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Letter – Ralph Grey to Embaucke – 29 Jan 1674

NewC[astle]; jan 29th 73 Mr <Embaucke> I recd yours but I doe not remember anythinge of w[ha]t you mentean; you <...> as much formerly; I have examind & find noe such thing if there be receits as you pretend produce them[.] not further but that I am Your frend Ra: Grey

Letter – Ralph Grey – 30 Jan 1674

NewC[astle] Jan 30th 1673 Honerd Sir Yors of the 17 Curante came to saife hand with the Inclosed to Mr Baites; w[hi]ch was carfull <d..d>; and this post I will give you ann acct of Tempus Rayne; I wish I may be servisable to you or yours If you Hon[ou]r mee with your Comands in this plase; yor Noat of my sonns Charge I Read; and find you have Wronge yorselfe for you make yor selfe Debtor £5:5s:11d and there Is but In your hands: £3: 5s: 11d w[hi]ch place to Acct I Rejoice to h

Letter – Ralph Grey to William Grey – 30 Jan 1674

ditto 30 Ja 1673 Sonne Wm Since my last I Recd yors and one with A Noat of Cha[rges]: which I approve of; from Mr Leads who I am Ingaged to for his great care of you; <ply [apply?] your backe> for its the best portion I can give you; and you shall want Noe Incorgment; I hope you will find the Advantage of the yeares In <pracct..ts>; All frends hear are well save only yor Cusson Roger who Is very Weeke; they Reminded themselfs to you. Yor mother gives you her Kiss and <S

Letter – Ralph Grey to William Peacock – 30 Jan 1674

NewC[astle] Jan the 30 1673 Mr Peacoke Yors of the 27 Curant came to saife hand, where In I perceive you have bene Inquiring after Returnes but finde not to according to exsptation w[hi]ch Is aprised to us; our pay day being Next Weeke; and we sould it Cheepe upon that Acct; Lead is sould hear this day at £12 per fo[ther]; I was with Mr Isaackson but he could not suply; heare Is great quantityes sould hear w[hi]ch is shippt of for Amsterdam Rotterdam & Hambrough [Hamburg] I wonder

Letter – Ralph Grey – 30 Jan 1674

NewC[astle] Jan 30th 1673 Sr Yors of the 27 came to saife hand this day with the Inclosed Bill of Exchange for £145 06s on Mr Robt Ellison who hath promisd payment at day; w[hi]ch I Question Not; Mr Shaw hath paid the Eighty 5 pounds Seven shill[ings] 6d: but I hear nothing of makeing of It up £100; I wish you would order the shiping of yor Lead as sowne [soon] as possobly you Cann: I beleve It may be shipt for 1s:6d per pigg; thare is great Quantity bought up this day to be s

Letter – Ralph Grey to George Potts – 10 Feb 1674

Newcastle February the 10th (73/4) Mr George Potts Yourse of the 5th Cuorant Recd, I perceive by Mr Sails it will be 3 weeks before he can be ready therefore my advice is have him load oversea coals for there is none of these shipps can goe, for theire coals are not for the market & coals gives a good value at hambrought [Hamburg] & soe doth Lead or any port beyond seas for the east, & he may head safe home or the Marchents of Hamb[urg] will fr[e]ight him home, there is n

Letter – Ralph Grey – 10 Feb 1674

NewC[astle] Februry the 10th (73) Sr Yours of the 5th came safe to hand with the inclosed bill of exchange on Mr Joseph Hudleston at 16 days sight he will not underwrite the bill nor accept it, he shewed my man a letter that his Friend would returne the monyes which if perform’d he would pay, otherwise not, as for the lead we provided for you, if you have noe occasion shall free you of your bargaine, for there is noe demand of Lead, since the 31th of January everyone provided themse

Letter – Ralph Grey – 13 Feb 1674

Newc[astle] February 13 73 Right Honerble This at present for one ho[gshead] Suger at 30 shill[ings] and one suger at £3 per <tln> or thareabouts. hear is such Quantitys of pryes [?prize] Suger come out of Scotland and bought Cheepe that if they be Not prove good of that price shall Lose by them; I hope Mr Hill hath p[ai]d over his stocke and Mr Gould what he Cann but £20 I expect. hear is dead tymes of trade Capt Weatwang and the fleat are saild This what needfull Ra Grey

Letter – Ralph Grey – 13 Feb 1674

ditto 13th Noble Capt Yor brother Capt Joseph is saifly arrivd at this porte and acording to his order hath sent hyme Abord 13 Chalder of Coles hear is aboundance of Ice in the rever that I had much adoe to gett them aboard: Capt Weatyange and the fleat are saild and I hope with you erre this: Capt Joseph I hope saife to <m...> and then shall write once more R Grey

