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Letters – Benjamin Johnson to Finlay & Hodgson – 31 Jan 1833

Messrs Finlay Hodgson Newcastle Jany 31st 1833 Dear Sirs on my return from the west this morng I found your letter of the 26th inst, and statement of Messrs Wm Thompson & Co which is correct, & credit them with £1226 –14s-3d paid Glyn & Co. Messrs Locke Blackett & Co applied to purchase this morng but declined at £ !3 & £13-10. I have not heard of any sales having been effected in this quarter since I last wrote. B Johnson

Letters – Benjamin Johnson to Finlay & Hodgson – 2 Feb 1833

Messrs Finlay Hodgson & Co London Newcastle Feby 2nd 1833 Dear Sirs I duly receive your lre of the 31st inst & note your having paid to Glyn & Co for Mr Bts a/c with Batson Berry & Co £274 -5s 2d received from MessrsGrace & Freeman for which sum we give them credit, 300 f[othe]rs refined Lead shipped aboard the Esther for Messrs Grace & Freeman will leave this port on Monday next & I expect to ship 20 Casks of Litharge in ten days. Mr Keys a/c C

Letters – Benjamin Johnson to John Allport – 5 Feb 1833

Mr Jn Allport London WB Lead Office Newcastle Feby 5th 1833 Sir I will thank you to ship six Hogsheads of the best bone ashes, of the same fineness as the last parcel you sent, provided you can ship them by one of our traders in a week from this date, & advise by return of post to that effect. Your Obt Servt BJ

Letters – Benjamin Johnson to Grace & Freeman – 5 Feb 1833

Messrs Grace & Freeman Newcastle on Tyne Feby 5th 1833 Dear Sirs The above are shipped on board the Esther Capt Garbutt who sails tomorrow, and are part of the 3000 p[iece]s you purchased of Mr Key. We shall ship 300 p[iece]s more next week and 20 Casks of Litharge. I am Dr Sirs YrMo Obdt Servt Benj Johnson (with Invoice of 300 frs)

Letters – Benjamin Johnson to Finlay & Hodgson – 5 Feb 1833

Messrs Finlay Hodgson & Co London Newcastle Feby 5th 1833 Dear Sirs I have duly recd your lre of the 1st inst advising of your having recd Two Thousand Pounds from Mr Thos Key on Mr Beaumonts a/c, and paid the same to his credit with Batson Berry & Co at Glyns & Co. The Hudgill Co have sold 3000 p[iece]s at £ 13. I have not heard of any other sales. I am Dr Sirs Yr mo Obdt Servt Benjm Johnson

Letters – Benjamin Johnson to Thomas Key – 5 Feb 1833

Thos Key Esq London Newcastle on Tyne Feby 5th 1833 My dear Sir Mr Brakenridge informs me he has not received the Lead pipes wanted at Bretton Hall of which I advised you under date of Decr 29th. Will you be so good as to write to him & explain why they have not been sent. Mr Hodgson in his last lre states that you are prevented closing your lead a/c of last year, wanting the river charges here. The Keel dues are 21s/ pr Keel of 300 p[ieces]scharged to us

Letters – Benjamin Johnson to Locke & Blackett – 6 Feb 1833

Cleveland Ho 6th Feby 1833 Sirs In reply to you inquiry just received for my price of Refined Lead, I am willing to dispose of two Marks ad of Refd Lead at the same price I last sold, viz £13 pr Stockton fodder payment by Bill at 3 Mos. Waiting your reply I remain Sirs Yr Obt Servt To Messrs Lock Blackett & Co Cleveland

Letters – Benjamin Johnson to Campbell & Co – 7 Feb 1833

Messrs Campbell & Co WB Lead office Feby 7th 1833 Sirs Present price of WB Lead Refined £13 – 10s Common & Slag £13 per Fodder In the proportion of 1/3 refined 2/3 comm including the Slag. Litharge £14 – 10s pr Ton Delivered at the works at Blaydon at six months credit from date of sale. The above are the prices of the day I am Sirs Yr mo obt Servt Benj Johnson

