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Will & inventory – George Fairlamb – 3 Mar 1652

In the name of God Amen, I George Farlambe of eDuckesfeild within the Countie of eNorthumberland being sicke of body but of good and perfect remembrance, laud and praise be given unto allmighty God, doe make and declare this my Testament my last will beinge herein contained, That is to say :– First I bequeath my soule unto Allmighty, God And my body to be buried the p[ar]ish Church yeard of Slayley as my freinds shall dispose; and this my minde and Intent being my last will, I declare in p[

Will & inventory – Richard Fairlamb – 11 Apr 1654

In the name of God Amen, The Eleaventh day of the Moneth of Aprill in the yeare of our Lord God one Thousand six Hundred fiftie foure Richard Farlambe of Steele Hall within the Parish of Slealey, in the Countie of Northumberland yeoman being sicke and Weake of body, but of Sound and perfect remembrance, Laud and Praise be given unto God for it, doe hereby make my last Will and Testament, in Manner & forme as Followeth, That is to say, First I bequeath my Soule unto Allmighty God & Jesus

Will & inventory – Gervis Gascoyne – 10 Oct 1659

In the name of god Amen the 10th day of October Anno domin 1659 I Gervis Gascoyne of Gengles sicke in body yet of good & perfite memory praised bee god doe make this my last will and testyment in fforme as followeth vid first I give and commend my soule into ye hands of allmighty god my maker & of Jesus Christ my Redeemer And my body to be buryed in my parish Church & my goods as followeth Item I give to my brother Nicklos five shilings Item I give to my brother James five shillings

Will – James Briggs – 20 Jun 1668

In the name of God Amen, June this 20th 1668, I James Briggs of Newcastle upon Tyne, Merchant Adventurer, being under some bodily distemper, but of good and perfect memory and disposing judgement (blessed be God) make this my last will and testament in manner and form following, and by this my will I do revoke all or any other former wills by me made, And first I give and bequeath my soule into the hands of allmighty God, my infinitely wise former in the wombe, and gratious preserver unto this

Report – Albert de Rochefort – 1 Sep 1669

NIEUCASSEL Nieucassel is a sea port, frequented by all the Nations of the world, for the quantity and excellence of the coal which is loaded there, which is brought from the mines that are to be found in the outskirts of this big town and also of the lead and the pure tin, which makes it one of the busiest ports in the Kingdom. It is situated on the banks of the River of Tyne, which divides it into two unequal parts, both on the side of a hill declining gently to the great quay, which r

Will & inventory – Thomas Mowbray – 2 Mar 1670

The last will and testament of Thomas Mowbray nuncupative late of Duxfield in the Countie of Northumberland declared the second of March 1669: before Jphn Mowbray & george Lee as followeth: First I give & bequeath my soule unto Almightie god & my bodie to buryed in the parish church or churchyard of Slayley as my friends shall order & appoint, Item I give Legate & bequeath unto my brother Robert Mowbray my cloake & a paire of Boots All the rest of my goods & cha

Letter – Henry Cavendish to William Blackett – 6 Jun 1671

Sr I receved yours of the 2d yesterday, and since the disorder that happened wth you at Newcastle I have named you twice in my letters to Winsor as one of the best servts his Majte hath at Newcastle; I am soe obedient to Orders I sent you that I receved from Court after you had suppressed the Mutiny, there is noe harme in being formall in obedience. I writ to the Major and you all yesterday and sent to Mr secretary Trevor. All my Childeren that are here wth me in the House hath and have had th

Letter – Henry Cavendish to William Blackett – 19 Jun 1671

London June the 19th (71) Sr I give you very many thanks for two affectionate Letters I receved from you since the Mutiney of the Keele men with you. I had writ sooner to you but that I stayed to heare from my Lord Arlington I having two letters perticulerly named you as most active in the reduceing these disorderly Keelemen and that you was not only servisable to his Maj.tie in your station as Magestrate of the Towne but as deputy Liftennant and Captain of a foote Company. I know and rest a

