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Report – Joseph Dickinson to Christopher Blackett – 17 Jan 1807

No 4 Jany 17 1807 The Upper Coalcleugh Vein in the east End, is now supposed to be through the principle part of the Cross Vein, and at present is in a promising situation, being let for at 20/-per Bing the ensuing Quarter, notwithstanding its disconvenient situation for taking the Work to Bank. Should it continue another quarter will be under the necessity of driving the Waggon Level forward, and sinking another Whimsey, down into the forehead, which expense will be soon repa

Letter – Christopher Blackett to Glyn & Co – 19 Jan 1807

Sir R. C Glyn Bt & Co London Newcastle January 19th 1807 Gent I have this day drawn upon you as below on Tho[mas] R[ichar]d Beaumont Esq Account, which Drafts you will please to honor. I am etc CB Jany 19 At Sight payment to Sir W Loraine & Co £9,000 Ten Days ditto £9,000 Twenty Days ditto £9,000 Ten Days Tho[ma]s Crawhall £2,500 Twenty Days ditto

Letter – Charles Grey to Thomas Richard Beaumont – 27 Jan 1807

Private. Downing St. Jany. 27th. 1807 Dear Sir,               I yesterday recd. a letter from the Lord Advocate of Scotland to whom I had communicated the letter written by the Clerk of the Peace of Northumberland in consequence of the resolutions of the Magistrates at the Quarter Sessions stating that he would take the inconvenience complained of into immediate consideration, and concert the measures necessary for remedying it, with the Attorney and Solicitor Genl. Th

Letter – Thomas Crawhall to Read, Lucas & Read – 24 Feb 1807

Feb 24 /1807 Advised Reads Lucas & Co a p[iece] fine Silver of 1,244 Oz

Letter – Christopher Blackett to Thomas Bowes – 12 Mar 1807

Tho[mas] Bowes Esq Darlington Mar 12/1807 Mr Heron has handed me you letter addressed to him on the 10th Inst requesting Col Beaumonts return of Profits asising from the Weardale Mines. I have to request you will inform the Commission That the whole of the Books Accounts relative to those Mines necessary in making out such returns, are at present detained in London in consequence of the Chancery Suit with the Bishop [of] Durham. I am consequently prevented the possibili

Letter – Thomas Crawhall to John Wakefield – 15 Mar 1807

J Wakefield Esq Kendal Newcastle 15 Mar 1807 The Bills for Gunpowder supplied by you for the use of the Weardale Leadmines having considerably exceeded the Credit it intended to be taken by reason of our not having the charcoal regularly sent us by the Mining Agent from thence. Will you have the goodness now to state your Account and at the same time the Discount you can allow upon settlement as well as the mode in which you wish the remittance to be made. I am Sir

Letter – Joseph Dickinson to Christopher Blackett – 28 Mar 1807

[Annotated on cover in a different hand:] Mr Dickinson of Dufton / Letter to Mr Blackett / March 28th 1807 / [underlined:] Confidential Communication [addressed to:] Chr Blackett Esq. Wylam Coalcleugh 28th March 1807 Dear Sir, I have just now received yours, Inclosed to Joseph Little, in my return from Letting Bargains at Allanheads this day, and note the Contents. Coalcleugh and Allanheads are both upon the reviving order, and Weredale ever since I knew these Mi

Letter – Christopher Blackett to Read, Lucas & Read – 10 Apr 1807

Newcastle April 10/1807 I have this day shipped on board Fly Swift for Hull 6 Casks Test Bottoms w[eight]s etc as below I have charged them to your Debit @ £6-15 per Ton. Should this sample answer to your expectations in the intended experiment we have about 60 Tons at present on Hand which can forward for your Account on the same terms. I am sir CB

Letter – William Blackett to John Erasmus Blackett – 11 Apr 1807

Cumberland Place Saturday April 11th 1807 My Dear Sir Your letter which I rec'd this morning has indeed given us very great concern; at my uncles advanced age so very severe an illness must reduce him very much & I greatly fear if he gets over this attack it will be long before he recovers his strength again, however we hope as he is rather better, that this mild heat here will be of service to him, & that we may all meet again this Spring in the north, very few people

