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Letter – Martin Morrison to Anthony Nichol – 2 Sep 1809

Mr Anty Nichol at John Latimer’s Esq Newcastle 2nd September 1809 No 13 Gray’s Inn Square, London I am favored with both your Letters of the 29th and 31st inst; the affairs of Mr Elliott will I fear prove extensively injurious; the situation in which you are placed calls for all your vigilance to guard against preferences and if a Bankruptcy is thought the best means to keep the Property together, the sooner a Commission can be issued the better. – Colonel Beaumonts Banker

Letter – Martin Morrison to Glyn & Co – 2 Sep 1809

Sir R C Glyn Bt & Co Bankers London Newcastle 2nd September 1809 I duly received your Letters of the 26th and 29th inst, the answers given by Mr Elliott’s Clerk for not accepting the Bills arises I doubt not from his embarrassed situation; for the present I do not consider it of much importance whether the Bills are accepted or not, and you will be pleased to retain them in your possession until further directions from <Gn> MM

Letter – Martin Morrison to Diana Beaumont – 5 Sep 1809

Mrs Beaumont addressed to Col Beaumont – Bretton Newcastle 5 September 1809 I am honoured with your Letters of the 1st and 2nd Instant and in this and another Cover you will receive Cash Account and Lead Sales for last month. Mr Elliott has called a meeting of his Creditors on the 18th inst when he will be prepared to lay before them the state of his affairs, and to adopt such measures as may then be thought expedient; He assures W Nichol his agent here, that provided Easterby H

Letter – Martin Morrison to Thomas Bowes – 12 Sep 1809

Thomas Bowes Esq Darlington Newcastle 12th September 1809 I have been expecting to hear from you conformable to your promise upon the subject of the opinion of Council which you informed me would be taken by the Bishop of Durham as to his liability of paying the Property Tax on the £15,000 paid by Colonel Beaumont to his Lordship for the insertion of a Life in the Lease of the Weardale Mines, and altho’ I am clearly of opinion that this sum ought to be a charge against these M

Letter – Martin Morrison to William Brummell – 12 Sep 1809

The Brownley Hill Lead Mine Co 1809 To Thos Rd Beaumont Esq For 90 Bings of Lead Ore wrought by them out of Mr Beaumont’s Liberty as per award of Messrs Dodd, Fairless and Dickinson dated 26 Febry 1786 @£3 per Bing £270 For Interest on the above at £5 p Cent untill paid William Brummell Esq a Partner of Brownley Hill Lead Co Repeated applications have been made for the payment of the above, which you have hitherto disregarded, I am now to inform you t

Letter – Martin Morrison to Reads & Lucas – 13 Sep 1809

Messrs Reads Lucas & CO To Mr R Beaumont Esq <&c> 1809 Sept 12th To 1 cask Litharge of 6 - 1- @£29 per ton £9 – 1 - 3 Shipped <p the Hull dated> 13 September Gent(leme)n I duly recd your letter of the 20th inst and have late had very little Silver from our Refineries, and what has come has been sent to London where we think better prices are obtained and the payments are always in Cash or by Bills at 20 days date. I am etc MM

Letter – Martin Morrison to Diana Beaumont – 14 Sep 1809

Mrs Beaumont addressed to Col Beaumont Newcastle 14th September 1809 Bretton I am honored with your Letter of the 11th instant enclosing one from Mr Dennis. I should be most happy if any plan could be devised to secure a regular demand at an adequate Profit to the Mines, for all the Lead produced, but while the export is limited by the continuance of the Wars I despair of seeing any alteration in the trade for the better. The Lead Trade similar to every other commercial establis

Letter – Thomas Crawhall to Thomas Richard Beaumont – 14 Sep 1809

Col Beaumont MP <N/H> September 14 1809 Since Mr Morrison left town this morning your Att[orne]y advises that your debt against Mr John Elliott can not be proved agst his Estate without the Bills to exhibit as Secties along with the affidavit of Debt; and that such proceedng would be improper in the present state of the business, untill the responsibility of Messrs Nichol & Ludlow is ascertained – consequently the power of Att[orne]y for you to execute to Messrs Glyn M