Inventory – Robert Mowbray – 12 Nov 1671

A true and perfect inventory of all the Goods and chattels moveable late Robert Mowbrayes of Duxfeild hall in the parish of Slaley and in the Countie of Northumberland yeoman lately deceased valued and apprized the 12th day of November in the yeare 1671 by Lewis ffairlambe and Thomas ffairlambe of Duxfeild Richard Wainman of Steele hall and John Mowbray of the Steele as followeth £ s d Imprimis his purse house and apparel 5.00.00 from four

Will & inventory – Ann Sharp – 27 Apr 1672

Ane Sharpe of Duxfeild in the County of Northumberland being sick in [‘of’ crossed through] body but of good and parfe[c]t memory thanks be to almighty god and cal[l]ing to rememberance the uncartan Estate of this transitory life and that all flesh must yield unto death when it shall please god to call I doe make const[it]ut[e] ordane and declare this my last will and testyment in manar and forme fol[l]owing revoking and anul[l]ing by these presence all and ev[e]ry testyment and testaments w

Letter – John Mowbray to William Blackett – 12 Apr 1674

<?Auih> Duxfeild April 12th 1674 Honered Sir: I Recd youres of the 11th att <prof> and shall obsairve the contentes thare of <&> shall writ Will Steele to <give thenantes> notish thatt you will tak the advintage of the forfiture butt let me knowe whether I shall <Recve> aney of that which is behind if thay ofer itt <seing> thay mist the Day Apointed I sopose thay are very pour pepall that hath not paid so ar to be pited/ I bought one parshall of Land cal

Receipt – William Blackett to James Standsfield – 16 Jun 1674

Recaved of Sr James Standsfeild towards the charges of Leed myns at Glen Lyon the som of Twenty five pound sterling. I say rec as per his one fourth of that charge of which to give acco. the som of £25 .Pr. Wm Blackett Edinburgh

Receipt – William Blackett to James Standsfield – 1 Aug 1674

Receipt Wm Blackett to Sr Jas.Stansfeild for £20 on acct of Leid mynes. Eden[burg]h

Letter – John Lindsay to James Standsfield – 10 Nov 1674

Nov 10, 1674 Receive enclosed paper which was put into our hands by a very good friend who has great confidence of mee. I desire you would make a private enquirie after the affaire it mentions without communicating anything of any designe in itt but such you think fitt lett us know soe soon as you can with the greatest secrecy possible.

Letter – Peirce Reeves to James Standsfield – 17 Nov 1674

Londo Nov 17 1674 Sr James, Our last was of the 10th instant therein sent you a paper relating to business of concernment wch recommended to your care & secrecy. Since noe from you these serves to Advise that Ald Simpson has drawne on you £160 payable to And Donalson the 25 inst ach fords to doe as he advises we desire it may finde due honour upon <d: Aird> & wt yu are short in Cash you may draw the bille on us to answer it. In our last wee advised you Sr Ja

Letter – Peirce Reeves to James Standsfield – 26 Nov 1674

London 26 Nov 1674 Sr James Our last was of the 17 instant Adviseing Ald[erman] Simpson had drawn On you £160 payble And<...> Donason. And that Sr Ja. Keith was Dr Viz £480:13:6 principle & £147.9.8 Int[eres]t & since recd Yours of the 12 & 17 take notis of their contents & thank you for yr information & shall expect yr further Advice in it in near time shall speke wth those concernd. receive inclosed accts of Greenhill & in wts needfull. Sr my Br

Notes to James Standsfield – 1 Dec 1674

[outer leaf:]Leade Mynes – how to be wrought & the pduce divided in five parts <L. Barr> <146.13.4> Took duty Staple <jord..> for <Crop> & year of god 1674 Tor B/Poore Mines pag 273 The mine to be wrought and the ore to be divided into five parts the owner of the ground or the lessee to have on part of the ore shaddered and wash’d ready to bee molton and he to so deliver the same in the nature and quality aforesaid and to bee payd for it every 3 mo

