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Letters – Benjamin Johnson to John Hodgson – 20 May 1833

John Hodgson May 20th 1833 In reply to your letter of the 16th inst. I do not know that the Hudgill Co have made any sales at £13.10 and £14 but I know they have refused £13 and £13.10 and will remain firm. I have not sent any Silver to Rendell & Co for some time on account of their making a regular reduction of two or three ozs upon every piece of Silver sent to them for Dross and generally about the same for refining of weight. Storr & Mortimer with one exceptio

Letters – Benjamin Johnson to Mr Surtees – 25 May 1833

Mr Surtees Hamsterly May 25th 33 After a long search I found the first payment for the Rent of Apperly Lane was made Dec[embe]r 1773 and it distinctly states it to be paid half year and due at Martinmas <just> past Mr Mulcaster therefore to <put> at May 1832 was quite correct. All the payments since have been for one year.

Letters – Benjamin Johnson to Storr & Mortimer – 25 May 1833

Messrs Storr & Mortimer London May 25th 1833 I have duly received your letter of the 18th inst Messrs Glyn & Co advise me of your payment of £607.14.7 and £840.3.5 to Mr Beaumonts credit. I have this day forwarded to your address by Jackson & Co Waggon a piece of fine Silver weighing 1610Oz the receipt of which you will please to acknowledge as usual when it arrives. It is one of the finest pieces of silver I have ever seen. I conclude from your observation that a further

Letter – John Bearl to John Bell – 25 May 1833

Dear Sir On the other side I forward you a copy of Mr Teeds opinion upon Hunters Case. You will perceive that he has taken a more expected view of it than Mr Fonblanque did – but this is to be attributed to the additional facts laid before him It becomes very necessary to ascertain from Isaac Hunter when his Brother & Sister died whether they died intestate & unmarried & whether Letters of Administration have been taken out by any person May I beg your earl

Letters – Benjamin Johnson to Thomas Key – 27 May 1833

Thos Key Esq London May 27th 1833 After a long delay I shipped on Saturday last 300 frs of the common Lead which I have been so anxious for you to report upon I expect you will find it particularly soft and pliable and shall be glad to hear the results as soon as you have tried it. I expect to send you 300 frs more next week. I cannot make the transfer of the 600 frs slag to Messrs Walkers & Co they having none purchased of us. I shall be glad to receive your orders

Letter – John Bell to John Bearl – 27 May 1833

Dr. Sir, Mrs Hunter the late aunt of Mr & Miss Scott was nothing akin to the Testor Is: Hunters children. She was only their Step Mor. their Mor. was Mr Robt. Surtees Sister I believe – By the time I recd. your last Lre you will have recd. my last with such information as I cod. send you. I am Sir your obed Servt. Jno. Bell MOH 27 May 1833

Letter – Armorer Donkin to Christopher Bird – 27 May 1833

Newcastle 27 May 1833 My dear Sir I arrived from London on Thursday night, but having been attacked with a bowel complaint upon the Road, I have not been able to write Letters until this morning. I arranged with Mr Ord, on my arrival in London, that the Bywell Title should be investigated by Mr Hall of the Chancery Bar, for the satisfaction & safety of the Trustees, though neither of us had any doubt that it would be essentially perfect, having previously approved o

Letters – Benjamin Johnson to Finlay & Hodgson – 1 Jun 1833

Messrs Finlay Hodgson & Co London June 1st 1833 Dear Sirs I have duly rec[eive]d your letters of the 29th & 30th Ulto. Your sale of Silver is very satisfactory. For our last sent to Messrs Storr & Mortimer we receive 5/3 1/4 per Oz. so that you have in your sale an advantage in price & prompt payment. I now hand you Mr Pattinsons Report it is I think very clear & satisfactory. You will observe he makes no mention of his new process & this when in full operat

