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Letters – Benjamin Johnson to Henry Grace – 17 Apr 1833

April 17th 1833 Henry Grace Esqr In reply to your letter of the 15th Inst my offer was at per Ton of Twenty Cwt and not per Fodder of 21 Cwt. However to establish so valuable commission and to give you an opportunity of a fair trial of our lead I accept your offer for 20 Tons or 300 frs at Fourteen Pounds per Fodder of Twenty one Hundred weoght delivered at our works at Blaydon and will on my own acct delivered it on board ship at 30/- per Keel of 300 frs twenty Tons. I expect

Letters – Benjamin Johnson to Storr & Mortimer – 17 Apr 1833

Messrs Storr & Mortimer London April 17th 1833 I am in receipt of your letter addressed to Mr Backhouse and am much surprised to hear of my Lead been left in the silver. I will thank you to refine it, and as soon as you can, inform me of the result, which I trust will be more favourable than you anticipate. As we are making our annual large Lead Pays a payment to our Bank will be acceptable.

Journal entry – John Grey – 18 Apr 1833

Thursday April 18th 1833 I called early on Mr Fenwick and found that after examining into the question of the Whittonstall Roads he was of opinion that the Magistrates Certificate, which is necessary to throw the roads upon the Township, cannot be obtained, unless the roads are widened to meet the conditions of the Inclosure Act – Under these circumstances I suggested that it might be better to get an undertaking from the Tenants that in the event of one putting the road now into repair,

Journal entry – John Grey – 19 Apr 1833

Friday April 19th 1833 Having heard of a House at Summer-rods near Hexham, as likely to form a suitable residence for a Receiver, I rode there in the morning, but had the mortification of finding that the owner had changed his mind, and declined letting. The difficulty of getting a House is so extraordinary, that I could not have believed it, had I not practically experienced the fact. I then proceeded to Corbridge, where I had heard there was a House, and indeed, I pursued my enquiry thr

Letter – John Bearl to John Bell – 20 Apr 1833

Sir, Scott v Surtees I am sorry to say that thro. carelessness the parcel was left at the wrong Coach Office here – which accounts for your not having received it. I feel obliged by your Letter of the 15th inst. & shall be still further obliged by your early attention to the enclosed. And I remain Sir Your obedt. Servt. Jno. Bearl 25 Tokenhouse Yard 20th April 1833

Journal entry – John Grey – 20 Apr 1833

Saturday April 20th 1833 Engaged the whole of this day in the office, answering letters, and bring up the arrear of Accounts. Had an interview with Mr Johnson relative to the compensation of the Dilston tenantry for the ground taken for the Railway; and we also discussed the merits of the Lease of Low Stubblick Colliery, which he at length seemed disposed to relinquish – I should certainly be glad, for the sake of simplification, and to prevent the risk of chicanery about the <Lentale

Letters – Benjamin Johnson to Grace & Yallop – 22 Apr 1833

Messrs Grace & Yallop London Apl 22nd 1833 I beg to hand you invoice of 70 Casks of Litharge shipped on Board the Britain Capt James Wise. As it is your wish to pay an Cash you will please to pay the amt deducting 2 1/2 per Cent agreement to Mr Bts credit with Batson Berry & Co at Messrs Glynn & Co advising of the same. Keel dues etc £1-10. B Johnson

Journal entry – John Grey – 22 Apr 1833

Monday April 22nd 1833 Having appointed this day for paying off the Workmen at Langley Mills, I rode up there and performed this no very agreeable duty – the refuse, Chimney fume etc. the Lessees have engaged to take, and to pay the Hospital according to the actual produce. A small cake of Silver, the last, 553½ ounces, I had sent down to me, to forward to Newcastle for sale there. Mr Hunt is daily engaged in visiting the farms in the adjoining Districts, inspecting the Draining etc. w

Letters – Benjamin Johnson to Storr & Mortimer – 23 Apr 1833

Messrs Storr & Mortimer Dr Sirs, I have duly received your letter to Mr Backhouse of the 20th Inst including specimens of the cake of Silver which I have given to Mr Pattinson who has the charge of Mr Bts Refineries under whose immediate inspection the cake was made. He can in no way account why it should have been less pure than our Silver usually is, and indeed prides himself that it was the largest and best piece of Silver that had ever been made at Mr Bts works. Mr Patti

Journal entry – John Grey – 23 Apr 1833

Tuesday April 23rd 1833 When I was at Scremerston, Mr Fenwick called my attention to some dilapidations in the long sea level drift, which discharges some of the higher springs of water into the sea, and which was partially repaired by the Hospital four or five years since at an expense of about £800, and unless it be again done something to, there will probably be mischief by its falling in altogether – It is a most injudicious plan to throw these expenses on the Lessors, and which as r

Diary – James Losh – 24 Apr 1833 a large party of Hexham Grandees...but it was quite evident that Mr. Beaumont's popularity is much damaged by his foolish conduct with regard to the petition ag't Mr. Bell.