Letter – Henry Beaumont to Thomas Wentworth Beaumont – 8 Feb 1833

My dear Wentworth I was just on the move from Bedale, when I received your letter, the advice which it contained I really thank you very much for. – You stated that you would have 30, or 40,000£ ready in May if I wished to accept it. I must thank you for your kind offer and will accept 30,000£ and will leave the 20,000£ in your hands for the current year, after which time I should wish to be able to call upon you for any portion of it (as might be convenient to me), on six months no

Letters – George Backhouse to Storr & Mortimer – 11 Feb 1833

Feby 11/33 Gentm This day I forward you per Jackson & Co a piece of fine Silver containing 1434 Ozs with the value of which at your best price will thank you to credit the Acco of TWBeaumont Esq & advise as usual. Your acknowledgement of Rect of a piece of silver sent you on the 29 Ulto is wanting. I am Sir Messrs Storr & Mortimer GB

Journal entry – John Grey – 14 Feb 1833

Thursday 14th February 1833 Saw the old & new tenants of Haydon Town Farm to settle the amount of Way-going crop etc., the former having wholly disregarded his covenants, and ploughed more land than he ought to have had in tillage, besides going out of his proper course of husbandry – but I told both what I required and would insist upon, and gave them to Monday next to settle the matter, and if not then done, I would rigidly enforce the covenants. Reported fully to the Board

Journal entry – John Grey – 15 Feb 1833

Friday 15th February 1833 Had a long interview with Mr Fenwick, and conferred with him as to the several tenants in Arrears, agreeing with him as to the measures to be pursued to preserve the interests of the Hospital, without creating alarm. – Saw Mr Bell the late Bailiff of the Hartburngrange District, and gave him positive directions for the immediate settlement of the dispute between Wardle and Lenox, adding that if it was not arranged by this day month, I would certainly pay Wardle t

Letters – Benjamin Johnson to Finlay & Hodgson – 16 Feb 1833

Feby 16th 1833 Messrs Finlay & Hodgson I duly received your letters of the 10th& 11th Inst. I now have your own bankers A/c up to the close of the year. I have requested them to send you a Monthly A/c in future. [?]rw are already in possession of my cash A/cs up to the end of Jany. I also send a prospective acct of Receipts & Payments up to the end of Octr next & a prospective Lead A/c to the end of May by which time the 10,000 Bings smelted by the Hudgill Co wi

Journal entry – John Grey – 16 Feb 1833

Saturday 16th February 1833 I omitted to mention yesterday having ordered £1000 to be paid to the credit of the Commissioners at the Bank of England, on the 23rd instant. Mr Sample brought me the measurement of the fences in the Coastley and Dilston Districts for the Hexham Roads, by which it would appear that the cost to the Hospital has been about 20s/ a rood, more than double the cost to any other proprietor, altho’ Mr Ruddock told me that some of them were better than ours: I ha

Journal entry – John Grey – 18 Feb 1833

Monday 18th February 1833 Reported to the Board on the several lots of Wood which it might be desirable to sell this year, requesting authority to offer them by Public Auction, and suggesting that the conditions of sale should be made to require a deposit of five per cent on the day of sale, and payment for the remainder within one month, with the option of twelve months credit on giving satisfactory security, and five per cent Interest. The reasons for recommending this alteration are, fi

Journal entry – John Grey – 19 Feb 1833

Tuesday 19th February 1833 Wrote to Mr Spencer, in reply to a letter I received from him stating he could not come to terms with Mr Stott of Buteland Farm, that I could not interfere further than I had done, and I could only recommend his acceding to the proposal which Mr Stott made at my request. Mr Spencer’s aim is to make the Hospital a party in the expense of satisfying Mr Stott for what Mr Spencer alone will reap benefit from. Received a letter from Mr Weatherly stating that he

Letters – Benjamin Johnson to Isaac Cookson – 20 Feb 1833

WB Lead Office 20nFeby 1833 Dear Sir On looking over our stock of lead at Blaydon I find we cannot at present spare more than 1000 p[iece]s of Common Lead - and in offering that qty to Mr Thompson I am now deviating from our usual mode of Sales & must not be considered as a president for future Sales. The price for 1000 p[iece]s including one thenth slag will be £13 Six Mos Credit from date of Contract or 21/2 p Cent for Cash I am Sir BJ Is Cookson Esqr