Letters – Benjamin Johnson to Grace & Freeman – 8 Jun 1833

Messrs Grace & Freeman Newcastle 8th June 1833 Gentn Annexed is Invoice of three Hundred pieces WB refined Lead, shipped on Board the Esther Capt Garbutt for your address which I trust you will receive safe in due course. BJ

Letters – Benjamin Johnson to John Stagg – 8 Jun 1833

June 8th 1833 Mr John Stagg Annexed I hand you Account due to Mr Beaumont Esqr for the Thousand Pieces of Common Lead & shall be obliged by your Cheque for the am[oun]t BJ

Letters – George Backhouse to John Abbot – 8 Jun 1833

Mr Jn Abbot June 8th / 33 I beg to hand you A/c due to TW Bt Esq for 300 frs of Lead, for the Amt for which I shall be obliged by your Cheque. I also include you Mr Cattlys A/c, also our which you will be kind enough to forward. I shall be obliged if he will pay the Ant at Glyn & Co to the Credit of TWBt Esq with Messrs Batson Berry & Co Bankers Bu<siness> GB

Letters – George Backhouse to Finlay & Hodgson – 8 Jun 1833

Finlay Hodgson & Co M[onday] 8 June 1833 Gent[leme]n Annexed I have your Monthly Cash A/c Monthly Sales and Stockton Letter, with Stock of Lead at Blaydon 31st Jan[uar]y 1833. I have also to advise you of a piece of fine Silver weighing Two Thousand One Hundred & Fifty-One Ounces forwarded to your address at the Bullion Office, Bank of England on the $ Inst <Oirale> have advised you of the Silver the day it was sent from this Office, but thinking Mr Johnson m

Letters – George Backhouse to Cox & Payser – 8 Jun 1833

Cox Payser & Co June 8th 1833 In Mr Johnsons absence I have rec[eive]d your letter of the 6th Inst & agreeably to your request annex your A/c with TW Beaumont Co[mpan]y for Litharge. This as ever has been an invaluable custom with this establishment not to have more than one rate of Disc[ount]. That is five per cent <per annum>. You will therefore be entitled to Disc[ount] at that Rate from the time of payment to 15 th Oct next. The present price of WB lead is Ref[ine

Letters – Benjamin Johnson to John Stagg – 11 Jun 1833

Mr J[oh]n Stagg June 11th 1833 I beg to acknowledge the receipt your letter of yesterdays date and Bill for £785. <3..> the am[oun]t of your last purchase of WB Lead. We have no common Lead on hand but shall be glad to sell you 1000 frs or more of refined at £14-10 per fodder at our usual credit. BJ

Letters – Benjamin Johnson to John Wakefield – 11 Jun 1833

Mr John Wakefield Kendal I beg to hand you the above order for thirty six Pounds the am[oun]t of your Ac[coun]t for Gunpowder supplies to TWBts Allenheads Lead Mines. Please to acknowledge the receipt. BJ

Letters – Benjamin Johnson to Finlay & Hodgson – 11 Jun 1833

Messrs Finlay Hodgson & Co London N.Castle June 11th 1833 Dear Sirs I have duly received your letter of 7th inst advising the receipt of £273 ..15..4 from Messrs Grace & Freeman and payment of the same after deducting £133..6..6 received here from Mr Donkin to your credit to Glyn & Co as usual. I have seen Mr Batson respecting the order of payment for £2500 to Mr Bell at Glyn & Co and it appears they would receive your order on the day your letter was written. This

Letters – Benjamin Johnson to Finlay & Hodgson – 11 Jun 1833

I had the pleasure to receive your letter of the 15th yesterday advising the Payment of £560-3-7 to Mr Bts credit with Maltbys at Glynn & Co for a piece of fine silver weight 2151 Oz. I Have this day sent by Jackson & Co Waggon a piece of fine Silver weighing 1483 Oz to your address at the Bullion office, which you will please to dispose of at the best price. The statement of the quantity of ore at each mill shall be forwarded as soon as Mr B returns. I cannot learn that any sale

