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Letters – Benjamin Johnson to Finlay & Hodgson – 1 Apr 1833

Apr 1/33 Finlay Hodgson & Co I have duly recd your letter of 29th Ult advising of Messrs Maltby & Co purchase of 50 Casks of Litharge at £14-10/- which will be shipped for them this week. The mark allude to by them will be the one used at Blagill Mill which is somewhat different from the other mills purposely to distinguish it. The weight of the Lead will decide its quality. Can you induce Messrs Malby’s to purchase a few thousand pieces of Refd Lead giving them h

Journal entry – John Grey – 1 Apr 1833

Monday 1st April 1833 Mr Benson of Fallowfield came to me to pay the first instalment upon the Bill he gave me for his Son’s arrear upon Dilston New Town South Farm, and I settled with him all the outstanding claims he had against the Hospital. I dispatched Mr Hunt to inspect the draining required at the several farms at Dilston, and to order such to be proceeded with as I pointed out to him, if he found it could not be delayed without prejudice to the Tenants. Had negotiations

Journal entry – John Grey – 2 Apr 1833

Tuesday April 2nd 1833 Hearing nothing of Mr Fenwick as to the regulations of letting the Colliery, and feeling the great importance of no longer delaying, I sent for Mr Bell, and entered into a full explanation of the workings of the several seams of Coal, so as to inform myself thoroughly as to what regulations, etc. the Hospital’s interests would require, and particularly as to the Lease of Low Stubblick which it is evident enough we must be bound to, and my anxiety therefore is to pre

Journal entry – John Grey – 3 Apr 1833

Wednesday 3rd April 1833 Engaged the whole of this day in explanation with the several parties desirous of treating for the Colliery, to enable them fully and clearly to understand the regulations under which it is to be let. Mr Hunt was engaged in inspecting into the draining required at Corbridge & Newton Hall Property.

Journal entry – John Grey – 4 Apr 1833

Thursday 4th April 1833 Received a letter from Mr Fenwick expressing his regret at having been delayed in making his report, and stating his intention of bringing it to me on Monday next! – My first impulse was to write to Mr Fenwick, and tell him I would dispense with both him, and his report, but on a little consideration it seemed more prudent to let him come, that in the event of there being anything in his regulations that I may not have provided against, I might at once have the opp

Letters – Benjamin Johnson to Grace & Freeman – 6 Apr 1833

Green & Freeman Apl 6th 1833 The above 300 frs Refd Lead are shipped on Board the Hudgill Capt Pylar and will sail tomorrow

Journal entry – John Grey – 6 Apr 1833

Saturday April 6th 1833 Received an application from Mr Brandling for his Quarter’s Pension, which I answered by requesting him to furnish me with the receipt, and I would remit him the amount. Received several proposals for renting the Colliery, upon the terms I had advertised, but I determined on not breaking the seals of any until I had seen Mr Fenwick, and read his report, that in the event of my deeming any alterations necessary, I might be enabled to return the sealed tenders,

Letters – Benjamin Johnson to Finlay & Hodgson – 7 Apr 1833

Finlay Hodgson & Co Apl 7th 1833 London I have your letters of the 1st & 4th inst and have forwarded my Monthly Cash Acct under cover to Mr Bt together with the Stockton list. As soon as our Pays are over you shall you shall have an Acct of the Ore raised last year which falls about 2000 Bings short of the former year. We credit the London Works One thousand p[oun]ds paid the Bishop of Durham and Two Thousand p[oun]ds paid Glyn & Co The Fallowfield com. Lead is c

Journal entry – John Grey – 8 Apr 1833

Monday 8th April 1833 Mr Fenwick having come to me according to appointment , and brought me his report, and the conditions on which he would recommend the letting of the Colliery, I was glad to find that I had in every essential point protected the interests of the Hospital, and in a manner more satisfactory to my own mind than is proposed by Mr Fenwick – I therefore desired Mr F. to read over the terms I had promulgated, and tell me if he considered any part objectionable, which he did,

Journal entry – John Grey – 9 Apr 1833

Tuesday 9th April 1833 Engaged the whole of this day in examining papers and reports necessary to take with me to the Northward, and informing myself more particularly of the matters requiring my attention in that District. Mr Walton came according to his appointment, and paid me £225.6. for Wood sold to him for Mr Beaumont. Received a plate of Silver from the Mills weighting 1341 ounces, and immediately forwarded the same to Messrs Geo. Yonge and Son London.

