give 30s he would not take it in, I tould him I had writ the agreement and could give no more he must put him selfe in your curtessye, as the rest cums in shall shipe it, we have but bad harvist wethere, Le

Letter – Ralph Grey to Matthew Shepherd – 12 Sep 1674

ditto Thes are to aquaint you that I have sent you a bill of sixty five pounds charged upon Mr George Potts which I hope will be ackcepted not else at present. Yours Ra: Grey

Letter – Ralph Grey – 19 Sep 1674

Ditto the 19 1674 Sr Yours of the 16 come to hand with the inclosed bill of exchange for tharty pounds and five pounds for the <coles> which bill of £35 is accepted and I question but will be paid at day, I have ordred our men that if the merchants will not give 8d per for our flax to retaile it out at that rait and to keepe a pticular acct for yow this wts neadfull from your Humble sarvent Ralph Grey

Letter – Ralph Grey – 26 Sep 1674

Newcastle : September the 26: 1674 Mr Shipard Thes are to desire you for to send me per the first opportunity one <…> of your best <Lo> sugar nott else at present but that I am yours to comand Ra: Grey

Letter – Ralph Grey to William Peacock – 29 Sep 1674

Sept 29th 74 Mr Peacoke I shall usse my utmost indevor to get you at <Tunn> of Leed Oare; to your desire of sundery sort but soe late of the yeare that Caredge is laid of, I am afraid it wil be the Spring before I can perform your desire I have writ […] to one Groves about it, It wilbe deare 7£ per<tt> for Leed 13s per Fother butter 20s a <.a. L Firkin>; writ your order per first.

Letter – Ralph Grey – 3 Oct 1674

Octobr the 3 (74) Sir, Yours of the 26 last I recd: where you take notice of the weight M[aste]rs mistake that the cask q[uanti]ty but 160C[wt] :03qt: 11lb I have I have [sic] hear inclosed sent you his note of particulars, & he doeth affirm your 34 cask q[uanti]ty 169 Cwt:3 qt:5 lb soe that I hope you did not much over pay the master when you pd for 80 ½ <tts> here is some 3 <tts> in the house I cannot gett it taken in though I profit greater fright, I proferd this day for M

Letter – Ralph Grey to Randolph Richardson – 3 Oct 1674

Newcastle October 3rd (74) Mr Randolph Richardson Yours of the 29th September came to safe hand in wth Mr Overinges, wch I have aquainted some of our Bretherin wth in answer, we are not concerned but it is <wth> Company of Bruers soe I must make my apeall to them & gett Mr Pibus & Mr Thos Matthews to interceid if I doe any good for your friend I am sory we had the bad happ of our <hopps> for the wood washed in Tyne I think we must gett them dried however I doe thank

Letter – Ralph Grey to Merrall – 9 Oct 1674

Newcastle October the 9 1674 Mr Merrad Thes at present are to desere you for to send me pr the first opportunity 3 gro: of <pruns> best <whed sevan> Cords and 3 Gro at 22s pr Gro one Gro of <Walbat> 2 gro of <nags head> and 2 gro of your best large <Chrehamners> not else at present but that I am Yours to Comand Ra Grey

Letter – Ralph Grey to William Webb – 12 Oct 1674

ditto the 12th 1674 Mr Webb Thes at present is to desire you for to send me pr the first opportunity 2 duz of your best Cas Nuts, 12 lb of the best Clovs 6lb of the largist Mace and 12lb of the best synaman . not else at present but that I am Yours Ra Grey

Letter – Ralph Grey – 20 Oct 1674

Newcastle October the 20: 1674 Sir This at present is to aquaint you that I have shipt the fire stones in Mr William Dyes one of Mr George Peetts M[aste]rs he is to have 30s per tunne frait I would have pd hime heare but my man and he could not agree of the caridge for we would have pd him for 22 <tts> but he stands for 24 <tts> I gave his men ten shill to drinke which they deserved for one hat swong his <backe> and another <grazed> his thigh besides two or thr

Letter – Ralph Grey to William Peacock – 27 Oct 1674

October 27 (74) Mr Wm Peacock Yours of the 23rd came to safe hand I have treated with Mr Howard, at Grass to gett me a barrel of the sundry sorts of ore that is in this country, it had been in er now, but that they can gett noe oare from the groves here hath been such great rain since August last, our corn is destroyed upon the ground, & that which is saved, much of it is grown stainted. Mr Peter Watson hath 2 ships come in from Colebrough which is sold here for 5s6d per Bushel & rea

Letter – Ralph Grey to William Webb – 27 Oct 1674

October ditto the 27 in 1674 Alderman Webb Thes are to desire you for to send me pr the first opportunity one <hh> of your purged <suger> at 28s p <cwt>. This whats needful from, Sir, your servant Ra: Grey

