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Letter – William Lee to William Fitzwilliam – 8 Sep 1823

Grove 8th August 1823 My Dear Lord No one my Lord is more capable of appreciating your Lordships kind attention upon all occasions to our Family than Myself, & no one is better acquainted with the motives that induced your Lordship to address the Letter to me I received on Saturday last, & which, if I did not so far as my Judgement will permit me to act, in this very unfortunate affair, exercise that discretion which your Lordship is kind enough to give me credit for, to

Letter – Benjamin Johnson to Thomas Wentworth Beaumont – 16 Sep 1823

Mr Beaumont Sept 16th 1823 James Briggs has requested me to ask you to allow his wife who is at present lodging at Crawcrook to occupy the room over the stables at Bradley which Earnshaw had when his wife was there. I have been indirectly asked if you intended giving up Bradley but of course I could only say that I had received no instructions from you to that effect. Mr Clavering of Riddlehamhope is the gent who caused the enquiry and is in want of such a situation. He has Greencroft only f

Letter – Benjamin Johnson to Dawkin – 20 Sep 1823

Mr Dawkin Sept 20th 1823 The common report of the day at Hexham is that Sir J. Swinbourn has explained to you the cause of his quarrel with Mr Beaumont and that he does not wish it to be kept secret. You must naturally suppose I feel very anxious to know the real cause that could break off the match so suddenly and I will state what common report says upon it. Sir J Swinbourne is said to have communicated to you that Mr Beaumont <...> said he and his sons to be rascals and Lady Swinbu

Memo – Martin Morrison to Rundell Bridge & Rundell – 22 Sep 1823

Newcastle 22nd Septemr 1823 London – Forwarding a pce of Silver 1364 Oz pWaggon. – 20 Int MM

Diary – James Losh – 26 Sep 1823

I was detained in Newcastle until 6 o’clock by conferences with Ed. Swinburne, Mrs. Beaumont ec., respecting Mr. Beaumont’s strange conduct and unfortunate state of mind. It is quite clear that he is deranged at present, but I much doubt whether by judicious treatment, that derangement might not be speedily removed. I had a long conference with Mrs. Beaumont and never saw a more lively and convincing proof of the vanity of worldly prosperity than in her chearless and melancholy situation

Report – Matthew Wilson to Anthony Hedley – 27 Sep 1823

On the 26th of Sept 1823 Mrs Beaumont arrived at Hexham on her way to Alanheads, and that Evening in a conversation she had with Mr C. Heads and others she signified that she had been of Opinion that the Commissioners of the Intended new line of Road could carry the line through the Cloisters and the Seal with or without her consent. Mr. Heads said they could not. She asked emphatically ‘can they do so Without my Consent’. The answer was ‘Madam, they cannot.’ She then inquired in

Letter – Mary Kell to Thomas Bell – 29 Sep 1823

Hexham Monday morning Dear Nephew, I hope you and Thomas got well home and found all well. There has been a sad upro at Hexham since Friday night about the road through the Seal. It is not to go that way now – the Lady Beaumont has been here and such a day on Setterday ringin of Bells and aile given away in the market place and a large fire in the market place after dark the nois never seased till two a clock on Sunday. Your uncle has sent you some speches – give John one of them first t

Letter – John Bell to Diana Beaumont – 1 Oct 1823

To Mrs Beaumont Lady of the Regality or Manor of Hexham We the Inhabitants of Hexham in public meeting assembled take this opportunity of returning you our sincere thanks for the very kind and handsome manner in which you received a Deputation of our Townsmen on Saturday last. Your declaration ‘No power upon Earth shall induced Col Beaumont or myself to do any thing to deprive the Inhabitants of Hexham of the Comforts and privileges they have so long enjoyed in the Seal’ will be long an

Letter – Diana Beaumont to John Bell – 4 Oct 1823

Gentlemen, I beg you will accept my best thanks for this public demonstration of your favour, of which I shall ever retain a grateful remembrance; I trust no one can suspect that I am blinded by prejudice or influenced by private Interest when I declare my decided dissent to the measure of the line of Road passing through the Seal. I have already given my reasons for it. Col Beaumont & I will never join any Party to deprive the respectable Inhabitants of Hexham of the antient Privileges th

Diary – James Losh – 4 Oct 1823

I went to meet Mrs. Beaumont at her urgent request and had much serious conversation with her respecting her son – that is as far serious as her overweening vanity and folly will permit her to be upon any subject. I shewed her Mr. B.’s last letter to me and a copy of my answer in which I distinctly stated my opinion that he labors under delusions as to the Capheaton family and advised him to apply to his medical friend on the subject. I pointed out to her the necessity of decisive and sp

Diary entry – Diana Beaumont – 6 Oct 1823

6 October Mond – Mama came from Northumberland - I passed a wretched fortnight – 7th. It was agreed we were to make a trip to the Continent – 15th. Wed My Brothers leave for London. Marie Sophy & I go to take leave of the Lees – 20th. Mond We leave Bretton for London – and leave Papa & William – 21 Tues. Arrived in London – 28 Tue – Wentworth and Richard left Town for Northumberland - 31. Friday – We left Town & slept at Canterbury –

Letter – Martin Morrison to Cox Poyser & Co – 8 Oct 1823

Newcastle 8 October 1823 Messrs Cox Poyser & Co Derby I am this morning favored with your Letter of the 6 Inst and accept your favor of £22-15 pfo[the]r for 3000 pigs of WB Common Lead, allowing the usual discount of 3 pCent for payment in money. As I am going to London on Saturday next and intend to remain there till the 24th inst, any payment you may please to make me in London, or any remittance here, in Bills upon London at 20 days date will in either case, be entitled to t

Diary – James Losh – 9 Oct 1823

I had a letter of thanks from Sir J. Swinburne and messages full of gratitude and offers of service from Mrs. Beaumont; from Beaumont himself, a letter full of exaggerated praise and professions of friendship and regard. With all this I confess I am very well pleased and the more so because I am conscious of having acted with good intentions. But I certainly do not expect much fruit from my exertions in the shape of benefit to myself or my family.

