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Letter – Martin Morrison to William Chisholm – 30 Nov 1808

Mr Chisholm Lincolns Inn Fields Newcasdtle 30 November 1808 I was duly favoured with your Letter of the 23rd Inst. and on Monday I rec[eive]d from Bretton Mr Wilson’s Bill for Law Charges; the Balance amounting to £401-4-2 is here enclosed, the rec[eop]t of which you will be pleased to acknowledge. The Box containing the Papers you advise of, is not yet arrived. Etc etc MM

Letter – Martin Morrison to Pickard & Smith – 5 Dec 1808

Messrs Pickard & Smith Hull Newcastle 5th December 1808 In reply to your Letter of the 3 Instant inform you that the present price of refined Lead is £41 and that of Common (including 1/10th Slag) £40 per fodder of 21 Cwt 6 months Credit from the day of Purchase. The Sales are generally suited to the demand & convenience of the Purchaser. I am etc MM

Letter – Martin Morrison to Rundell Bridge & Rundell – 7 Dec 1808

Messrs Rundell Bridge & Rundell London Newcastle 7 December1808 This serves to advise of having forwarded to you by the London Waggon a Piece of fine Silver containing 14191/2 Oz; the value of which you will be pleased to pay to Glyn & Co on Col Beaumont’s Acc[oun]t informing me of the amount.

Letter – Martin Morrison to Thomas Dodd – 9 Dec 1808

Account of Ore wrought out of Colonel Beaumonts Weardale Lead from 1804 to 1807 inclusive In the Year ending Bings Ho[rses] Bings Ho[rses] 31 December 1804 16,183 2 including 379 1 Tontale Ditto 1805 17,634 2 1/2 176 3 ditto Ditto 1806 9,777 153 1 ditto Ditto 1807 12,451 3 1/2 196 3 ditto Mr Thomas Dodd Nenthead Newcastle 9 December 1808 Above is an account of Ore raised out of Col Beau

Letter – Martin Morrison to E Burniss – 12 Dec 1808

Newcastle 12 December 1808 Mr E <Burniss> Merchant London Inclosing him Bill value £57 – 16 – 6 for Bone Ash Shipped

Letter – Martin Morrison to Diana Beaumont – 13 Dec 1808

Mrs Beaumont Bretton Newcastle 13th December 1808 In consequence of your letter of the 10th instant I have consulted with Mr Thomas on the Proposal of Mr Baker to purchase his Farm & 50 Acres of Oak Wood situated near Shotley Bridge. We are both of opinion that the only object in making this Purchase would be the Wood; for the Land in this district is cold & unproductive, and laying so distant from any part of your Property, it cannot of itself, be deserving of your atte

Letter – Martin Morrison to Read, Lucas & Read – 14 Dec 1808

Messrs Reads & Lucas Sheffield Newcastle 14th December 1808 You have Credit with Col Beaumont for £352-19-4 valued the amount of four Bills received this day. I notice your instruction respecting the inferior quality of the Silver which shall be enquired into. I am etc

Letter – Martin Morrison to Samuel Walker Parker – 21 Dec 1808

Messrs Walker Maltby & Co To TR Beaumont Esq 1808 For 1 Mo[nth]s Interest on Bill dated 10 Octo[be]r at 5 Mo[nth]s c[redit] for £509-3-5 which ought to have been 1 Aug[ust] @ 6 Mo[nth]s cd £21- 4- 4 For 2 Mo[nths] Interest on Bill dated 1 Oct[obe]r at 6 Mo[nth]s c[redit] for £509-3-0 which ought to have been 1 Aug[ust] @ 6 Mo[nth]s c[redit] £42- 8- 8 £63–13 -0 Sam. Walker Parker Esq

Letter – Martin Morrison to Glyn & Co – 21 Dec 1808

Sir R[ichar]d C Glyn Bt & Co Bankers London Newcastle 21st December 1808 Colonel Beaumont having engaged to pay Dr Barrington; Bishop of Durham £4000 per Annum, to be paid by quarterly instalments of £1000 each, viz – on the 30th instant, 30 March 1809, 30th June and 30 September following. And so on every year during his Lordship’s possession of the see of Durham. I am to request that you will pay the same to Messrs Drummonds Bankers, on his Lordships Account charging the amoun