Letter – Christopher Blackett to Thomas Askerton – 23 Apr 1807

Tho[mas] < Askerton > So[uth] Shields Newcastle April23/1807 Sir In answer to your application of this morning the present price of Ref[ined] Lead is £36 per F[odder] & of Comm[on] £35 @ 6 Mo[nths] Credit, but at present I can not sell the quantity of Ref[ined] Lead you mention without an equal q[uantit]y of Comm[on] Lead. I further beg leave to observe that it is the custom of this Office that when Lead is bought on Commission the purchaser declares his principle. I

Letter – Christopher Blackett to Thornhill & Co – 23 Apr 1807

Thornhill & Co April 23/1807 I have rec[eive]d your note payable of Jacksons & Co due the 4 June next and £241 which is placed to y[ou]r credit for Lith[arge} sent you. I think that in future you will make your payments at an earlier period or remit bills at a shorter date. I am etc CB

Letter – William Blackett to John Erasmus Blackett – 24 Apr 1807

My Dear Sir Many thanks to you for your kind letter which has given us much pleasure. Ingham must have treated my Uncle Harry with judgments & has been indeed very attentive but after so very serious illness it must be some time before he recovers his strength & usual state of health. Admiral Collingwoods letter was very satisfactory no intelligence having come from that quarter for some time, owing to the vessel with the dispatches having been taken, It seems now however that t

Letter – William Blackett to John Erasmus Blackett – 28 Apr 1807

My Dear Sir This very sudden dissolution of Parl[iamen]t at this time is most inconvenient to me as I shall most probably be obliged to set out for the North in a very few days. Mr Miggison tells me there is no occasion for my being at Newcastle before the middle of next week & I hope all will be quiet, if Ld Percy does not stand there will be no opposition if he should offer himself perhaps it may be necessary for me as Sheriff to engage <to w’hold> & in that case will y

Letter – Thomas Richard Beaumont to John Sadler – 2 May 1807

Mr John Sadler Dukesfield Newcastle May 2nd 1807 Sir Having no longer reason for your serving in my employ at Dukesfield.- Be pleased to take Notice that I shall expect your expiration of three Months from this period at which time your salary will cease & when you may adopt such arrangements as you think most expedient. Signed Tho[mas] R[ichar]d Beaumont

Letter – Christopher Blackett to Thomas Richard Beaumont – 7 Jul 1807

Col[onel] Beaumont Newcastle 7 July 1807 I am favoured with you letter of 4th Inst enclosing Mr Waugh <ans> Acc[ount] Bambrough. His complaint I fear is unreasonable, but it shall be attended to, and a necessary enquiry made of Mr Emerson as to the alleged inquiry- In a few days I will procure the necessary information as to Ja[mes] Taylors Age – his residence is at Ovingham. I am sorry to tell you that the price of Lead continues to decline in this Market & Parke

Report – Joseph Dickinson to Christopher Blackett – 10 Jul 1807

No.6 Chris: Blackett Esq Dufton 10 July 1807 I take the liberty of forwarding you a Copy of the remarks made on Viewing the Leadmines belonging to Col Beaumont at Midsummer. Beginning with Coalcleugh the east end of which looks poorer at present, but hath raised a considerable quantity of Ore last quarter; the West End of which, and the small cross Vein, with the flats attending them, never looked better, but stil

Letter – Christopher Blackett to Thomas Bowes – 11 Jul 1807

Tho[mas] Bowes esq Darlington Newcastle July 11/1807 Not having received any answer to my former application to you respecting the <time> that could be allowed by the Commiss[ioners] to Col Beaumont for making his Earnings & other profits etc arising from his Weardale Leadmines. The Books of Accounts being still detained in London the same occasion as formerly, the Suit depending <with> the Bishop of Durham preventing the possibility of my producing the retur

