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Letter – Thomas Wentworth Beaumont to Willoughby Gordon – 24 Jan 1824

Copy Doncaster January 24th 1824 Sir Willoughby Gordon I received your letter with Earl Grey's enclosed, last night, & was far from having any desire of taking the notice of it, that in the conclusion of your's you appear to apprehend - I shall only observe by the way, that the idea of my having been under a mental delusion did not at first suggest itself to Lord Grey, for his conduct was entirely at variance with such an idea. It is my intention upon my re

Letter – Charles Grey to Robert Wilson – 28 Jan 1824

                                                     Gov. House Jan 28 1824 Dear Wilson Many many thanks for your letter and for the kind and friendly expressions it contains. I suppose Gordon expected you to call on him, or he might perhaps have private reasons for not <sending>. But as the matter seems now at rest for the present, it is needless to say more about it. I send enclosed a copy of the latter cor

Diary – James Losh – 2 Feb 1824

Mr. Bird (Mr. Beaumont’s former tutor and friend) called upon me and I had a long conversation with him. He is a shrewd and sensible man and I do not think so ill of him as I did before we met. I take him however to be selfish and somewhat deficient both in the feelings and manners of a gentleman. He was originally in a low situation of life and his connection with a family constituted as that governed by Mrs. Beaumont must necessarily have been, would tend more to give him dexterity of

Letter – Benjamin Johnson to Thomas Wentworth Beaumont – 7 Feb 1824

Sir! Feb 7th 1824 The advertisement appeared … on Saturday 31st ... I have no doubt Sir J Swinburne feels himself in an unpleasant predicament from which he cannot withdraw with credit to himself. Newcastle Chronicle 24th Jan 1824. To the Gentlemen, Clergy and Freeholders of the County of Northumberland GENTLEMEN, I Have returned to England in Order to discharge my Duties to Parliament, but have found that Reports concerning me have gained Credit which render me un-fit for

Letter – Benjamin Johnson – 11 Feb 1824

Feb 11th 1824 [struck out: ‘Your sister has this morning acquainted me that Lord Tankervilles Agent is leaving his situation’] I am much obliged to you for your early and kind communication relating to Lord Tankervilles Agency. It is a situation I should be glad to <...> and in a part of the country I should like to reside in, but before I can take any steps in the affair, it will be necessary for me to obtain, if it can be got at, what t

Letter – Benjamin Johnson to Thomas Wentworth Beaumont – 17 Feb 1824

Mr Beaumont Feb 17th 1824 I have used every endeavour to obtain a copy of Lord Greys letter to Sir J S but I find that now impossible and the current report is that you are taking steps to <proceed?> against Lord Grey for defamation and this makes every one very cautious in saying any thing upon the subject. Mrs Beaumont told me she had procured a copy of Lord Greys letter to Sir J Swinburn when she was at Capheaton and he made the same statement at Newcastle but I cannot learn that it

Memo – Martin Morrison to Rundell Bridge & Rundell – 20 Feb 1824

N[ew]Castle 20 February 1824 Messrs Rundell & Co London. – Forwarding 1 pce of Silver of 1199 Oz pWaggon 19 Inst.—

Diary – James Losh – 21 Feb 1824

Miss Arrowsmith (the new Governess for our girls) arrived today and I am upon the whole satisfied with her first appearance and manners. I had a curious letter from Beaumont which made it necessary for me to write to Lord Grey. I sincerely wish I were done with this misguided man and his affairs: but I trust my last letter will prevent him from writing to me any more upon moral and religious subjects.

Letter – James Losh to Charles Grey – 29 Feb 1824

Durham Feb'y 29, 1824 Mr. Beaumont has now authorised me to say that he has given up all intention of proceeding against you. And I trust I may add that he will in future abstain from all measures which can disturb Sir John Swinburne or his family. From the first, I stated to Mr. Beaumont without reserve that the only excuse which could be devised for his conduct was that very delusion which he wished so much to disprove. And I confess I have been more surprised

Letter – Martin Morrison to Glyn & Co – 6 Mar 1824

N[ew]Castle 6 March 1824 Sir R.C.Glyn Bart & Co Bankers London Remitting 2 Bills value £6583-18-11 for Col Beaumonts Account --- MM

Letter – Martin Morrison to George Horrington – 10 Mar 1824

N[ew]Castle 10 March 1824 Mr George Horrington Flockton Hall – nr Wakefield I am this day favored with your Letter of the 8 Inst requesting me to send you 1500 or £2000 towards the payment of an Estate which you have purchased for Col & Mrs Beaumont and inclosed you will receive a Bill for £1573-6-2 which I hope you will experience no difficulty in applying to that purpose I do not go to London sooner than the latter end of next month and if I can will take Bretton in my way

Diary – James Losh – 11 Mar 1824

Lord Grey’s letter is friendly and even confidential. He is evidently much pleased that I have been able to prevent Mr. Beaumont from pursuing his wild and vexatious measures and at the same (time) he wishes for my advice and assistance with respect to his son’s offering himself for the County when Mr. B. retires.