Letter – Ralph Grey – 13 Feb 1674

NewC[astle] Feb the 13 1673 Sir This at Present is cheifly for cover of the Inclosed w[hi]ch pray seale up and d[elivere]d: I hope Mr Cha: Fairweather hat[h] erre this p[ai]d your £30 and Mr Partis will not faill to pay £20 pray send one downe to Billinsgaite to Inquire for the M[ast]ers & to speak with them thus not further but that I am Yours Ra: Grey

Letter – Ralph Grey to John Burford – 13 Feb 1674

Ditto the 13th 73 Mr John Burford I hope this will finde you at London fail not to pay to Mr Mathew Sheapherd or order thirty pounds I shall deliver you bond and bill for fifteen & discounting the four chaldron of Coals with the profiitt of your shipp I shall pay the remainder to whom you send the bill with. If you come not again for these parts pray write what cours you intend to stear, this not further but that I am your friend Ralph Grey

Letter – Ralph Grey to William Peacock – 13 Feb 1674

ditto the 13th (73) Mr William Peacocke Yours of the 7 currant came to safe hand with a Dane or Sweed for Amsterdam but here is none I can hear of at present, I shall make a dilligent Inquiry Lead sold hear at £12 per fother hid[e]s was here at 2s but rise to 2s 6d & bought up that they aske 3s, if you have a mind to deal that way that you think to make profit I shall imploy a bucher or 2 of my acquaintance will prove the best & cheapest therefore pray write your thoughts, the

Letter – Ralph Grey – 13 Feb 1674

Newc[astle] Feb the 13 1673 Capt Since the writing of this yor Brother hath beene with me; and p[ai]d the Keel dues he sa[ye]th the Coles Is good but small I[t] could not be helped for the Keeles could not gett up further then the Teame and Shores, they are as good as the seasson affords except we could have got them from Stella leed by wagons Yor Ra Grey

Letter – Ralph Grey to John Allen – 13 Feb 1674

Newc[astle] Feb the 13 1673 Mr John Allen Yours of the 3d feb with the inclosed bill of exchange for £13 8s 9d came to hand and had erre this write you ansswer but that Mr Slinger was out of towne, I hope we shall have the first fleets hear next <wk> thare being some of thare foreruners Come to the barr; I shall be glad to Se you hear; and pray bringe yor bill of saile with Along with you[,] This wishing you a bone voadge Your Loveing freinde Ra Grey

Letter – Ralph Grey – 19 Feb 1674

Sir Yors of the 10th Curant came to safe hand I thank you for yor good newes; last post about 9 oclock at Night came Mr Nathaniel Orde from his corespondent: to pay £11 12s 6d to make up Mr Shaws bill one hundred pounds; and so have a bill of Exch[an]ge of you wh[ic]h accordingly I did, Next post I shall give you an Acct whether Mr Hudlston will exept the bill for 60 pounds he Exp[ec]ts Letters this post; you hear Lead is resen with hus to £12 5s , thar was sould for £12 but since they hea

Letter – Ralph Grey – 19 Feb 1674

February the 19th (73) Capt your Brother Joseph & I dranck your health the 14[th] since which I have not seen him in my last I writ that he had 2 boats of coals q[uanti]t[y] 13 Chalder, he p[ai]d all charges only the coals w[hi]ch he ordered me to place to your account which £4: 11s at 7s per Chalder these are sold now for 8s which £4 11s with £2:16s my man p[ai]d Mr Christ: Shadforth about the Charges of the Cable which some I shall order a friend to call for it, this what nee

Letter – Ralph Grey – 20 Feb 1674

Newc feb the 20 1673/4 Sir Yors of the 14 came to hand: I have bene wth Mr Sherwood bought the : 6 Tunns of Oare; to gett brought In per first: wch he promised to write to his freind to Neclect No opertunity I desired hym for to make it 20 tunns bout he would not pretinding he Can have £7 per <H [probably cwt]> I have prevaled with hym to write to his freind to Lett you have 6H more at the same price: and for 8 Hs more he shall: at market price I desire to knowe whether to send

Letter – Ralph Grey to George Potts – 20 Feb 1674

newc[astle] feb the 20 1673/4 Mr Potts Sr This at present is to aquaite you that Mr Dye Hath bene wth mee; I have sent hyme one <Keel> downe and the rest he shall have and w[ha]t moneys he wants to clear and pay the Keelemens dewes Mr Sailes was wth mee and brought Mr Bedford wth who had £150: ready : but I advised hyme not to charge till he hath a letter from you this post In answer to his about the saile of the ships; if he can £700: for hur she will be well sould; for she is