Letters – Benjamin Johnson to Cox & Payser – 25 Apr 1833

Messrs Cox Payser & Co Apl 25th 1833 The above six Casks of Litharge are shipped on Board the John and Hannah Capt Wm Robinson for Gainbros (sic) to the care of Mr H Smith BJ

Letters – Benjamin Johnson to Hugh Pattinson – 27 Apr 1833

Mr Pattinson WB Lead Office Apl 27th 1833 Dear Sir I send you £100 as requested. I found your letter with a statement of Common Lead to be made at Blagill Rookhope and Dukesfield up to the end of next month. Will none be made at Allenheads Mill? I wish to have a statement of the deliveries and Stock remaining at each mill on the 30th of this Month and to have it sent down here if possible the following day. Your statement relates to the quantity that will be made, but there m

Letters – Benjamin Johnson to Geddes & Kidston – 27 Apr 1833

Messrs Geddes Kidston & Co Glasgow Apl 27th 1833 I have drawn upon you at 20 days date for £30-0-0 as above, when due be pleased to honor. BJ

Letters – Benjamin Johnson to Mark & Tidding – 27 Apr 1833

Messrs Mark & Tidding York Apl 27th 1833 The above small Am[oun]t being long past due, you will oblige me by sending a Cheque for the Am[oun]t BJ

Letters – Benjamin Johnson to Finlay & Hodgson – 27 Apr 1833

Messrs Finlay Hodgson & Co London Apl 27th 1833 I am in rec[ei]pt of your two letters of the 22nd inst. Messrs Bayley got 600 frs common lead last week. A statement of our stock of lead at the Mills on the Road and at Blaydon shall be sent after 30th inst. The Mills Agents have directions to send down their monthly delivery Accts for me on the !st of May. I fear we shall fall short of Common Lead to meet our sales to the end of May shd Messrs Walker press the delivery of the whole

Letters – Benjamin Johnson to Finlay & Hodgson – 2 May 1833

Messrs Finlay Hodgson & Co London WB Lead Office May 2nd 1833 Dear Sirs I have duly recd your letter of the 30th ult advising of receipt of £209-10-3- from Messrs Grace & Freeman and payment of the same to Mr Bt credit with Batson & Co at Glynn & Co. The error you notice you have corrected. I send you a statement of our engagement to the end of April. To which must be added Messrs Walker Parker & Co purchase for May and June & Messrs Grace & Freeman. I

Letter – John Bell to John Bearl – 8 May 1833

Scott v. Surtees Sir, I recd. your Letter with the Statemt. of Facts, & have taken some pains to obtain from Mr Isaac Hunter what further Information he cod. give me. You will see by the minutes in red ink on the Margin what further he has been able to recollect. It is different from his former statement, but still serves to shew that Mrs Hunter his Step Mother has not had what she was intitled to. It really seems to me that Mr A Surtees has had more to do with the late M

Letters – Benjamin Johnson to John Hodgson – 11 May 1833

May 11th 1833 John Hodgson Esq London I have to acknowledge the receipt of your favrs of the 3rd and 6th inst the former advising the receipt of £2000 from Mr Key and the payment of the same to Mr Bts credit as usual at Glyns & Co. I have forwarded Mr Pattinsons letter to him at Blaydon and have appointed to meet him on Monday. As soon as I receive his Report upon the Points you wish to be informed upon. I will forward it to you. I am again disappointed in rec

Letters – Benjamin Johnson to Storr & Mortimer – 11 May 1833

Messrs Storr & Mortimer London May 11th 1833 I have duly recd your letter of the 6th inst advising the receipt of a Piece of Silver weight 1470 Oz. I cannot account for the loss of weight you mention as we always weigh the Silver at the Office before it is posted and are most particular in the weight. Our Bankers have not advised of any money paid by you to Mr Beaumonts credit this week, at which I am much surprised. This may have been an oversight of your banker as once occur

Letters – Benjamin Johnson to Grace & Freeman – 11 May 1833

Messrs Grace & Freeman London May 11th1833 The above 300 frs WB Refined Lead are shipped this day. BJ

Letters – Benjamin Johnson to Thomas Maltby – 17 May 1833

Messrs Thos Maltby Son & Co May 17th 1833 The delivery of your Purchase of 20,000 frs in Decr last is completed and now hand you Invoice of the same. BJ

Letter – John Bearl to John Bell – 17 May 1833

Sir Scott c Surtees I received back the statement with your remarks thereon for which I feel much obliged to you and will now trouble you with a few more questions. 1st Was the Brewery sold to Mr Morrison for £1500 subject to the Annuity of £50 to Mrs Hunter 2nd Can you procure at my expense an Abstr. of the Conveyance to Col. Beaumont this would be very important - 3rd When did the two sons die and did Isaac carry on the farm for the benefit of the Trusts under Testators Wi

Letter – John Bell to John Bearl – 17 May 1833

Sir On my return home I recd. your Ltr of 16th inst. I have since seen Mr Isaac Hunter & have had great difficulty in making out any thing from him even with the help of his wife who seems anxious to afford every Information, from an Idea that her Husband as well as Mrs Hunter the Widow of the Testator has not been fairly dealt by. To your 1st q. 1500l. was the full Price for the share in Alston Brewery, by a Part of this sum the 50l. annuity to Mrs Hunter was purchas

Letters – Benjamin Johnson to Grace & Freeman – 18 May 1833

Grace & freeman May 18 / 33 Annexed you have Inv of 300 frs of Lead this day put on board the Hudgill for your address. The Ship Ship (sic) Sails tomorrow & trust will arrive safe in due Sir GB
The Dukesfield Smelters and Carriers Project aimed to celebrate and discover the heritage of the Dukesfield Arches & lead carriers' routes between Blaydon and the lead mines of Allendale and Weardale. A two year community project, it was led by the Friends of the North Pennines in partnership with Hexhamshire and Slaley Parish Councils and the active support of Allendale Estates. It was funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund and the generous support of other sponsors. Friends of the North Pennines: Charity No:1137467