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Letter – Martin Morrison to Glyn & Co – 27 Aug 1825

N[ew]Castle 27 Augst 1825 Messrs Glyn & Co London. – Remitting them 2 Bills value £6,000 for Col Beaumonts Acc[oun]t MM

Letter – Martin Morrison to Robert Stagg – 29 Aug 1825

N[ew]Castle 29 August 1825 Rt Stagg Esqr Marton House – Appleby Measures are in progress to apply to Parliament next Session, to obtain an Act for a Turnpike Road from Cows Hill in Weardale, down Allendale to join the Turnpike above Hexham, in which is included a branch road from it, at Allendale Town, leading up West Allen past Coalcleugh & to join the Turnpike at Nenthead. – As this branch will shorten your Lead Carriage from Nenthead Mill downwards and give other

Letter – Thomas Wentworth Beaumont to Diana Beaumont – 26 Oct 1825

Clarendon Hotel Oct 26 My dear Mother, I have received this morning the enclosed, and tho’ the request is <very complicated> from Hexham, I do not see anything objectionable in it. The consideration of promoting idleness I should not think worthy of attention, for it is always better that an Open & ostensible mode of employing idle & leisure hours to <have ……> than the secret means which are always more prejudicial to the fortune & character of

Letter – Benjamin Johnson to Thomas Wentworth Beaumont – 1 Nov 1825

Mr B. Nov 1st 1825 … I have not heard of any public dinner at Newcastle of the friends of civil and religious liberty but I will ride over to inquire and inform you immediately.

Memo – Martin Morrison to Diana Beaumont – 6 Nov 1825

Newcastle 6 & 7 Novr 1825 Mrs Beaumont Bretton Hall Transmitting Quarterly Reports of the Mines and Cash Acc[oun]t For September and October. – MM

Letter – Martin Morrison to Glyn & Co – 17 Nov 1825

N[ew]Castle 17 Novr 1825 Messrs Glyn & Co London Remitting them 2 Bills value £7321-6-2 for Col Beaumonts Acc[oun]t MM

Memo – Martin Morrison to Rundell Bridge & Rundell – 26 Nov 1825

N[ew]Castle 26 Novr 1825 Messrs Rundell Bridge & Rundell London Forwarding a pce Silver of 1948 Oz pWaggon N[ew]Castle 30 Novr 1825 Ditto Forwarding – Ditto – of 1364 Oz – pDitto this day MM

Letter – Benjamin Johnson to Thomas Wentworth Beaumont – 30 Nov 1825

Mr B. Nov 30th 1825 Mrs <....> is arrived at Bradley and has applied to me for some grouse to shoot. I have written to Mattw Lee to <....> what he can before the.season closes but the moors are now covered with a thick snow and I fear he will not be able to get many. She also wants some pheasants and Partridges but as there is no gamekeeper here and having your .positive instructions that no person is to shoot at Bywell I have declined sending any until I receive your instruction

Letter – Benjamin Johnson to Thomas Wentworth Beaumont – 1 Dec 1825

Mr B. (undated) I have seen the plan of the intended railroad in the south side of the river the original line on the north side being entirely abandoned. They wish to pass through the Stockfd Hall farm and come along the bank in front of the hall on the opposite side of the river. If this is permitted they would cut down nearly the whole of the wood in front and lay open <....> above the turnpike road but their rail road also. As they by a little extra cutting keep on the south side

Memo – Martin Morrison to Diana Beaumont – 6 Dec 1825

N[ew]Castle 6th Decemr 1825 Mrs Beaumont Bretton Hall Transmitting Lead Sales for three months ending the 30 Ult. and Cash Account for Novemr. – MM

Letter – Diana Beaumont to Mrs Wentworth – 17 Dec 1825

Portman Square Decr. 17 1825 My dear Mrs. Wentworth From our very long acquaintance & friendly intimacy I cannot allow another day to pass without assuring you how truly I feel the distress that Mr. Wentworth & you must now experience: On my arrival in London on Saturday evening I received the alarming account, & soon after a gentleman from a banking house in the city arrived to give me further particulars which gave me very great concern, I sent off directly for

Letter – Benjamin Johnson to Thomas Wentworth Beaumont – 20 Dec 1825

Mr B. Dec 20th 1825 Owing to the unsettled state of the banks and the runs caused thereby upon them … I thought it best to defer drawing out the money I had been paid into the Bank … until the thing had somewhat subsided.

Letter – Benjamin Johnson to Edward Dodds – 29 Dec 1825

Ed Dodds. Dec 29th 1825 We have part of the Oak Bark ready to deliver and I shall thank you to inform me if you will take it at the same price as the last viz £10 per ton and a small quantity of Larch at £6 to be paid for Midsummer 1826.