Letter – Ralph Grey – 21 Feb 1674

NewC[astle] Feb the 21 73/4 Lo Cooson Mr Geo: Potts yours of the 17 Came In deue tyme wth the Inclosed to Mr Sayles wch was d[elivere]d hyme; and he hath write you An Inswer wth an inclosed acct of the Cha[rges] he hath bene at & must be out of making hur ready; You saith thay will not give one shill[ing] more but six hund[red] pounds, I did advise to have posted her up In the exc[hang]e and the Grave wch he aquainted them wth; but they protested if she wear posted they would not g

Letter – Ralph Grey – 24 Feb 1674

NewC[astle] Febr the 24 1673/4 Sr Yours of 17th Curant; Mr Hudleston at Last hath p[ai]d the bill of £60 as for your 200 peics of Lead its Long since weaghead [weighed] of and La[i]d aside its goad to Shipe of for thare [is a] Cha[rge] for Lying in the Weaghouse; I was Speaking to Mr Wm Sanderson to take it in but he will bait [abate] Nothing of 12d per pigg; I nevrr Knew Les given when Coles was at £14 per xx; Write for I may have an answer before he Be ready he Intends bak for Lond

Letter – Ralph Grey to George Potts – 24 Feb 1674

Newc[astle] feby the 24 1673/4 Mr Geo Potts Yours of the 17 courent before me; I was wth Mr Barnes and Mr Tayler Geo: Sayles Coustomer for the shipe: who will not advance anything above Six Hundred Pounds: and you may maike hur a fre shipe; wch I was against; Geo. Sayles came after to me & tould me that they will give you 6 hundred pounds and fre[e] you of that trouble w[hi]ch would coust you £20 at least; he saith hur riging is bad and when comes to London should have a new suit

Letter – Ralph Grey to George Potts – 2 Mar 1674

Newc[astle] March the 2d 1673/4 Geo Potts Yours of the 24 and 26 cme this day to hande the wayes are soe bad thare not pasable: I beleave Mr Sayles hath given you a full acct of the sayle of the Shipe; and I perceive buy him; a particalar of the Cha[rges] & dispursements; I percive they intind Geo: Sayles M[aste]r of her to send her for hambrough [Hamburg] with Coles & Lead; & Cloth for the Vergenis: Coles is at A great price: that they will Cleare the ½ shippe Mr Dye was

Letter – Ralph Grey to William Webb – 3 Mar 1674

Newc[astle] March the 3d 73/4 Alderman Webb Yors wth the Inclosed acct I Rec[eive]d w[hi]ch I shall examin & order you up your moneys that dew upon it; for there is some mistakes In the bills of parcells: and when that is recktifyed I shall Paye: If you will use me as nighbour for our small trade we must have it good; I shall take care you shall have better payment for futer: Not further for present but that I am Your freind & servant Ra Grey

Letter – Ralph Grey to William Peacock – 6 Mar 1674

Newc[astle] March 6 1673/4 Mr Peacoke Yours of the 29 feb with the inclosed bill of 130 pounds wch said some Alder[man] Webb writs me he will sende downe bills to Render heare w[hi]ch I shall place to Acct[.] there noe ships given over for holland: buy reason of bad weather, the rever being allmost frozon over, when open shall observe your order in shiping your Lead and send you an acct, I perceive you Inten[d] over, If thare be anything I can sarve you in hear Comand me and advance me

Letter – Ralph Grey to George Potts – 6 Mar 1674

Newc[astle] March the 6: 73 Mr Geo Pott Yours of the 28 Rec[eive]d: Mr Dye hath beene wth me and I did aquaint hym your order: to Load over sea Coles for france; w[hic]h he knowes I have Cole berne the best in towne; w[hi]ch he shall be Load wth or anny other you consigne; I hear nothing of your Brother Johnes as yett; I was with Mr Sayles who tells me the £120 will hardly pay the workmen & doe that w[hi]ch he is bound to doe to the shipe and to gett her rigged; wth other particul
The Dukesfield Smelters and Carriers Project aimed to celebrate and discover the heritage of the Dukesfield Arches & lead carriers' routes between Blaydon and the lead mines of Allendale and Weardale. A two year community project, it was led by the Friends of the North Pennines in partnership with Hexhamshire and Slaley Parish Councils and the active support of Allendale Estates. It was funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund and the generous support of other sponsors. Friends of the North Pennines: Charity No:1137467