Letter – Martin Morrison to Veres Lucadou & Co – 15 Sep 1809

Messrs Veres Lucadou & Co Newcastle the 15 September 1809 As Agent to Colonel Beaumont I take the liberty to add my request to the annexed Letter that you will make the desired proof against the Estate of John Elliott on Tuesday first at Guildhall when also Assignees will be chosen. The object and urgency of this request will have its due weight in your minds when you know that considerable apprehension was entertained of a design being formed to appoint Assignees not friends to the

Letter – Martin Morrison to Glyn & Co – 16 Sep 1809

Sir R & C Glyn Bt & Co Newcastle 16th September 1809 I am favored with your Letter of the 14th inst. – I have been legally advised not to prove the Account for which you hold Bills on John Elliott, as it may endanger the Security which Colonel Beaumont has upon the drawers and therefore the documents you require can not at this time be forwarded . Messrs Veres Lucadou & Co have been authorized by the Tyne Bank and myself to prove a Bill which they hold of Elliott’s acc

Letter – Martin Morrison to Reads & Lucas – 25 Sep 1809

Messrs Reads & Lucas Sheffield Newcastle 25 September 1809 I am favored with your Letter of the 19th inst & I have forwarded you a piece of fine Silver containing 1395 oz @6/3per oz amounting to £435-18-9 for which you will remit a Bill at a month as you propose. – I shall at all times attend to any plan you may suggest favourable to an extension of dealing and am Gentlemen MM

Letter – Martin Morrison to Diana Beaumont – 26 Sep 1809

Mrs Beaumont Newcastle 26th September 1809 addressed to Col Beaumont Doncaster I received your Letter of the 24th this day – In addition to Mr Williamson’s opinion I have obtained the Attorney General’s and both agree that Messrs Nichol and Ludlow are liable to pay the Bills drawn by them on Mr Elliott. I sent for Mr Nichol and communicated to him the necessity of immediately taking steps towards the recovery of the amount in consequence of Mr Elliott’s insolvency and

Letter – Martin Morrison to Thoams Bowes – 28 Sep 1809

Thomas Bowes Esq Darlington Newcastle 28th September 1809 I now return the whole of the Profits for 1808 upon an Average of 5 Years, arising from Colonel Beaumont’s Lead Mines in Weardale, and as it appears to the Commissioners that the charge of £70,000 paid to the Lord Bishop of Durham rests entirely between his Lordship and Colonel Beaumont I am ready to pay the difference in the amount of the Return made last year. I am etc

Letter – Martin Morrison to Diana Beaumont – 2 Oct 1809

Mrs Beaumont Newcastle 2nd October 1809 Addressed to Col Beaumont Bretton Mr Nichol having declined to give in writing the promised proposition respecting his late transactions in this office on Mr Elliott’s account I urged him on Saturday to come to an immediate determination otherwise the Law would be resorted to and must take its course. -- Yesterday I received a note from Mr Nichol requesting to be informed where he could find Col Beaumont for the purpose as he previousl

Letter – Martin Morrison to Diana Beaumont – 6 Oct 1809

Mrs Beaumont Newcastle 6th October 1809 Addressed to Col Beaumont – Bretton I have to acknowledge the receipt of your Letter of the 4th inst, and in this and another cover you will receive Cash Acct and Lead Sales for last month- Mr Nichol has returned and in the early part of the coming week I am to receive from him a proposal respecting Mr Elliott’s debt; - you will perceive Madam, I am anxious to obtain all the Law can secure, without having recourse to it. – tomorrow I

Letter – Martin Morrison to Diana Beaumont – 7 Oct 1809

Mrs Beaumont Newcastle 7th OCtor 1809 Addressed to Col Beaumont Bretton I beg to enclose affidavit of J Elliott’s debt for Coll Beaumont’s signature before a Master in Chancery, and which you will be pleased to transmit to Glyn & Co & I do not apprehend a Power of Attorney is now necessary for I am not aware of any further proceedings regarding J Elliott’s affairs which required a delegated authority for Col Beaumont I am sorry to state that Sir Willm Loraine

Letter – Martin Morrison to Reads & Lucas – 9 Oct 1809

Messrs Reads & Lucas Sheffield Newcastle 9th October 1809 I have sent this morning on the Waggon (Carr pd) a piece of fine Silver containing 1276 oz which you will be pleased to remit for on its arrival. Since writing the above I have rec’d yours of the 7th covering 6 Bills value £4432 which is to your Credit with Col Beaumont. Whilst you continue to allow a liberal price you may calculate upon securing the most of Col Beaumont’s Silver. I am etc MM