Memo – Martin Morrison to Rundell Bridge & Rundell – 6 Jan 1826

N[ew]Castle 6 Janry 1826 Messrs Rundell Bridge & Rundell London Forwarding 2 pce’s of Silver 1532 & 1555 pWaggon on the 3rd & 5 Inst

Letter – Benjamin Johnson to Thomas Wentworth Beaumont – 11 Jan 1826

Mr B. Jan 11th 1826 Lord Ravensworth has not yet let Bradley and I fear it will rest in your hands another year. In this case your Brother possibly might prefer going there at Mayday and superintending the painting and papering of Bywell himself.

Letter – Benjamin Johnson to Thomas Wentworth Beaumont – 17 Jan 1826

Mr B. Jan 17th 1826 .. Mrs Johnson has been confined to her room for the last ten weeks but is at present considerably better and I hope will be able to come down stairs this week.

Letter – Benjamin Johnson to Thomas Wentworth Beaumont – 19 Jan 1826

Mr B. Jan 19th 1826 As the Election must take place in a very short time, and you will have to furnish the house at Bywell I should recommend you to defer the building of a house for me for the present. If you would allow me to remove my family at Mayday to near to a town where I could get my children to a good day school it would be a great advantage to them as well as myself, as educating such a number at a boarding school with me is out of the question … the school at Hexham has been cl

Letter – Henry Liddell to Diana Beaumont – 2 Feb 1826

My Dear Mrs Beaumont, In consequence of the sudden death of our late excellent Representative Mr. Brandling, I am induced to offer myself for the vacant seat to the notice of the County. —Lord Howick has also started, and, as it is hardly to be believed that this County will return a second Whig Member, it does appear to me that my return at present would be the most likely means of securing Mr. Wentworth Beaumont a tranquil return at the ensuing General Election. May I be permitted to

Memo – Martin Morrison to Diana Beaumont – 6 Feb 1826

N[ew]Castle 6 Febry 1826 Mrs Beaumont Bretton Hall Transmitting Lead Sales, Cash Acc[oun]ts for December & Janry also Quarterly Reports of the Mines.

Letter – Henry Liddell to Diana Beaumont – 11 Feb 1826

February 11th, Newcastle My Dear Madam, In answer to your letter, only received this day, I must beg it to be distinctly understood that I rest my claims to the vacant Representation solely upon the ground of coming forward on the Tory interest of the County, and that I cannot consent to implicate myself in any degree with any other candidate whatever. The sentence in my last letter, alluding to Mr. Wentworth Beaumont, was simply given as a matter of opinion, without the smallest

Memo – Martin Morrison to Rundell Bridge & Rundell – 14 Feb 1826

N[ew]Castle 14 Febry 1826 Messrs Rundell Bridge & Rundell London Forwarding a pce of Silver 1277 ½ Oz – pWaggon 11 Inst

Diary – James Losh – 20 Feb 1826

Mr. Beaumont arrived this evening (at Alnwick) and passed two hours at my lodgings (I fear to little purpose) in consultation as to his line of conduct. Mr Bell’s Law Committee also met at my lodgings and staid with me until past 11, receiving my directions as to the legal objections to be taken tomorrow.

Letter – James Losh to Charles Grey – 25 Feb 1826

Feb'y 25, 1826 I cannot deny myself the satisfaction of telling you how much we were all pleased with Lord Howick's address to the Freeholders on Tuesday. And I have no hesitation in saying that it was in matter and manner all that his best friends cou'd have wished. He probably was not heard at a great distance, but his voice appeared to me so clear and distinct that with a very little practice he may without difficulty address a numerous Assembly in the op

Diary – James Losh – 15 Mar 1826

There seem now to be 4 candidates all likely to stand a poll at the next general election (for Northumberland). Ld. Howick, Mr. Beaumont, Mr. Liddell and Mr. Bell.

Diary – James Losh – 16 Mar 1826

I had a long and somewhat curious interview with Mr. Liddell who called upon me professedly to talk about the Catholic question, but perhaps with the further view of making out my opinion upon other points also, but not forgetting my being the counsel and friend of Mr. Beaumont. He declared strongly his wish for Catholic Emancipation and professed that he was friendly to civil and religious liberty in general. He admitted, however, to me that he considered Mr. Canning as his leader and guide
The Dukesfield Smelters and Carriers Project aimed to celebrate and discover the heritage of the Dukesfield Arches & lead carriers' routes between Blaydon and the lead mines of Allendale and Weardale. A two year community project, it was led by the Friends of the North Pennines in partnership with Hexhamshire and Slaley Parish Councils and the active support of Allendale Estates. It was funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund and the generous support of other sponsors. Friends of the North Pennines: Charity No:1137467