Letters – Benjamin Johnson to William Parker – 12 Jun 1833

I beg leave to hand you Invoice of 1500 Frs Lead delivered, which shall complete your last Purchase. Our present price is Ref[ine]d £14 Common £13.10 in the usual quantities Litharge £14.10. BJ

Letters – Benjamin Johnson to Grace & Freeman – 12 Jun 1833

The above 300 Frs Ref[ine]d lead was shipped on Board the Galina Captain Cooper on Sat[urda]y last which will complete your Purchase of Mr Hodgson. I hope soon to hear that you have made another Purchase. BJ

Letters – Benjamin Johnson to James Dickinson – 26 Jun 1833

D[ea]r Sir June 26th 1833 In order that we may have the Lead Carr[iers] a/cs properly ex[ecute]d & settled preparatory to making the half yearly Pay it will be necessary that your cease to deliver Lead from [……….] Mill after the end of this week until further orders. You will forward an acco[unt] to Leadbetter soon as you can of all Lead delivered by <the> respective Carriers this Year up to the 30th Inst leaving columns for him to present what he has rec[ieve]d

Letters – George Backhouse to John Leadbetter – 26 Jun 1833

Sir Instructions have been given to Mr B[eaumon]ts Mill Agents to make out A/cs of of [sic] Lead delivered to the respective Carriers from each of the Mills, since the commencement of the present year up to the 30th Inst leaving columns that you may insert what you have received at Hexham up to that date which you will do as soon as possible after you receive the A/cs & forward them here. I am Sir Your Serv[ant] GB

Letters – George Backhouse to Robert Bayley & Co – 29 Jun 1833

Messrs Ro[ber]t Bayley & Co June 29/33 Gentm Your Purchase of WB Lead being now completed, in Mr Johnsons temporary absence, I have your invoice of the same. I am Gentm Se[rvant] GB

Letters – Benjamin Johnson to Finlay & Hodgson – 1 Jul 1833

Messrs Finlay Hodgson & Co London July 1st 1833 I have duly rec[eive]d your fav[ou]r of the 26th,27th,29thUlt and am glad to learn the price at <ch/10> you have effected Sales of 5000 P[iece]s Lead. This I trust will establish the Bill in the Market and enable you to make further sales. In the course of the week I will send a statement of our stock. Monthly Cash and etc et.c I note your sale of the two pieces of Silver and the Payment of the Proceeds Am[oun]ts to £48

Letters – Benjamin Johnson to Finlay & Hodgson – 2 Jul 1833

Messrs Finlay Hodgson& Co London July 2nd 1833 I return you enclosed the Bill of Messrs <Pallatreau Per> & fils accepted by Mr W. F. Blackett payable at Messrs <Tobarts> & Co. I have this day forwarded to your address as usual by Jackson & Co Waggon a piece of fine Silver weighing 776 3/4 Oz which you will please to dispose of to the best advantage. BJ

Letters – Benjamin Johnson to Thomas Maltby – 6 Jul 1833

Messrs Maltby & Co July 6 1833 D[ea]r Sirs I am favoured with your letter of the 3rd Inst. I wish Mr Hodgson a few days ago to request he would arrange with you to pay the amount of the 20,000 p[iece]s of lead when due, in cash to Mr Beaumonts Credit with Batson Berry & Co at Glyn & Co. I have no doubt he will have seen you upon it & have made such arrangement. I am Ser[vant] BJ
The Dukesfield Smelters and Carriers Project aimed to celebrate and discover the heritage of the Dukesfield Arches & lead carriers' routes between Blaydon and the lead mines of Allendale and Weardale. A two year community project, it was led by the Friends of the North Pennines in partnership with Hexhamshire and Slaley Parish Councils and the active support of Allendale Estates. It was funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund and the generous support of other sponsors. Friends of the North Pennines: Charity No:1137467