Letter – Benjamin Johnson to Thomas Wentworth Beaumont – 12 Mar 1824

March 12th 1824 I do not think it would be possible to fit up as many rooms at Bywell at a trifling expense as you would require for your whole establishment but I could with care by opening out a few windows get as many ready as you would need for yourself and two man servants. I should be able to occupy such part of the house as not to incommode yourself and by bringing up the Dairymaid from Bradley I should not require any of your female staff ... You would then be enabled to point out a

Memo – Martin Morrison to Rundell Bridge & Rundell – 15 Mar 1824

Newcastle 15 March 1824 Rundell & Co London Forwarding a pce of Silver cont[ainin]g 1616 Oz pWaggon 9th Inst MM

Letter – Benjamin Johnson to Thomas Wentworth Beaumont – 16 Mar 1824

Mr Beaumont March 6th 1824 …Three tenants have had but one return made them and having had a bad harvest last season will have a claim on your [struck out: generosity] consideration ... I most sincerely wish you could spend a few weeks here or at Bradley I am convinced nothing would add more to your interests in the county than passing a few weeks or even days in it.

Letter – Benjamin Johnson to Thomas Wentworth Beaumont – 26 Mar 1824

Mr Beaumont (undated) … pointed out to me as for the probable site of your new mansion. We are both of opinion that the present house may be converted at so much less expense ... and that the water may be effectually banked out. If you should be determined to erect a new house it would require many years before the necessary ground, and fluctuations could be got up.

Letter – Martin Morrison to Cox Poyser & Co – 1 Apr 1824

Newcastle 1 April 1824 Messrs Cox Poyser & Co Derby I am favored with your Letter of the 29th Ult. this morning; & on the delivery of the last parcel of 3000 ps of Lead being completed, your Acc[oun]t Current shall be transmitted as desired. – Having to fulfill my engagements, upwards of 35,000 ps yet to deliver I do not apprehend much reduction in the price of Lead as likely to happen here, so extensively is the forthcoming supply anticipated. – Anxious however to culti

Letter – Benjamin Johnson to Thomas Wentworth Beaumont – 5 Apr 1824

Mr Beaumont April 5th 1824 James Briggs received a letter yesterday from Mr Tatton directing him to bring the bay mare and Gig <....> immediately up to London. I conceive Mr Tatton must have made some mistake as the horse could not arrive in London before the 15th, on which day you give the dinner to the officers of the Northumberland Militia at Hexham.

Memo – Martin Morrison to Rundell Bridge & Rundell – 7 Apr 1824

N[ew]Castle 7 April 1824 Messrs Rundell & Co London Forwarding a pce of Silver cont[ain]s 1294Oz pWaggon the 5 Inst MM

Letter – Benjamin Johnson to Thomas Wentworth Beaumont – 22 Apr 1824

Mr Beaumont at Pall Mall April 22nd 1824 I am sorry to have to communicate to you the destruction of the farm building at Acomb yesterday by fire. By great exertion we saved the dwelling house and a cottage but the barn stables sheds and cowhouses were all destroyed. The fire originated from a spark of fire in removing some hot embers out of an oven falling in some dry straw which this communicated with the straw in the fold yard and instantly the whole in a blaze the wind blowi

Letter – Martin Morrison to Cox Poyser & Co – 23 Apr 1824

N[ew]Castle 23 April 1824 Messrs Cox Poyser & Co Derby I am favored with your Letter of the 21st Inst covering four Bills value £244-10-6 which Balances your Account for Lead to this period. – The difference of 5/pfo[the]r shall not on this occasion prevent us dealing, & therefore I accept your offer of £23-5-.. pfo[the]r for 2000ps Refined and £22.5… for 1000 ps Common Lead; but it will be more convenient to us if you can equalize the quantities by taking 1500 ps o

Letter – Martin Morrison to George Crawhall – 28 Apr 1824

Newcastle 28 April 1824 Mr George Crawhall – New House Weardale Under the impression that the Lead Company are working in the Copyhold Ground at Stanhope, I recommend that you lose no time in mentioning the circumstance to the Company Agents, also to Mr Rippon, and that you will exert yourself to obtain all the information possible from the old Inhabitants and Workmen, of the names of the situations described in the Surrender, so that the Boundarys may be as accurately defined as

Letter – Benjamin Johnson to Thomas Wentworth Beaumont – 2 May 1824

Mr Beaumont May 2nd 1824 I cannot learn that Sir J Swinburn or any of his friends have come forward in any shape to answer your speech and the received opinion is that it is unanswerable … Sir J S has lost much of his popularity before and seems now to have sunk so far in the estimation of every one (save those bound to him from self interest) that any thing he may attempt to thwart your virtue at a future election can only cause disappointment to himself and show him the estimation

Letter – Benjamin Johnson to Cook – 4 May 1824

Mr Cook May 4th 1824 The gent who has had care of my childrens education left last week and I am extremely anxious that they should be as short a time as possible without a tutor as I am convinced they will soon lose the little they have learnt. Mr Beaumont the gent to whom I am land agent has considered to occupy the house I now reside in himself and I am consequently obliged to remove to a distance of four miles.

Letter to Benjamin Johnson – 13 May 1824

Haydon Bridge 13 May 1824 ..with respect to your inquiry concerning the Dam at Bywell the Commissioners and governors of Greenwich Hospital … will be much guided … by what the Duke of Northumberland and the other great proprietors of lands and fisheries upon the River Tyne may think proper to do upon the occasion.
The Dukesfield Smelters and Carriers Project aimed to celebrate and discover the heritage of the Dukesfield Arches & lead carriers' routes between Blaydon and the lead mines of Allendale and Weardale. A two year community project, it was led by the Friends of the North Pennines in partnership with Hexhamshire and Slaley Parish Councils and the active support of Allendale Estates. It was funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund and the generous support of other sponsors. Friends of the North Pennines: Charity No:1137467