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Letter – Martin Morrison to Thomas Bowes – 17 Oct 1809

Thos Bowes Esq Darlington Newcastle 17th Oct 1809 I am favoured with your Letter of the 12 inst & enclosed you will received two Bills value £4,166 – 5 – 9 the amount of Assessment of Property Tax for Weardale Mines as above, due from Col Beaumont; & for which you will be pleased to transmit me two receipts of Returns of Payt MM Thos R Beaumont Esq To Commission under Property Tax Act For short charged in Assessment for the Year Ending 5 April 1808 for Weardale

Report – John Mulcaster to Martin Morrison – 28 Oct 1809

J. Mulcaster’s Report of Smelt Mills, Refineries etc Dukesfield Mill. The late great Flood having carried away the Mill Dam a little suspension of the works has therefore been occasioned - a temporary Dam has been made in its stead which has enabled the Mill to begin work again, and should there be no great Floods this winter, it may serve untill the spring, when it will be necessary to build a new Dam, which I think will be better placed a little further up the Water where a better

Letter – Martin Morrison to Reads & Lucas – 28 Oct 1809

Messrs Reads & Lucas Sheffield Newcastle 28th October 1809 I duly rec’d your Letter of the 26th inst, covering four Bills value £401 – 6 – 1 which sum is placed to the Credit of your Account with Colonel Beaumont. I am etc MM

Report – Joseph Dickinson to Martin Morrison – 30 Oct 1809

M Morrison Dufton 30th October 1809 Dear Sir In examining the Lead Mines I find Coalcleugh nearly as before, the west flatts continuing to raise ore from 24s to 50s per Bing. The flatts to the South of the Horse Level, being more productive, than those to the north. The East end still continues to raise Ore, both on the South & north veins about as usual, which continue their points, and are now divided about 20 fathoms; that to the South continues the property of the Air t

Letter – Martin Morrison to Diana Beaumont – 30 Oct 1809

Mrs Beaumont Newcastle 30th October 1809 Addressed to Col Bt Bretton I am favoured with your Letter of the 26th inst covering one from Mr Matthews of Shields. It is true that the Duke of North’d has been applied for aid for purposes intended in commemoration of the jubilee , to which I understand his Grace has not yet replied. The town of Shields is certainly extending in opulence, the Freeholders are numerous and of considerable weight in the event of a contested Election.

Report – Thomas Dodd – 31 Oct 1809

The bargains are let on the lowest terms I was capable of but the hardness of the times and the complaints of the people make letting Bargains a very serious task. Tynebottom is very poor, Jos. Wanless & Co are driving an upper level to try some veins or strings in fresh ground.

Letter – Martin Morrison to Diana Beaumont – 9 Nov 1809

Mrs Beaumont Newcastle 8th November1809 Addressed Col Beaumont Bretton In this and another Cover you will receive Cash Account and Lead Sales for last month, by the former you will perceive Messrs Prestons have commenced paying part of the money, interest and difference of premium on India Bonds borrowed, and which they will continue to do monthly until the whole is paid .---I beg also to acquaint that I have sold to Messrs Watkins & Co 10,000 pieces of Lead at £32 /fo

Letter – Martin Morrison to Reads & Lucas – 10 Nov 1809

Messrs Reads & Lucas Sheffield Newcastle 10 November 1809 I debit your Account £70 – 3 – 4 the amount of the enclosed unpaid Bill & Expenses. You will oblige me by remitting Bankers Bills in future and am etc

Letter – Martin Morrison to Thomas Dodd – 23 Nov 1809

Mr Thomas Dodd Newcastle 23 Nov 1809 Agent to the Lead Company, Nenthead Above three months are now elapsed since first I applied to you and since you promised to obtain the Lead Company’s instructions, respecting the new vein in Middlehope, which instructions it appears you have not received; I am therefore impelled by a due regard to Colonel Beaumont’s just rights not to delay any longer giving you notice to desist from working the said vein beyond the period of the prese

