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Letter – Ralph Grey to Matthew Shepherd – 21 Sep 1675

ditto To Mr Shiperd to shipp us aboard of Robt Thorp 1 hog[shea]d of sugar about 62s percent 1 hog[shea]d sugar at 50s or 52s percentt 1 hog[shea]d at 42 percent 1 hodg[shead] Lofe sugar not else at present from Ra: Grey ditto

Letter – Michael Blackett to James Schand – 24 Sep 1675

Newcastle 7br 24th 75 Mr John Scand Sr I writt you yesterday p[er] Mr James Lamdell J[u]n[ior] whome I have Loaden 85 p[iece]s Leed upon the acct of my good friend Sr James Stanfield haveing had his order sume time agoe for the doeing thereof for which you are to pay 12s <…> for every fodder freight there being in all 5 fodder as p[er] the inclosed Bill of Loading & inclosed you have alsoe an invoyce of the same Ammounte my unto the sume of £73:1: =d <..> w[hi]ch please

Letter – Michael Blackett to James Standsfield – 24 Sep 1675

Ditto Honnoured Sr To Sr James Standefield I have got shipped & consined unto mr Jno Schand upon your former order 85 p[iece]s Leed which was all the Convenience that offered till this day that I could here of & for the Same I was forced to promise £3 <…> freight as p[er] Bill of Loading sent Mr Schand unto whome I have alsoe sent the Invoyce w[hi]ch doth Ammount unto the sume of £73: 1: = & have desired Mr Schand to place the same to my Creditt. And at his leisure to

Letter – Michael Blackett to Edward Allen – 24 Sep 1675

Newcastle 7ber 24 1675 Major Ed: Allan Kind friend I have before me both yours of the 9th & 16th present the former I received p[er] John Stocksley who god be thanked is well arrived & the latter p[er] post both which I shall now god willing Answer at large I am very sory that there will be sume difference betwixt you & the quaker or that you did not advise me fully of your agreement with him if any mistake on my side I hope you will excuse me for my honnest man would come no fur

Letter – Michael Blackett to John Legendre – 24 Sep 1675

Newcastle 7ber 24th 75 Mr Jno Legender Sir I have before me yours of the 16th present to w[hi]ch I shall Answer that if I can meet with a Convenience according to your desire before your Contradictory order came shall shipp you 200 p[iece]s Leed for Newhaven or Rouen but no vessell at present going from hence to either of these places that I can here of so pray advise me before w[ha]t time you would have it shipped & after w[ha]t time I shall Give over Seekeing a Convenience and your O

Letter – Michael Blackett to Robert Jackson – 24 Sep 1675

Newcastle 7ber 24th 75 Mr Robert Jackson Sir I have before me yours of the 20th present and am glad you have provided your selfe with leed. I shall observe Mr Chipsams Order about the <leaving> of Tho Dickeson. Tho Kirke deliverd here 939 bush[els] as I have advised Mr Allan I have wri<t> you once or twice & desired you & desired you to advise you where Tho: Huntingham were if you could inquire & so receive a little money of him when he arrived as alsoe to receive

Letter – Michael Blackett to Michael Clipsham – 24 Sep 1675

Ditto Mr Mich. Chipsham Sir I have before me yours of the 18 present Tho Dickeson not yet Arrived I pray god he may be in salvo for we have had of late cru<el> winds & God knows severall vessels lost if please god he arrive I shall doe the needfull with your 12 <..> prunes & act as well as I c<an> for your most advantidge & the m[aste]rs & I shall make another computation of w[ha]t Coales he can conveniently take in which businesse God willing shall be Ord

Letter – Michael Blackett to Nicholas Verlaen – 28 Sep 1675

Newcastle 7ber 28th 75 Mr Nicho: Verlaan Sir My last to you was of the 17th present to w[hi]ch refer you since none from you soe the lesse at present to inlarge upon. I doe a little wonder I never had a letter from you since the company was seperated & that I doe not here of the arrivall of some of my Leed consigned unto you upon my owne proper acct viz 400 p[iece]s by Bartho Kirkhouse 400 p[iece]s by John Tucker & 400 p[iece]s by Richard Streeter the former & the latter possit

Letter – Michael Blackett to Walter Chaytor – 28 Sep 1675

Newcastle 7ber 28th 1675 Mr Walter Chaytor Sir My last was of the 11th present to which refers you since have received yours of the 20th ditto most of it I suppose my father hath Answered being his concerne. I long till I have some newes of John Tucker I wish he may be in Salvo for of late we have had cruell Blowing weather if it please god he arrive well pray dispose of my Leed for my most advatidge & as you are in cash remitt the same I pray unto Mr Nicho. Verlaen Merchant in Rotterd