Letters – Benjamin Johnson to R Blackbird – 20 Feb 1833

Dear Sir Feby 20 / 33 Our present price of Refined Lead is £13-10/- delivd from our works at Blaydon. Six months credit from the date of contract or 21/2 percent disc for cash. Yrs Sir BJ R Blackbird Esq

Letters – Benjamin Johnson to Finlay & Hodgson – 20 Feb 1833

Messrs Finlay Hodgson & Co Feby 20 / 33 Dear Sirs, I have an application from Mr Aldm Thompsons’s agent at this place to purchase 2000 p[iece]s Common Lead and altho’ I should at any other time refuse to sell Common without the usual portion of Refined. I offered him 1000 p[iece]s at £13 Six Mos Credit hoping to establish the price. This he refuses to give but will communicate with Mr Thompson. I have also had an application from Hull for Ref Lead. I imagine for exp

Letters – Benjamin Johnson to Grace & Freeman – 20 Feb 1833

Feby 23 / 33 Dear Sirs, Above I hand you Inv of 300 p[iece]s of Refd Lead shipped on board the Hudgill. Lrn the other side a corrected Inv. Of 300 p[iece]s advised of under date of Feby 5 which was calculated at per fodder & should have been at per ton. I am dear Sir BJ Messrs Grace & Freeman

Journal entry – John Grey – 20 Feb 1833

Wednesday 20th Feby. 1833 Having heard nothing of Mr Cowing of Westwood, I wrote to Mr Fenwick desiring him to pursue measures as I had arranged with him, and also instructed him as to some other Tenants. Mr Peacock the New Tenant of Lightbirks farm applied relative to the closes let to Mr Coats upon an annual tenancy, requesting that in the event of their coming into the Hospital possession, he might have the option of renting them. As these fields are immediately contiguous to Lightbirk

Journal entry – John Grey – 21 Feb 1833

Thursday 21st Feby. 1833 Received from Mr Bainbridge Sixty Pounds, as the first monthly Instalment from the Alston Road Trustees, and Mr Bainbridge also paid me £3.5.6 on account of the Governor &Co. for the Counsels opinion on the Game Case, submitted at that Company’s request. Mr B. also gave me a Deputation for a Game-keeper on behalf of the London Lead Company, which I promised him to get signed by the Commissioners and returned to him. Inspected the House and field proposed fo

Journal entry – John Grey – 22 Feb 1833

Friday 22nd February 1833 Had a long conference with Mr Bainbridge on the objections urged by the Governor and Company to the new form of Mining Lease, and the Mining Regulations, and heard from him the several objections offered by other parties to these regulations, which operate prejudicially to the Hospital in creating suspicion and distrust. These objections were so often urged to me in the course of the day, and I heard so much as to the Mining Leases, that I shall take an early oppo

Letters – Benjamin Johnson to Finlay & Hodgson – 23 Feb 1833

Messrs Finlay Hodgson & Co Newcastle Feby 23 1833 Dear Sir In answer to your lrs of the 19th & 20th inst I now hand you a copy of abstract of acct of the Limehouse works sent to me by Mr Key in Novr last. Also a balance of acct due from the Limehouse Works 10thAugt 1831 & Acct current since Mr Keys acct is not a distinct acct of Mr Beaumonts liabilities to the legaties so far as the Limehouse Works are concerned. The simple statement of Mr Beaumonts liabili

Letters – Benjamin Johnson to Richard Shortbridge – 23 Feb 1833

Richd Shortridge Esq WB Lead Office Newcastle Feby 23 1833 Dear Sir I beg leave to hand you Invoice of 100 Casks of Litharge which you purchased of Mr Backhouse in June last. Our present Stock is of very superior quality and will thank you to send for it at your earliest convenience & favour me with a remittance the amt. (With estimated weight) I am Etc BJ
The Dukesfield Smelters and Carriers Project aimed to celebrate and discover the heritage of the Dukesfield Arches & lead carriers' routes between Blaydon and the lead mines of Allendale and Weardale. A two year community project, it was led by the Friends of the North Pennines in partnership with Hexhamshire and Slaley Parish Councils and the active support of Allendale Estates. It was funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund and the generous support of other sponsors. Friends of the North Pennines: Charity No:1137467