Letter – Martin Morrison to Diana Beaumont – 27 Nov 1809

Mrs Beaumont Newcastle 27th November 1809 Addressed to Col Beaumont Bretton In obedience to your Letter of the 22nd instant, I have seen Mr Pearson respecting the Loan of £9400 with which Mr Baker is to be assisted and have fixed to pay the money so soon as the Security is prepared and approved of by Mr Williamson, and this I shall accomplish distinct from any sums resting in Messrs Glyn & Co’s hand. It is understood that this Loan is temporary and to be repaid on the

Letter – Martin Morrison to Rundell Bridge & Rundell – 27 Nov 1809

Messrs Rundell Budge & Rundell Ludgate Hill, London Newcastle 27 November 1809 On Saturday last I forwarded by the London Waggon (Carriage Paid) to your address a piece of fine Silver containing 1572 oz, the amount for which on being advised by you, I shall draw for at the usual date of 20 days I am etc MM

Letter – Martin Morrison to Glyn & Co – 16 Dec 1809

Messrs Glyn & Co Bankers London Newcastle 16 December 1809 I am to request the favour of you to inform me whether the amount of Col Beaumont’s debt from John Elliott as stated in his Affidavit transmitted to you from Bretton, is proved against the Bankrupt’s Estate. I am etc

Letter – Martin Morrison to Reads & Lucas – 23 Dec 1809

Messrs Reads & Lucas Sheffield Newcastle 23 December 1809 I debit your Account £81 – 6 - , the amount of the enclosed Bill (No 1115) and Expenses returned unpaid; a remittance for which and for one returned the 10th ult. Will oblige Gentlemen etc MM

Letter – Martin Morrison to Creed Usher & Co – 8 Jan 1810

Newcastle 8th Janry 1810 Messrs Creed Usher & Co White Chapel London I duly received your Letter of the 6th instant enquiring the price of WB Refined Lead and Litharge and also the usual charge for Freight to London…My last Sales of Refined Lead were at £33 pfor and of Litharge at £34 pTon six months Credit; the freight for the former I believe is 14s/p fo[the]r – and for the latter 18s pTon. – Supposing you make the enquiry with a view to purchase I beg to inform you that

Letter – Martin Morrison to Glyn Mills Hallifax & Co – 9 Jan 1810

Newcastle 9 Janry 1810 Messrs Glyn Mills Hallifax & Co Bankers London Enclosed you will receive Seven Bills value £27,502-18-11 for account of T Rd Beaumont Esqr and I duly received your Letter of the 6 inst, <..> <Ellills Bill & charges £4085.12.6 which is at your Credit; the two Bills upon the Bankrupt remaining in your hands you will be pleased to return to me. I am etc MM Walkers Ward & Co on Walkers Maltby & Co due 23 Febry dated 23 D

Memo – Martin Morrison to Rundell Bridge & Rundell – 9 Jan 1810

Newcastle 9th Janry 1810 Messrs Rundell Bridge & Rundell Ludgate Hill – London I have forwarded by the London Waggon Carriage paid two pieces of fine Silver containing 2314 ½ Oz to be delivered to you; On arrival you will be pleased to state the price and I shall draw for the amount as usual. & am etc MM

Letter – Martin Morrison to Gosling & Sharp – 11 Jan 1810

Newcastle 11th January 1810 Messrs Goslings & Sharpe Bankers London Enclosed you will receive Loraine & Co on Vries & Co for £375 - - the amount ¼ of a Years Tithe Ore due this day from Colonel Beaumont to the Revd Henry Hardinge as Rector of Stanhope in Weardale. – I beg you to acknowledge the receipt and am etc