Letter – Michael Blackett to Edward Willett – 28 Sep 1675

Ditto Sir I have before me yours of the 13th present In the firs<t> place pray take notice that the company is Seperated & I for future am to act for my selfe soe that I can now doe w[ha]t I will for am no Longer bound for feare of displeaseing <M .> <B..>. to consigne all Leed I send for Rouen unto Mr LeGendre who may be certaine he shall have none of my commissions <w[hi]ch> I must confesse are not worth his Trouble. I wish I had knowne your Corrispondents nam

Letter – Michael Blackett to John Eden – 28 Sep 1675

Ditto Unckle Eden I was at durham upon friday last where I concluded with Ldshipps commissioners for £100: =: =: as my couzen davison would acquainte you but the shame take them all for with filling there Gutts with all sorts of wine they made me sick for 2 d[ays] after both my wife and I are to be at durham this day soe to have my new lease delivered me & the reason my wife goes is that they will not believe but that she is either dead or sick Though God be thanked neither but as healt

Letter – Michael Blackett to Abraham Van Rincom – 28 Sep 1675

Newcastle 7 ber 28th Mr Abraham Van Rincom Sir I have recd your kind letter of the 24th present to w[hi]ch I thought good to give you 2 or 3 lines in answer thought it will be worth your postidge I take notice mr ward is gone for London & hath left his businesse in your hands soe you desire my corrispondency w[hi]ch is not worth desireing for y<ou> know the company is seperated & that I have neither Lead nor Coales of my owne but that I have little or no dealeing at all for H

Letter – Michael Blackett to Nicholas Verlaen – 1 Oct 1675

Newcastle 8 ber primo Mr Nicho: Verlaen Sr My last to you was of the 28th 7ber to which refers you since have received yours of this date with the welcome newes of Bartho: Kirkhouse his Good arrivall for w[hi]ch god be praised the disposall of my Leed is left to your discretion not doubting but you will doe for me as for your selfe and I hope before my last came to hand you will be as much in cash as will buy the above mentioned Goods w[hi]ch if soe then Desire you to write to mr Walter Ch

Letter – Michael Blackett to Walter Chaytor – 1 Oct 1675

Ditto Mr Walter Chaytor Sr My last to you was of the 28th 7ber to w[hi]ch refers you since have received yours of this date with the very welcome newes of John Tuckers safe arrivall with you for w[hi]ch god be praised Barty Kirkhouse is at Amsterdam but I wish he had gone to y[ou]r port for I perceive as you write the Amsterdam Markett is Overladen with that commodity but now tis too late to helpe and seing you give me some incouridgement I shall If possible send you a suply before it be l

Letter – Michael Blackett to Robert Jackson – 1 Oct 1675

Newca[stle] 8ber primo Mr Robert Jackson Sr I have before me yours of the 27th past I shall take my 20s of <kirke> when I pay him freight for the beanes but pray examine your coppy booke of Letters & se[e] when ever you advised me w[ha]t freight he was to have for I doe not remember you ever did I have writt severall times for an acct of the beanes but to that you never gave me one word in Answer Your Brother <Ripley> it seemes by his Threats & high words got primmidge

Letter – Michael Blackett to Edward Allen – 1 Oct 1675

Newc[astle] 8ber primo Mr Ed: Allan Sr I have before me yours of the 25th past thereby takes notice of all sorts of granes the curr[en]tt prices with you from 26 to 28s for beanes is a very good price far better then this markett will yeild for I doe assure you I cannott be bid above 2s 4d p[er] Bush[el] for yours and as for your pease I am this day to show them to some merchants in towne if I can procure 3s 4d for the same they shall goe but I thinke noe body will give me that price for t

Letter – Michael Blackett – 1 Oct 1675

I have beene showing your pease to some marchants In Towne as Mr Roddam Mr Davison Mr Bailes Mr Mallabar Mr Johnson Mr Rumney Mr Foster and some others, none of w[hi]ch will bid me a farthing above £10 p[er] last for the Same, Soe pray lett me have your advice for I Cannot Resolve to lett them goe att that price.