Receipt – William Blackett to James Standsfield – 30 Dec 1674

30 Xber 1674 Recaved then of Sr James Standsfeild the som of twenty five pound sterling being for a quarter part of his second Advance made for Defraying of the Charges in Driveing on of the Leed myns of Glen Lyon. I say received by me £25 Stlg Wm Blackett Edinburgh

Letter – John Lindsay to James Standsfield – 7 Jan 1675

Jany 7 1674/5 Per first advise us if you have made any further enquiry after the mines as you promeised .

Letter – Peirce Reeves to James Standsfield – 7 Jan 1675

London Jan 7th 1674 Sr James, Our last was of the 31st past. Since none from you. These are cheifely for conveighance of the Lettr to Mr Wilky from [your] good friend Mr Dan[...] who has writt Sevrall times but receivd noe answer . [Our] desyre is to get his answer upon delivery of it wch forward per first Advise us also if you have maid further inquirey as you promisd abt. the mines. In [...] [...] desyre upon concludeing wth Mr Wilky that all [...] may be pd there not relyeng upo

Letter – John Lindsay to James Standsfield – 21 Jan 1675

Jan 21, 1674/5 Take notice wt you writt that the Earle of Queensberry will shortly be there: when his Lo[rdshi]p is there discourse with him and desire his Lo[rdshi]p to give his proposal and 2 or 3 posts to answer them And as you hinted in a former Letter that you were willing to come in ashare which my friends have prevailed with them to embrace you being myself concerned with them, enquire of his Lo[rdshi]p if he did not once agree with some towards Darbyshyre who by some accident did not

Letter – Peirce Reeves to James Standsfield – 21 Jan 1675

London Jan 21 1674 Sr James, Our last was of the 16 instant therein desyred you to send up per first such writeing as is required for my Br. Lindsay to signed on acct of Mr Wilkys estate. And inclosed was a Lettr to himself. Since Recd Yours of the 14th instant Adviseing your readiness to comply wth Ald[erman] Simpsons twoe Bills on You for £200 - If you draw on us the Value shall be duely honourd. This day we spoke with Mr Andrew Duncan who knows not od any money hes to receive on Mr

Letter – Peirce Reeves to James Standsfield – 29 Jan 1675

Our last was of the 18th inst. Since recd yours of the 20th. Take notis of the contents & w[i]th[i]n recd your accot currant, but not your accot of Bills wch desyre per next. of your accot shall advise per next & as to the Leed Myns Mr Vemuyden will write to you at large before he setts forwerd his journey theither wch he intends being <…> needfull. For my Br. Jno Lindsay & Comp, Peirce Reeves.

Receipt – William Blackett to James Standsfield – 1 Apr 1675

Edinbruge the first of April 1675 Received then of Sr James Standsfield the Sum of twenty five pounds sterling for ¼ part of his first advance made for defraying of the Charges in Driving on of the Leed Myn of Eagle I say recd by me £25 stlg Wm Blackett [outer leaf:] memo to post the 2 H: moores accots in my proper leager Mr John Mecckwath [Mackworth?]

Letter – John Grey to William Blackett – 2 Apr 1675

Lintz the second of Apryl 1675 Sold to Wilam Bleckeit one <Stwdie wies> - 7 stone 2 lb - at 7 shilinges and sexpenc sterling a stone - 2-17 <Tesevet> be me John Gray fule and complit pyment of this above wryten day and dait forsind as witnes my hand John Gray
The Dukesfield Smelters and Carriers Project aimed to celebrate and discover the heritage of the Dukesfield Arches & lead carriers' routes between Blaydon and the lead mines of Allendale and Weardale. A two year community project, it was led by the Friends of the North Pennines in partnership with Hexhamshire and Slaley Parish Councils and the active support of Allendale Estates. It was funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund and the generous support of other sponsors. Friends of the North Pennines: Charity No:1137467