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Report – Thomas Dodd – 29 Oct 1806

Joseph Wanless & Co are driving the Horse level at Tynebottom.

Letter – Thomas Crawhall to Thomas Emerson – 30 Oct 1806

Mr Thomas Emerson Weardale Newcastle 30th Oct 1806 D[ea]r Sir Col Beaumont & Mr Blackett have desired me to intiomate to you that it is Col Beaumont’s intention to support Sir R Milbank & Sir Tho[mas] Liddell in the approaching Election for the County of Durham. He wishes you to make this public in Weardale and hopes that his friends there will contribute in supporting the same Cause. I am etc TC

Report – John Mulcaster to James Cockshutt – 14 Nov 1806

James Cockshutt Esq, Huthwaite Nov 14 1806 Along with this I have sent you an Acct of the operation of Roasting the Lead Ore previous to its being smelted according to your direction as exact as it could possibly be made, as I attended to the weighings necessary at the different works myself which were performed with the utmost scrupulous exactness. – Yet you will observe that the results are very different at each place – I have attempted to account for the differen

Letter – Christopher Blackett to George Baker – 15 Nov 1806

George Baker Esq Elmore Newcastle 15 Nov 1806 Sir, I have paid on your private Acc[oun]t at you Banking House, Twentyfive Guineas which have been so good as to advance for a <Co….> bought of Mr Bell for Col Beaumont. I am Sir etc CB

Letter – Christopher Blackett to Read, Lucas & Read – 15 Nov 1806

Messrs Reads & Lucas Sheffield NewC[astle] Nov 15 1806 Gent I have now by me for disposal a p[iec]e of fine Silver weight about 1570 Ounces. Should you be in want of that article I will thank you to say by return the utmost price you can afford to give per ounce. I am Sir CB

Letter – Thomas Crawhall to George Crawhall – 20 Nov 1806

Mr Geo[rge] Crawhall Weardale N[ew]Castle Nov 20 1806 You will on receipt of this, inform Mr Emerson that the price to be charged to the Workmen for Gunpowder for the last year is £6-1-6 that is after the deduction of the 10 percent and exclusive of the Charge of Carriage to the mines which will be paid here as last year. As the Pays are to be made at Xmas or soon after as may be Mr B[eaumon]t hopes the accounts will be prepared & sent in soon. T.C.

Letter – Christopher Blackett to Glyn & Co – 22 Nov 1806

Sir R. C. Glyn Bt & Co London N[ew]Castle Nov 22 Gent I have on this day drawn upon you in Col Beaumonts Account in favour of Sir W[ilia]m Loraine Bt & Co at 20days date for £2,600-0-0 which you will please to honor & you’ll oblige Yrs etc CB

Letter – Christopher Blackett to Read, Lucas & Read – 24 Nov 1806

Reads Lucas & Co Sheffield N[ew]Castle Nov 24 1806 Gent I have this day sent you a p[iec]e fine Silver containing 1572 Ounces which is charged to your Debit with Col Beaumont as below. Please to remit me the amount as usual. I have paid for the carriage of this piece here. I am CB I have another p[iec]e Silver by me w[eigh]t 1111 Ounces which should you wish to be forwarded you at the same price, you will advise me per course of post. Nove 24 1806 for a p[iece] fine Sil

Letter – Christopher Blackett to Read, Lucas & Read – 1 Dec 1806

Reads Lucas & Co Sheffield N[ew]Castle December 1 1806 Gent. I have this day sent you per Pickergill’s Waggon a p[iece] fine Silver containing 1111 ounces which is charged to your Debit in Acc[oun]t with TRB Esq as below. You will please to acknowledge the receipt and remit me the amount as usual to him. Yours etc CB Dec. 1 for a p[iec]e fine Silver of 1111 oz @ 6/2 per Oz £342-11-2