Letter – Michael Blackett to Michael Clipsham – 1 Oct 1675

Newcastle 8ber primo Mr Michl Chipsham Sr I have none of yours to answer so the lesse to inlarge upon this being Chefly to advise you that Tho: Dickisson is now with me but we had such Cruell blowing wether for these 3 or 4 dayes by past that it was impossible for me to Get one Coale aboard of him or the prunes out as yet the other day there was severall keeles sunck in the River but this morning God be Thanked it is pretty Calme soe that I hope before n[igh]t not only to have the prunes o

Letter – Michael Blackett to John Legendre – 2 Oct 1675

Newc[astle] 8ber 2d 1675 Mr Jno Legendre Sr I have before me yours of the 28th past for answer If I can meet with an Opertunity for the Conveying of 200 p[iece]s Leed either to Rouen or newhaven upon the Condition you Limitt me to before the latter end of this month shall not faile to doe it but if no convenience present before that time then shall according to your desire forbeare unlesse a new order come unto MB

Letter – Michael Blackett to Edward Allen – 2 Oct 1675

Newc[astle] 8 ber 2nd Mr Ed: Allan Sr I have before me yours of the 28th past w[hi]ch requires Little answer but only to satisfie you that I p[ai]d Jno Stockesly no freight soe that you may please to do it with what more satisfaction you thinke convenient I will not say but he may be an honnest man but if he be, il est L<’>unique de son Etoffe that ever I herd of I cannot be bid a farthing above £10 p[er] last for your pease not £9 for your Beanes so am resolved to keep then awh

Letter – Michael Blackett to Robert Jackson – 2 Oct 1675

Ditto Mr Robt Jackson Sr I have before me yours of the 30th past w[hi]ch I received by your brother whome I could have helped to some hundreds of pounds, but all my friends and all I spoake too thought His bills but at too Long sight so I could not help him to any but I perceive he got enough of w[hi]ch I am very glad If you can spare a bill at <50> d[ays] sight or under for £100 or £200 I can procure you money. Dickeson is Loaden Mr Clipsam orders me to draw my Reimbursements upon

Letter – Michael Blackett to Henry Nelthorpe – 2 Oct 1675

Newc[astle] 8ber 2d Mr Hen: Nelthorpe Sr You being willing by your former <to> accept of my small Concerne upon the same ter<ms> as you do my fathers to begin our acct I inclosed I inclosed send you a bill drawn by m<r> Wm Aubony upon Mr Wm Nutt for £50 payable at 6 d[ays] sight to my order & I doe Ind<orse> the same to you soe pray be pleased to recei<ve> the Contents thereof when dew & place the<m]>to my Creditt I doe expect shortly that Mr

Letter – Michael Blackett to Henry Nelthorpe – 5 Oct 1675

Newcastle 8ber 5th 1675 Mr Henry Nelthorpe Sr My Last was of the 2d present to w[hi]ch refers you Inclosed you will find a Bill drawne upon Mr Mich Chipsham of your place for £16: 6: 9d payable at 6 d[ays] date to your Order w[hi]ch pray receive when dew & place to the Creditt of MB

Letter – Michael Blackett to Michael Clipsham – 5 Oct 1675

Ditto Mr Mich Chipsham Sr serves Chiefly to advise you that I have Loaden aboard of the Suply of Whitby Tho Dickeson m[aste]r 24 Ch[alders] Coales of w[hi]ch inclosed you have an Invoyce Ammounting unto the Sume of £16: 6: 9d for the sd Sume have this day past a bill upon you payable 6d[ays] after date to Mr Henry Nelthorpe or Order to w[hi]ch pray let due honnour be Given. Your prunes were the worst that ever I se[e] in my Life some Casks not worth 6d a hundred I sould them all [to]ge

Letter – Michael Blackett to William de Werth – 5 Oct 1675

Ditto Mr Wm De Werth Sr I have before me yours of the 30th past have <..> your inclosed to Mr Geo Murton who is willing to pay you the money either here Or at London – I judge it not for your advantidge to have it pd you at London soe may write him to that effect who will Answer your Letter in dew time & withal<l> advise you where you shall receive your sd money upon delivering in of his noate your postidge I have placed to your acct & if at any other time I can serv
The Dukesfield Smelters and Carriers Project aimed to celebrate and discover the heritage of the Dukesfield Arches & lead carriers' routes between Blaydon and the lead mines of Allendale and Weardale. A two year community project, it was led by the Friends of the North Pennines in partnership with Hexhamshire and Slaley Parish Councils and the active support of Allendale Estates. It was funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund and the generous support of other sponsors. Friends of the North Pennines: Charity No:1137467