Letter – Martin Morrison to Reads & Lucas – 7 Jan 1809

N’Castle 7 January 1809 Messrs Reads & Lucas Sheffield I have this day forwarded per Waggon (Carrge paid) 2 pieces of fine Sliver containing 2208 Oz for account of Coll Beaumont, the value of which you will remit as usual to Gent[leme]n Yours etc MM PS Messrs Rundell & Co of London allowed 6/2 p[er] oz for fine silver forwarded to them on the 5th of last month,

Letter – Martin Morrison to Rundell Bridge & Rundell – 7 Jan 1809

Messrs Rundell Bridge & Rundell Ludgate Hill London N[ew]castle 7th January 1809 I have this day forwarded by the Waggon (Carriage paid) to your address, a piece of fine Silver containing 2320 oz - the value of which I propose drawing a Bill for at 20 days date on you informing me of the amount. I am etc MM

Report – Joseph Dickinson to Martin Morrison – 10 Jan 1809

  Dufton   10th Janry. 1809 Mr Morrison             I found your Letter at Coalcleugh on the 26th Decemr. and noted the Contents. In examining the Lead Mines found the West end of Coalcleugh in a favourable Situation, both the Cross East & West Strings producing flatts in the Great Lime, some of them are now raising Ore so low as 28/p Bing at 300 fathoms west of the drawing Whimsey

Letter – Martin Morrison to Goslings & Sharp – 11 Jan 1809

N’Castle 11 Jan[uar]y 1809 Messrs Garlings & Sharp Bankers London I beg to enclose Loraine & Co’s Bill on <Veres & Co> for £375 at 10 days <…> to pay ¼ Years <Composition> for the Tithe Ore of Weardale Lead Mines, due this day from Colonel Beaumont to the Revd H T Hardinge at whose request this remittance is made. – the receipt of which you will be pleased to acknowledge to Gent.n MM

Letter – Martin Morrison to Isaac Wilkinson – 11 Jan 1809

Isaac Wilkinson Esq Chesterfield – Derbyshire Newcastle 11th January 1809 I am this day favored with your Letter of the 9th inst The last Sales of Lead in this Office were at £40 per Fo of 21 Cwt 6 mths Credit. --- Stocks are small and my Sales will not be fulfilled for three months to come so that I am not apprehensive that any material reduction in the price can take place soon. I am etc ---- MM

Letter – Martin Morrison to Reads & Lucas – 16 Feb 1809

Messrs Reads & Lucas Sheffield Newcastle 16th Febry 1809 I debit you £14 – 14 – 2 the amount of the enclosed Bill & Expenses unpaid & am &c No 1043 Jn Harris on <Wm T Dulin> £14– 4- 6 Expence 9- 8 £14-14- 2

Letter – Martin Morrison to Thomas Dodd – 17 Feb 1809

Mr Thomas Dodd Nenthead Newcastle 17th February 1809 I now forward the enclosed Account. – It contains a statement of all the ore raised in Weardale commencing from the present Bishop’s accession to the See of Durham, and ending on the 30th September last, by which it appears that the Lead Company’s proportion of the composition paid for the said Ore due to that period amounts to £5115 -11-4. This sum it would be desirable to receive either in local Bank notes or by Bills o

Report – Thomas Dodd – 18 Feb 1809

At Tynebottom Jos Wanless & Co are driving a Level in the side of a mountain, to try a fresh vein in the stratums near the surface.