Letter – Christopher Blackett to Thomas Salkeld – 19 Dec 1806

Mr Tho[ma]s Salkeld Innkeeper Alnwick Newcastle Dec 19 1806 Sir I have received your letter addressed to Mr Beaumont, and am surprised at its contents. Your charge during the late Election at Alnwick is a very exorbitant one, by your own account £89-14-3 for 12 persons entertainment for one noght only. I observe the Sum paid you on that account by Mr Beaumont was £20 with the addition of £10 jointly with Lord Hawick – These Sums I think handsome payment in discharge of your Bill

Letter – Christopher Blackett to Glyn & Co – 20 Dec 1806

Sir R. C. Glyn Bt & Co London N[ew]Castle Dec 20th 1806 Gent I have this day drawn upon you £2,600 to the Order of Sir W[ilia]m Loraine Bt & Co at 20 Days for Account of Tho[mas] R[ichar]d Beaumont Esq for whom I am with greatest respect Sirs etc CB

Letter – Christopher Blackett to Thomas Richard Beaumont – 20 Dec 1806

T. R. Beaumont Esq MP N[ew]Castle 20 Dec 1806 Portman Square London Dear Sir I have this day drawn on Sir R. C. Glyn & Co for £2,600 for this Months Subsistence Money. Mr James got an order this morning for 600P[iece]s Refined Lead – I told him the price would be £38—10-0 at 6 Mo[nths] upon which he desired me to state to you that he thought it an extreme hardship to pay 10s/- more than he had ever before been charged for Refined Lead alone,--- that he had always take

Letter – Christopher Blackett to Thomas Richard Beaumont – 24 Dec 1806

Tho[ma]s Rich[ar]d Beaumont Esq MP N[ew]Castle 24th Dec 1806 Portman Square London Dear Sir I have received Mrs Beaumonts letter of the 20th Inst, and observe Mr Bown’s remarks on the Contract made with Mr Row, which shall be strictly attended to. I hope an actual time for the payment may be specified in the Deed; but I believe it will not be found in my letter on the subject that I gave reason to respect it. I believe it will also be seen by this letter I allude to, that I

Letter – William Loraine to C Mackey – 24 Dec 1806

<C Mackey> Esq Dear Sir Agreeable to your request to beg leave to state to you that if Col Beaumont’s Pay amounts to £30,000 your Dra[f]ts on Messrs Glyn & Co will be required at the following Dates Viz £15,000 at Sight, £7,500 at 20 Days & £7,500 at 30 D[ay]s or in similar proportions for such Sum as you may want for the Pay I am Sir for W[ilia]m Loraine & Co Yours etc W[ilia]m Loraine Jun[ior]

Letter – Thomas Crawhall to Michael Walton – 24 Dec 1806

Mr Mich[ael] Walton Whitfield N[ew]Castle Dec 24 1806 D[ea]r Sir I have made Mr Blackett acquainted with the contents of your letter of 20 Inst. who thinks you had best pay the Money you mention to Mr Loraine as you propose who will send a Cheque for payment of the same at Batson & Co Bank where it will be carried to the proper accounts at this office. I am etc T.C.

Specification – James Cockshutt to unknown – 1 Jan 1807

[See PDF version of this document, which incorporates the drawings, with accompanying handwritten key & measurements]

Letter – Christopher Blackett to Rundell Bridge & Rundell – 7 Jan 1807

Messrs Rundell Bridge & Co Ludgate Hill London Newcastle January 7 / 1807 I yesterday forwarded for you a p[iece] fine Silver containing 1889 Ounces which I desire you will place to Acc[oun]t with T. R. Beaumont Esq at the Markett Price as usual, advising me on your receipt of the same. I have paid for the carriage of this piece here & I remain Etc CB

Letter – Christopher Blackett to Thomas Richard Beaumont – 7 Jan 1807

Tho[mas] Rich[ard] Beaumont Esq Newcastle January 7 / 1806 I have been duly favoured with Mrs Beaumonts letters of the 23 & 27 and yours of 29 Ultimo. On finding by the former that Mr Thomas Walker had lately considered your selling price for lead to be £38 & £39, I inquired of Mr Parker whence such an idea should have originated: he seemed much surprised at the question, but promised to refer to copies of his correspondence and then to give me an answer, he told me y