Letter – Anthony Nicol to Martin Morrison – 10 Oct 1809

Martin Morrison Esq Ncastle Octr 10th 1809 Sir, I trust you will excuse the liberty I take in addressing the following observations to you respecting the unfortunate transaction in which we were engaged for Mr Elliott. From every circumstance attending it, I hope you are satisfied that we had not the slightest idea of his situation, and of course that we could never have an intention of involving Col Beaumont for the mere purpose of obtaining our trifling commission. If you shou

Letter – Martin Morrison to Goslings & Sharp – 11 Oct 1809

Messrs Garlings & Sharpe Bankers, London Newcastle 11th October 1809 This serves to cover Sir Wm Loraine for Bill on Veres & Co value £375 the amount ¼ of a year’s Tithe ore for Weardale Mines due this day from Col Beaumont to the Revd Henry Hardinge to whose Credit you will be pleased to pay it, and acknowledge the receipt to<………> MM

Letter – Martin Morrison to Diana Beaumont – 12 Oct 1809

Mrs Beaumont And Col Beaumont Bretton Newcastle 12 October 1809 In this and another Cover you will receive two Letters addressed to me by Mr Nichol. These Letters contain their own comment and my endeavours to obtain from Messrs Nichol and Ludlow the proposal to pay a sum of money in part of the debt occasioned by the failure of J Elliott. Of the truth of Mr Nichol’s statement I think there can be little doubt, altho’ I know not of the loss sustained by him in the failure of J

Letter – Anthony Nicol to Martin Morrison – 12 Oct 1809

Mr Morrison <Nc> 12th October 1809 Sir I am sorry you should feel disappointed at not receiving an offer from me along with the observations I took the liberty of submitting to you, the fact is I cannot see what proposal I can make from the present of our affairs I shall annex a Statement of Mr Ludlow’s property to my own, and I think when you have examined it, you will be satisfied that nothing can be expected from us. I remain Anthony Nichol Mrs Ludlow’

Letter – Martin Morrison to Thomas Bowes – 17 Oct 1809

Thos Bowes Esq Darlington Newcastle 17th Oct 1809 I am favoured with your Letter of the 12 inst & enclosed you will received two Bills value £4,166 – 5 – 9 the amount of Assessment of Property Tax for Weardale Mines as above, due from Col Beaumont; & for which you will be pleased to transmit me two receipts of Returns of Payt MM Thos R Beaumont Esq To Commission under Property Tax Act For short charged in Assessment for the Year Ending 5 April 1808 for Weardale

Report – John Mulcaster to Martin Morrison – 28 Oct 1809

J. Mulcaster’s Report of Smelt Mills, Refineries etc Dukesfield Mill. The late great Flood having carried away the Mill Dam a little suspension of the works has therefore been occasioned - a temporary Dam has been made in its stead which has enabled the Mill to begin work again, and should there be no great Floods this winter, it may serve untill the spring, when it will be necessary to build a new Dam, which I think will be better placed a little further up the Water where a better

Letter – Martin Morrison to Reads & Lucas – 28 Oct 1809

Messrs Reads & Lucas Sheffield Newcastle 28th October 1809 I duly rec’d your Letter of the 26th inst, covering four Bills value £401 – 6 – 1 which sum is placed to the Credit of your Account with Colonel Beaumont. I am etc MM

Report – Joseph Dickinson to Martin Morrison – 30 Oct 1809

M Morrison Dufton 30th October 1809 Dear Sir In examining the Lead Mines I find Coalcleugh nearly as before, the west flatts continuing to raise ore from 24s to 50s per Bing. The flatts to the South of the Horse Level, being more productive, than those to the north. The East end still continues to raise Ore, both on the South & north veins about as usual, which continue their points, and are now divided about 20 fathoms; that to the South continues the property of the Air t
The Dukesfield Smelters and Carriers Project aimed to celebrate and discover the heritage of the Dukesfield Arches & lead carriers' routes between Blaydon and the lead mines of Allendale and Weardale. A two year community project, it was led by the Friends of the North Pennines in partnership with Hexhamshire and Slaley Parish Councils and the active support of Allendale Estates. It was funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund and the generous support of other sponsors. Friends of the North Pennines: Charity No:1137467