Letter – Ralph Grey – 30 Oct 1674

ditto the 30.1674 Sir I have shipt in Mr Wm Dye M[aste]r of the paull London one of Mr Potts M[aste]rs 12 caskes of oare qt 58:02:4 <tare> 2:0:27 C. I have sent you here inclosed Mr Thomas Shearwood acct for the whole of the ballance being seventy one pounds one shill one penny per next must give him a bill for the ball[ance] of the account <………….> thirty pounds deducted <. ome> is now sould for £17 p <..> but I tould Mr Sherwood he must make upe his ba

Letter – Ralph Grey to Merrall – 3 Nov 1674

November the 3: 1674 Mr Merreall I have here inclosed sent you a bill of 12£ charged upon Mr Barnes payble at 3 days sight which I hope at days will be paid, praye when it is pd let me know that I may place it to your account this whats neadfull from sr your loving friend Ra: Grey

Letter – John Lindsay to James Standsfield – 10 Nov 1674

Nov 10, 1674 Receive enclosed paper which was put into our hands by a very good friend who has great confidence of mee. I desire you would make a private enquirie after the affaire it mentions without communicating anything of any designe in itt but such you think fitt lett us know soe soon as you can with the greatest secrecy possible.

Letter – Ralph Grey – 13 Nov 1674

Newcastle November the 13th (74) Sir Yours of the 2 currant came to safe hand wherein I perceiv you recd the inclosed account of Mr Tho. Sherwoods in which acct you take exceptions against the porters of 15s & 2d which is realy due after weight for portinge to the boat, for the weighing the weight M[aste]r pay besides other dutyes which is not placed to the marchants account. the acct stands thus Cwt qt lb £ s d To lead ore dew

Letter – Ralph Grey – 14 Nov 1674

Newcastle: November the 14: 1674 Sir Yours of the 27th october came to hand and acording to your order I have pd Mr Robert Sutton thirty pounds & do verry much wonder that Hills should so <deal> with me as not to have pd that moneys which I lye out . I hope his brother Henry <Come ng from Bordeaux Lodon with our brandy and wine will nott <fail> to <pap> as they write, I must intreat you to Arrest hime if he not proffer mony with your <oar> agreement, in

Letter – Ralph Grey – 14 Nov 1674

ditto Honored friend, yours of the 3rd currant came to hand wherein I prceve you recd the acount of the <stons> and fraitt and I hope Mr Wm Pye hath d[elivere]d them to your friends, or now to content he ingaged he would take a speciall care of them, and lead at 13£ per fother and bought up to send for Holland to bring home returns in rye wheat and oats wich continues at the price in my last here is sundry ships arrived out of holand, here is expected both out of the east and

Letter – Peirce Reeves to James Standsfield – 17 Nov 1674

Londo Nov 17 1674 Sr James, Our last was of the 10th instant therein sent you a paper relating to business of concernment wch recommended to your care & secrecy. Since noe from you these serves to Advise that Ald Simpson has drawne on you £160 payable to And Donalson the 25 inst ach fords to doe as he advises we desire it may finde due honour upon <d: Aird> & wt yu are short in Cash you may draw the bille on us to answer it. In our last wee advised you Sr Ja

Letter – Edward Willet – 20 Nov 1674

Douer the 20th Novembr 1674 I have your honorable of the 2/11 th curr that is come the same daye that my mother arived heare she hath aquainted me of the kindnesse shee hath had the honnor to receve of your trust deserves more thanks than can possibly bee expressed Ittt is my mothers owne expresson butt God willing she and I shall not lett slipp any good accasion to give all the more we can of our gratitude to your favors, In answer to what you desier to know about corne I shall advis

Letter – Ralph Grey to William Peacock – 21 Nov 1674

Newcastle: November the 21: 1674 Mr Peacock Yours of the 20th currant came to hand since my since my [sic] last, here is arrived thre ships with rye from Colebrough two <Newchen Jalland> and Tho. Richison with rye from Roterdam two with <gould> rye from Riga and ½ <dozon> with ots which is sould to the meal makers for 2s 11d per bush[ell] : here is <sundrey> ships cumd with french rye and that its falen to 4s8d per bush and the best danske 5s the badnis of the
The Dukesfield Smelters and Carriers Project aimed to celebrate and discover the heritage of the Dukesfield Arches & lead carriers' routes between Blaydon and the lead mines of Allendale and Weardale. A two year community project, it was led by the Friends of the North Pennines in partnership with Hexhamshire and Slaley Parish Councils and the active support of Allendale Estates. It was funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund and the generous support of other sponsors. Friends of the North Pennines: Charity No:1137467