Letter – William Blackett to John Erasmus Blackett – 7 Jan 1807

My Dear Sir Many happy returns of this season to yourself Lady Collingwood & Family which has been the mildest I ever remember till within these few days we have had roses showing in the open ground. We have only just covered the Myrtles which were full of buds & would have <flown> if the frost had not come on which has been rather sharp for these three days – little Patience is out every day in the Garden & grows very much; Edward is so great a favourite at <Westo

Letter – Christopher Blackett to Richard Tucker – 10 Jan 1807

Mr R[ichar]d Tucker Newcastle January 10/1807 Under Cover to R Milne Esq Lincolns Inn, London Sir I have received your letter of the 8th Inst and Parcel. I do not see that any inconvenience can arise to the Concerns of Mr & Mrs Beaumont here by the removal of the Books & Accounts you refer to in your letter & indeed the only inconvenience attending it would be their bulk. In a post or two shall write you as to the accuracy of the extracts etc from the Acc[oun]ts whi

Letter – Thomas Crawhall to Richard Ruddock – 15 Jan 1807

Rich[ar]d Ruddock Esq Hexham Newcastle Jan 15/1807 Mr Blackett when he went out to Morpeth yesterday, left the enclosed Return with me to transmit to you. You will please to observe that no deduction whatever is made on account of Children, you will therefore do the needful when the assessment is made out. I am etc TC

Letter – Thomas Crawhall to Read, Lucas & Read – 15 Jan 1807

Messrs Reads Lucas & Co Sheffield Newcastle January 15/1807 I am favoured with yours in Mr C Blacketts absence covering five Bills Value £348-11-0 as you advise, which Sum is placed to the Credit of your Acc[oun]t with Mr Beaumont for fine Silver sent you. By the first opportunity, the quantity of Test Bottoms you wish for shall be sent to Hull when you shall be advised of the same. I am Sir etc TC

Report – Joseph Dickinson to Christopher Blackett – 17 Jan 1807

No 4 Jany 17 1807 The Upper Coalcleugh Vein in the east End, is now supposed to be through the principle part of the Cross Vein, and at present is in a promising situation, being let for at 20/-per Bing the ensuing Quarter, notwithstanding its disconvenient situation for taking the Work to Bank. Should it continue another quarter will be under the necessity of driving the Waggon Level forward, and sinking another Whimsey, down into the forehead, which expense will be soon repa

Letter – Christopher Blackett to Glyn & Co – 19 Jan 1807

Sir R. C Glyn Bt & Co London Newcastle January 19th 1807 Gent I have this day drawn upon you as below on Tho[mas] R[ichar]d Beaumont Esq Account, which Drafts you will please to honor. I am etc CB Jany 19 At Sight payment to Sir W Loraine & Co £9,000 Ten Days ditto £9,000 Twenty Days ditto £9,000 Ten Days Tho[ma]s Crawhall £2,500 Twenty Days ditto

Letter – Charles Grey to Thomas Richard Beaumont – 27 Jan 1807

Private. Downing St. Jany. 27th. 1807 Dear Sir,               I yesterday recd. a letter from the Lord Advocate of Scotland to whom I had communicated the letter written by the Clerk of the Peace of Northumberland in consequence of the resolutions of the Magistrates at the Quarter Sessions stating that he would take the inconvenience complained of into immediate consideration, and concert the measures necessary for remedying it, with the Attorney and Solicitor Genl. Th
The Dukesfield Smelters and Carriers Project aimed to celebrate and discover the heritage of the Dukesfield Arches & lead carriers' routes between Blaydon and the lead mines of Allendale and Weardale. A two year community project, it was led by the Friends of the North Pennines in partnership with Hexhamshire and Slaley Parish Councils and the active support of Allendale Estates. It was funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund and the generous support of other sponsors. Friends of the North Pennines: Charity No:1137467