Court Order – John Scott – 11 Jul 1807

[Cover:] 11 July 1807. Bishop of Durham v Beaumont Esq & Wife Copy Minutes of Order made on Rehearing Lord Chancellor Saturday the 11th day of July 1807. Bp Durham v Beaumont <Can> declare that it sufficiently appears to this Court that in entering into the Agreement in the pleadings mentioned of the 1st day of Septr. 1791 the Bishop of Durham entered into the same upon the faith and in confidence of the accuracy of the information given him by John Erasmus Bla

Letter – Christopher Blackett to Read, Lucas & Read – 27 Jul 1807

Messrs Reads & Lucas Sheffield N[ew]C[astle] July 27 1807 I have this day sent directed for you per Waggon, a p[iece] fine Silver containing 1373 Ounces which you will please to Credit Mr Beaumont’s Account as <usual>, at the Market Price and advise me of the price you allow on your receipt of the same. I am Sir CB

Letter – Martin Morrison to Diana Beaumont – 11 Aug 1807

Aug 11/1807 Enclosed the Account of Sales of Lead & Litharge, together with the Cash Acc[oun]t for last March to Mrs Beaumonts

Letter – Christopher Blackett to Thornhill & Co – 11 Aug 1807

Newcastle August 11/1807 Gent I am this day favoured with your remittance of Notes at Thirty Days dated the 15th Inst amount One Hundred & Nineteen Pounds 17/6 to your credit in Account with Mr Beaumont for Litharge sent you. I have now quitted Mr Beaumont’s Lead Concerns you will be pleased in future to address Mr Morrison on that subject. I am Sir CB

Letter – John Hall – 18 Aug 1807

April 16/1807 Received from TR Beaumont 18 Casks Litharge on Acct of Taylor & Sons, Queensferry, Particulars below December 15 1806 B[ough]t of Mr C Blackett on Acc[oun]t of Taylor & Sons Queenferry 18 Casks of Litharge Viz particulars below May 29 1807 Received from Tho[mas] Rich[ard] Beaumont Esq 30 Casks Lith[arge] 184 @ 34/- [£] 312-16 etc sent to John Taylor & Sons per the Glasgow Packet to Grangemouth 5 June 1807 Aug 18 Rec[eive]d from Tho[mas} R Beaumont Esq

Letter – Martin Morrison to Charles Barrass – 20 Aug 1807

Cha[rles] Barrass Esq Newcastle 20 Aug 1807 Sir Col Beaumont has communicated to me the Contents of your letter of the 18 Instant and in reply I ask to inform you that the journal & Ledger belonging to this Office were sent to Mr Richard Wilson of London last November where they still remain, but that Mr Blackett’s Cash Book is here, and ready for Auditing. I am M.M.

Letter – Martin Morrison to Joseph Dickinson – 26 Aug 1807

Joseph Dickinson Esq Dufton Newcastle 26 Aug 1807 Mrs Beaumont purposes to be at Allenheads accompanied by Mr Cockshutt & Mr Thomas and myself on Wednesday the 9th of September and wishes to meet you there on the Evening of that day, or on the following morning. I am Sir M. Morrison

Letter – Martin Morrison to Read, Lucas & Read – 31 Aug 1807

Messrs Reads & Lucas Sheffield Newcastle 31 Aug 1807 Having succeeded Mr Blackett Agent to Colonel Beaumont, I have to acknowledge the receipt of your letter of the 29th Inst covering three Bills value £408-18-6 which are to the Credit of your account. I am Sir MM
The Dukesfield Smelters and Carriers Project aimed to celebrate and discover the heritage of the Dukesfield Arches & lead carriers' routes between Blaydon and the lead mines of Allendale and Weardale. A two year community project, it was led by the Friends of the North Pennines in partnership with Hexhamshire and Slaley Parish Councils and the active support of Allendale Estates. It was funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund and the generous support of other sponsors. Friends of the North Pennines: Charity No:1137467