Report – Joseph Dickinson to Martin Morrison – 12 Jan 1810

Dufton 12th January 1810. Mr Morrison In examining the beginning of this Year I find them as under. Coalcleugh Lead Mine nearly as last Quarter; the best quality of ore is raised out of the west flatts which in general are worked between 24 & 30s per B[in]g. The Cross-cut at East-end between the North & South veins is not yet finished to prove that vein in the great Lime which is raising ore in the upper Sills. The old workings still continue to raise Ore from 40s to 50

Statement – Martin Morrison – 13 Jan 1810

Easterly Hall & Co Statement Debts To Bills on Messrs Puller, Atkinson & Mount & Mr Ellil – discounted 178,008 To Cash advanced on Bills on Puller Atkinson & Mount & J Ellill - deposited as securities 143,212 321,220 To Harry <Cookeby> on Bond 5,000 To Messrs Puller - <Bal. .. Recd> 101,877 To Debts due in Arkendale

Report – Thomas Dodd – 20 Jan 1810

Many parts of the mine are much poorer this quarter than at Michaelmas last, though a great number more hands are employed by reason of the mines in the surrounding country being so poor, of course the miners cannot get employment elsewhere. The distresses from the dearness of all sorts of provisions are very great and those who have large families are under the necessity of seeking parochial relief. At Browngill and Thortergill Jos. Wanless & Co are driving a level to try a fresh vein in

Letter – Martin Morrison to Reads & Lucas – 23 Jan 1810

Newcastle 23 Janry 1810 Messrs Reads & Lucas Sheffield I have your Letter of the 20th inst. covering 3 Bills value £152.3.- which sum is to your Credit with Col Beaumont and am etc MM

Memo – Martin Morrison – 23 Jan 1810

Janry 23/1810. Mr Puller purchased of the Assignees J.B & Co Mess[rs] <..> & <..> Surtees’s Int[eres]t in the Mines etc with E[asterl]y H[all] & Co for £12.000 - - pay[a]ble at 1,2 & 3 years without Int[eres]t. – the Agreement to be completed on or before the 1st May next – Copy of Easterley, Hall & Co’s representation as to the Value of their Interest in the Arkendale & Derwent Leadmines etc. The Value of Arkendale & Derwent Mines estimated

Letter – Thomas Crawhall to John Charlton – 24 Jan 1810

Mr John Charlton Middleton Teasdale near Barnard Castle Durham Wrote him to draw on Mr Morrison for 59-14- -the amount of his Bill for Expenses due during Elections TC

Letter – Martin Morrison to Glyn & Co – 31 Jan 1810

Newcastle 31st January 1810 Sir R C Glyn Bt & Co Bankers London Enclosed you will receive 8 Bills value £42,255-7-4 for Account of Thos Richd Beaumont Esqr the receipt of which be pleased to acknowledge. I am etc 1809 14 Oct Thos Preston & Sons 5 Months due 17 March 1810 £6500 Ditto 6 due 17 April 6440 4 2 Ditto 7 due 17 May 6500 20 Octr J Locke & Co 5 due 23 March 6250 Dit

Letter – Martin Morrison to Caleb Angus – 1 Feb 1810

Newcastle 1st Febry 1810 Mr Caleb Angus Coachmaker Newcastle I have by this Post a Letter from Colonel Beaumont informing me that he had received one from you dated the 26th Ult. containing Caleb Angus & Sons Bill on Inglis Ellice & Co at 2 months date for £150 which sum you are desirous to pay as the Balance of Account for Lead purchased on the 15th April 1790; I therefore credit your Account accordingly which Balances the sum in principal money, and am Sir etc M
The Dukesfield Smelters and Carriers Project aimed to celebrate and discover the heritage of the Dukesfield Arches & lead carriers' routes between Blaydon and the lead mines of Allendale and Weardale. A two year community project, it was led by the Friends of the North Pennines in partnership with Hexhamshire and Slaley Parish Councils and the active support of Allendale Estates. It was funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund and the generous support of other sponsors. Friends of the North Pennines: Charity No:1137467