Letter – Martin Morrison to Thomas Dodd – 21 Feb 1809

Mr Thomas Dodd <Sen> Nenthead Newcastle 21 Febry 1809 I am this moment favored with your Letter of the 18 inst and am to request you will, if not already done, forward the Statement transmitted to you, to the Governor & Co’s Court of Directors in London who wlll no doubt order the money due to Colonel Beaumont to be paid immediately; and as little purpose would be answered by receiving a partial Payment I shall wait this determination

Letter – Martin Morrison to R Thorp – 16 Mar 1809

Mr R Thorp Attorney Alnwick Newcastle 16th March 1809 I am favored with your Letter of the 14th inst covering one from the Revd Mr Langhorn. I am ready to allow compensation for any damage which can be proved to be done by the working of Col Beaumont’s Mines in the old enclosed grounds; but something more than Mr Langhorn’s suppositions & opinions will be required to sanction a measure of this kind. I <mean> to put an end to Mr Maughan’s complaints, Coll Beaumo

Letter – Martin Morrison to Robert Tippler – 21 Mar 1809

Robert Tippler Esqre Secretary to the Lead Co, London Newcastle 21 March 1809 As agent to Colonel Beaumont I beg to inform you that on the 17th of last month I transmitted to Mr Thomas Dodd of Nenthead, the Governor & Company’s Agent, an Account by which it appears that the Company’s proportion of the Composition paid to the Bishop of Durham and Rector of Stanhope for, and on to 30 September 1808 account of Lead ore raised in Weardale amounts to the sum of £5115-11-4. Mr

Letter – Martin Morrison to Thomas Dodd – 4 Apr 1809

Mr Thomas Dodd Nent Head New House Weardale 4th April 1809 Enclosed you will receive a copy of a Letter dated 29th Sept 1791 from Mr Gilbert Hagen Secretary to the Lead Company addressed to Mr Ralph H<ewson> the Solicitor to Sir Thomas Blackett respecting the ascertaining & fixing the Boundarys of four Mines in Middlehope & Ireshope Fells: one moiety of which was purchased by the Company under Sale of the Court of Chancery and the other moiety of the late Sir Thomas Bl

Will – Peter Mulcaster – 4 Apr 1809

This is the Last Will and Testament of me Peter Mulcaster of Langley Lead Mill in the parish of Warden and County of Northumberland Yeoman my soul I recommend to God my Creator and direct my Body to be decently interred at the discretion of my Executor hereinafter named I give and bequeath unto my Grand Nephew James Mulcaster Grandson of my Brother James Mulcaster deceased the sum of one hundred pounds of lawful british money to be paid him at or within six calendar months after my decease I al

Letter – Robert Tippler to Martin Morrison – 6 Apr 1809

Lead Office, Martin’s Lane, Cannon Street London 6th April 1809 Mr Morrison Sirs The Court of Directors of the Governor & Company for Smelting down Lead with Pit & Sea Coal have to acknowledge the receipt of your Letter requesting payment to Colonel Beaumont of £5715-11-4 as per the Account transmitted them; I am desired by the Court to inform you that the same has been laid before them & is under their Consideration and that they will transmit you the result as

Letter – Martin Morrison to Rundell Bridge & Rundell – 6 Apr 1809

Messrs Rundell Bridge & Rundell Ludgate Hill London Newcastle 6th April 1809 On the 27th inst I forwarded by the waggon a piece of fine Sliver containing 1361 Ounces which will probably reach you by the time this Letter arrives and it being my intention to draw for the amount at 20 days date, You will be pleased to inform me the value thereof – I am etc

Letter – Martin Morrison to Diana Beaumont – 7 Apr 1809

Mrs Beaumont Addressed to Col Beaumont Newcastle 7th April 1809 Portman Square London I beg to transmit, in this and another Cover, Lead Sales and Cash Account for last month. On Wednesday I returned from the Mines and from Paying the Ore Carriage at Blanchland, the latter being effected by discounting two Lead Bills: concluding that mode to be preferable to drawing upon Messrs Glyn & Co by which an expense of Bill Stamps & Brokerage would have been incurred. --- The No
The Dukesfield Smelters and Carriers Project aimed to celebrate and discover the heritage of the Dukesfield Arches & lead carriers' routes between Blaydon and the lead mines of Allendale and Weardale. A two year community project, it was led by the Friends of the North Pennines in partnership with Hexhamshire and Slaley Parish Councils and the active support of Allendale Estates. It was funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund and the generous support of other sponsors. Friends of the North Pennines: Charity No:1137467