Journal entry – John Grey – 10 Apr 1833

Wednesday April 10th 1833 Proceeded to Newcastle, and on my arrival there settled my accounts at the Bank, and ordered £3000 to be paid into the Bank of England on the 27th of April. Saw Mr Fenwick, and had a long conference with him relative to the state of the Roads inclosed at Newlands and Whittonstall, and as to the mode best to be pursued for the protection of the Hospital’s interests. Saw Mr Leadbitter relative to the agreement for the Manor of Wark, and told him that altho

Letter – John Bearl to John Bell – 11 Apr 1833

Scott c Surtees Sir, On the 23rd of last Month I forwarded to you a statement of facts on behalf of my client Mr Scott conceiving that you would be kind enough to assist me in preparing a Bill to be filed against Mr Surtees. I fear that your other occupations may have prevented your paying attention to this matter. I now trouble you with this to beg - at your earliest convenience it may receive your attention – as I am anxious to avail myself of the benefit of the forthcomi

Letter – John Bearl to John Bell – 11 Apr 1833

MOH 15 Apl 1833 Sir Scott v Surtees I have never yet recd. the Statement of facts you mention in your Letter of the 11th inst: having forwarded to me on the 23rd of last month, how this has happened I cannot tell. Your letter of the 11th inst: I recd. on my return home yesterday having been absent from last Wednesday morning and that letter is the first & only one I have recd. from you – If you wil

Journal entry – John Grey – 12 Apr 1833

Friday April 12th 1833 Visited the several farms etc. at Scremerston. Mr Thomson of the Town & Moor Farms wished some repairs to a Cottage, and also to lead water from the pump to a trough placed in a convenient situation for Cattle to drink – He is also very desirous to have a Hen-house built. He had a long unsettled account for Draining, amounting to £115.1.0, which is now all completed, and he will require no more for the residue of his Lease – Looking at the magnitude and exc

Letters – Benjamin Johnson to Grace & Yallop – 13 Apr 1833

Messrs Grace & Yallop April13th 1833 In answer to your favr of the 10th inst the 90 Casks of Litharge shall be shipped on Saty next the 20th inst and your instructions in respect to messrs Dodds Leightons attended to. Our present price of 20 tons of the best refined Lead suitable for making white Lead is £14 per Ton delivered at our works at Blaydon and I will get it put on board for 30/- I cannot at present offer more than that quantity but it will be sufficient for the purpos

Letters – Benjamin Johnson to Grace & Yallop – 13 Apr 1833

Apl 13th 1833 Messrs Grace & Yallop Mr Crawhall havg given up his situation under Mr Mr Beaumont has forwarded your letters of the 6th inst to me. Our present price of WB Litharge is £ 14 -10 Credit six Mo or 2 1/2 discount for Cash delivered at our Works at Blaydon. We never undertake to deliver Lead or Litharge on Board. I can get it delivered for you at 30/- on Keel of 70 Casks. The same charge would be made on any lesser quantity that being the quantity a keel will bring

Letters – Benjamin Johnson to Grace & Freeman – 13 Apr 1833

Apl 13th 1833 Grace & Freeman I beg to advise you of a further quantity of 300 Frs Refd Lead shipped on Board the Allen Capt Jonsn BJ

Journal entry – John Grey – 13 Apr 1833

Saturday April 13th 1833 In the covenants of the Colliery Lease, the Coals supplied to the Hospital tenantry for the purpose of burning Lime is exempted from the payment of rent, and the Lessees are required to supply them to the tenantry at 3d per Boll, or at such price as the Hospital Coal-viewer may determine to be sufficient to cover the working expenses. – The Colliery Lessees having called upon Mr Fenwick to settle these prices, he gave his opinion that the Tenants should pay for To