Diary – James Losh – 31 Oct 1823

Mr. Beaumont arrived unexpectedly. I passed some hours with him and found him, tho’ composed, clearly deranged as to Lady Swinburne.

Diary entry – Diana Beaumont – 1 Nov 1823

1. Nov. Arrived at the Albion Hotel Ramsgate. 3 Mon. A Ball at the Albion. 5. Went to Broadstairs & Margate 11. Left Ramsgate for Dover, where we met Wentworth & Richard we put up at Mrs Paques the York Hotel. Wed 12 Nov. Crossed from Dover to Calais in the Arrow Steam Packet in 3 hours & a half – our Party consisting of Mrs B. Self & 2 Sisters Wentworth & Richard – 2 Maids (Fletcher & Blacke) one Man & the Courier Reynard & Wentworth’s two Servant

Memo – Martin Morrison to Rundell Bridge & Rundell – 4 Dec 1823

N[ew]Castle 4 Decr 1823 Messrs Rundell & Co London Forwardd 2 pieces of Silver of 1273 & 1436 Oz – pWaggon

Letter – Benjamin Johnson to Thomas Wentworth Beaumont – 17 Dec 1823

Mr Beaumont Dec 17th 1823 I have been prevented writing sooner supposing that you would visit Naples first and then proceed to Rome … I have given James Briggs directions to take your horses up and get them in condition to go to London about the 20th of January ... There is little passing in the county that is necessary for me to communicate. Hostility against yourself I hope is gradually subsiding and I trust before long something may occur to draw off their attention from that point.

Letter – Benjamin Johnson to Thomas Wentworth Beaumont – 20 Dec 1823

To the Secretary of the Pitt Club, Newcastle I am directed by Thos Wentworth Beaumont to request you to take off his name from the

Letter – Martin Morrison to Cox Poyser & Co – 24 Dec 1823

N[ew]Castle 24 Decemr 1823 Messrs Cox Poyser & Co Derby With their Acc[oun]t and declining at present to make an offer for the Sale of Lead. – MM

Letter – Martin Morrison to Glyn & Co – 24 Dec 1823

N[ew]Castle 24th Decemr 1823 Sir R.C. Glyn Bt & Co Bankers – London. Remitting 3 Bills value £9173-10-2 for Colonel Beaumonts Acc[oun]t. – MM –

Memo – Martin Morrison to Rundell Bridge & Rundell – 8 Jan 1824

N[ew]Castle 8 Janry 1824 Messrs Rundell & Co London Forwarding 2 ps of Silver of 1461 & 1431 ½ Oz pWaggon the 7 Inst MM

Letter – Charles Grey to Robert Wilson – 15 Jan 1824

Gov. House/ Devonport. Jan 19 1824 My Dear Wilson I received your letter this morning and return the enclosed copy of your letter to Lambton. I had already given him exactly the same opinion on both points, & it is extremely gratifying to me to find that we so completely agree. I have only in addition expressed my regret that we should have suffered <myself> to be drawn into a personal altercation with such a fellow. I have an affair of the same kind on my hands with

Letter – Thomas Wentworth Beaumont to Charles Grey – 19 Jan 1824

Copy. Warren's Hotel Jan 19: 1824 My Lord Having heard that yr Ldship has asserted that I have been mad or and words to that effect, I am sure that yr Ldship cannot refuse to inform me, if you ever made use of such an expression. I have the honor to remain my Lord Yr. Lordship's obdt. Serv                             (signed) T.W.Beaumont The Rt Honbl Earl Grey

Letter – Charles Grey to Thomas Wentworth Beaumont – 19 Jan 1824

Gov. House Devonport. Jan 19 1824 Sir In answer to your letter which I have just received, I have only to acknowledge having stated, & particularly to your Brother, that I considered your having been under a mental delusion, as the only excuse that could be made for your conduct. - I am Sir Yr obd Serv. (signed). Grey T.W.Beaumont Esq. P.S. I must decline all further correspondence, except such as may pass through Sir Willoby Gordon, whom I have requested to deliver

Letter – Benjamin Johnson to Thomas Wentworth Beaumont – 24 Jan 1824

I rode to Newcastle on Wednesday … I found your letter had arrived this morning. The Newcastle Papers are all printed on the Thursday … I could not therefore get the advertisment inserted … I am convinced every advantage will be taken of it to your prejudice in this county. Your letter to Mr Brandling has been made generally known by Mr Brandling and those hostile to your interests who have spared no pains when any disadvantage to your interests in this question could arise from its p
The Dukesfield Smelters and Carriers Project aimed to celebrate and discover the heritage of the Dukesfield Arches & lead carriers' routes between Blaydon and the lead mines of Allendale and Weardale. A two year community project, it was led by the Friends of the North Pennines in partnership with Hexhamshire and Slaley Parish Councils and the active support of Allendale Estates. It was funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund and the generous support of other sponsors. Friends of the North Pennines: Charity No:1137467