Letters – Benjamin Johnson to Cox & Payser – 15 Apr 1833

Messrs Cox Payser & Co Sirs I have duly recd you lres of the 6th & 8th inst. We have a good demand for our WB Ltharge at £14-10- per Ton and have sold none under that price. Our present price of Lead is £14 refined £13-10 comm in the proportion of 1/3 refined 2/3 common including 1/10 Slag. This would bear us out in asking a higher price for Litharge. We look for a further advance in Lead, knowing the last years produce to fall short of the consumption. Messrs Walkers &

Letters – Benjamin Johnson to James Losh – 15 Apr 1833

April 15th 1833 James Losh Esqe I wrote to Mr Bt recommending him to take the value of his Land in addition Railway House. I have this morng his ansr declining so to do. I have beg the favour that you will communicate this to the directors. I meet Mr Dunn tomorrow to settle the Quarry terms at Blaydon and will communicate to you and Mr Blackmore the result on Wednesday.

Letters – Benjamin Johnson to William Wileshaw – 15 Apr 1833

Mr Wm <Wileshaw> Manchester April 15th 1833 At Mr Hoppers request I send you our present price of Lead and Litharge delivered at our Works at Blaydon. Refined Lead £14 Common £13-10 per fodder of 21 Cwt proportion of 1/3 refined 2/3 Common with 1/10 Slag. Litharge £14-19 per Ton. Six Mos credit from date of Invoice or 2 1/2 discount for Cash.

Journal entry – John Grey – 15 Apr 1833

Monday 15th April 1833 I proceeded on this day to the examination of the Spindleston Property, and my first visit was to Glororum Farm, occupied by the Widow of the late Mr Alexander Thomson who was killed by a fall from his Horse a few years since. This poor woman put into my hands a Memorial which had been drawn up by one of her Trustees, who is a Solicitor at Wooler; and certainly there is some hardship and difficulty in her case. More than three thousand pounds had been invested by he

Journal entry – John Grey – 16 Apr 1833

Tuesday April 16th 1833 About two years since Mr Nairne made application to the Receivers to win stones at Spindleston, with a view of exporting them to London, upon the understanding that if it succeeded they were to apply for a Lease, and pay a rent of £25 a year: but after shipping about 1500 tons of stones it proved a failure, and the working the Quarry has been abandoned. In carrying on these operations however some damage has been done to the Tenant of Spindleston, besides the loss

Letters – Benjamin Johnson to Finlay & Hodgson – 17 Apr 1833

Messs Finlay Hodgson & Co April 17th 1833 London I deferred to answer your letter of the 12th until today that I might be able to report upon Mr Ps new Process of extracting silver. I have just returned from Blaydon and I am glad to be able to state that I have not the least doubt of its success. It is of course upon a small scale, but I expect to send Mr Key from one to three Hundred frs on Saturday next. It is made from our worst description of Lead but appears very soft and

Letters – Benjamin Johnson to Finlay & Hodgson – 17 Apr 1833

Messrs Finlay Hodgson & Co April 17th1833 London I wrote you yesterday and am this morng favoured with your letter of the 15th inst advising the receipt of £274-10-10 from Messrs Grace and Freeman and payment of the same tp Mr Beaumont credit with Batson Berry & Co at Messrs Glyn & Co. I stated yesterday that I had offered Messrs Grace & Yallop 20 Tons of refined Lead at £14 and have this morng Mr Henry Grace offer of £14 per fodder for that quantity per cash allowi
The Dukesfield Smelters and Carriers Project aimed to celebrate and discover the heritage of the Dukesfield Arches & lead carriers' routes between Blaydon and the lead mines of Allendale and Weardale. A two year community project, it was led by the Friends of the North Pennines in partnership with Hexhamshire and Slaley Parish Councils and the active support of Allendale Estates. It was funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund and the generous support of other sponsors. Friends of the North Pennines: Charity No:1137467