Report – Peter Whitfield to Edward Chandler – 1 Jul 1732

Document Type: Report
Date: 1 Jul 1732
Correspondent: Peter Whitfield
Recipient: Edward Chandler
Archive Source: DCRO D Bo F 138
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Account of most of the Vaines above Wolsingham to Killhope head, with their distance from Shortthorns which is Called the Center  (below Shortthorns [in a different ink and hand: ‘Wr Mr Blackets Steward Mr Peart’]

[Above the next entry in a different hand: ‘Upon the Comons or Wast’]

On the south side of Wolsingham a vaine not wrought     9 miles

  [in another hand: ‘distant Shortthorns]

Pikestone a vaine not w                                 9

South Graine a vaine not w                              7

  p Shaftwellhead a vaine wrought                       6

[next to the above in a different hand: ‘Mr Bacon & Mr Blackett.’ In the left margin beside it the letter p – or perhaps pn – has been extended to pnershp]

pn Boalehope Harnishey not w                            5

The Ewe Tree 2 vains not w                              5

Calves Grove out to the fell                            5

[After this in a different hand: ‘in the glebe pt & pt in the Lease’]

Nuelandside Grove wrought                               4 1/2

[beside the above in a different hand: ‘in Park Copyhold’]

one the Billing 3 vains not w                           4

-Whesnhope Grove wrought west & to the east 

[in a different hand inserted: ‘to Ld Vanes liberty’] 

att the Burn begins the ptnShipp this vaine is all 

  Rich for silver                                       4

[in margin next to the above in a different hand: ‘Mr Bacon worth 4£ per Bing 40<sh in> a Bing better thn the <rest & he> raises a[t] <the 6> mines <do in pportion>

Other Two Vaines Halfe a mile south East of the Sd      4

in Swinhope 2 vaines not w                              3 1/2

Do floatwork att the pasturehead not w	                  3 1/2

  Green Loes a vaine & float wrought                    2

Haidness  in Harthope not w 2 vaines                    1 1/2

  Rountree sike wrought                                 1

Whoesike in Airshope  not w                             1

<p> Greenwell wrought – Do                              1

[in margin by the above in a different hand: ‘Mr Bacon’]

Gravel Lodge a float not w Do                           1

  Bishopps stone a Nue Tryal wrought                    3

Winnsike not w                                          1 1/2

  p Hezlygill in Burnhope wrought                       1 1/2

Do Foxholes not w                                       1 1/2

Longtea Head wrought                                    3 1/2

[in margin by the above in  a different hand: ‘a grove’]

Drysike 2 Vains not w                                   4

Scraithhead not w                                       4

Wellheads in Wellhope not w                             2

Wellhope Moss not w                                     3 1/2

Cowhoas in Killhope a float not w                       3 1/2

  Do Snodberry wrought                                  3 1/2

  Do Hillgrove wrought & Hushed                         4

  Do Sun Moss not w                                     4

  Do Black leader not w                                 4

  Do Old Moss Grove wrought	                             4

  Do Long Holehead not w                                4

  Do Trent & Tweed not w                                4

Mr Ridley’s Groves Hezely Hill Hushed                   4 1/2

  Do Middle Grove with a Cross vaine                    4 1/2

  Do [Seavi] Mea not w                                  4 1/2

  Do Burngrove not w                                    4 1/2

  Do next Grove wrought                                 4 1/2

  Do Killhopehead Vaine not w                           5

13 w

The Catt Crag vaine                                     2 1/2

  p Greenfield wrought                                  2 1/2

Do Guinea Grove not w                                   2 1/2

Breckensike on Sedling fell not w                       2 1/2

  Sedling Grove wrought                                 2

Midgepitts a Cross Vaine not w                          2

  Do Copt Hills float not w                             2

A Nue found Vaine in Sedling head not w                 2 1/2

p Broadmeay not w                                       2 1/2

MiddleHopehead Vaine not w                              2 1/2

p EaringClough Vaine not w                              2

Blackaxeltree not w                                     2

on the East of Middlehopeburn a vaine going to be wrought 2

And Halfe a mile beloe Two Hushes wrought               2

Black Clough near Wearshead not w                       1

Wearshead Vaine not w) These 2 Each crosses other and   1

Todstone not w       ) there is ptnShip in one of them

Elmeford not w with a string or vaine going of          1

  Aller Clough wrought                                    1/2

  Lodgefield wrought & Hushed                             1/2

  Rakes wrought & Hushed                                  1/2

  West of this said Rakes Vaine there is a [ptn] not w    1/4

Richd Hall’s Vaine wrought                              1

pinder Loning not w                                       1/2

p Middlehopeshields floate Joyning to the west 

  of Stanhp park not w                                  1 1/2

Douks in Midlehope not w                                1 1/2

Poss Well not                                           2

[In margin by the next in a different hand: ‘In the Park’ and then ‘Do’ has been added to the four beneath]

Grove Rake slitt wrought                                2

Side Grove not w                                        2

Mickelstone not w                                       2 1/2

North Vaine not w                                       2 1/2

The Nue Tryall in Stanhpp park Given over               2 1/2

RookHopehead not w                                      4

Gorbatmeay a vaine not w                                4

  Do Grove Rake not w                                   4

Wolfe Clough a vaine wrought                            3

p Lineskarth Clough head a vaine wrought                3

Groves in Rookhope lLett to Mr Rogers Mr Ord 

  & Mr Hudson all NueCastle Gent

  Breckensike 2 Vaines not wrought                      3 1/2

  Rissbey Two vaines one is wrought & Gets well         3

  Longwell & Scarsike not wrought                       3


[Added in a different hand: ‘Boundary of Stanhop Park’]

Above Horslyburn house, Ravensley pasture Billing Easter Lea wester Lea Swinhopeburn the wall on the west side in a direct Line to Westgateburn washing Wear The wall on the west side of the Burn to thr then Eastward to nigh the Northgate Includeing Sunderland to Eastgate Burn the wall one the west Side of the Burn so Cross wear to Blakes Ile so down near Includeing Horsly Ground to the Burn in Ravensly pasture where we begun

Memerandm. in Nulandside Q: in Maddyson Grays farm there is a Coppyhold Grove now wrought & Oare Gott 

Eler Gill near Stanhp a Grove wrought 4 miles distant this is a freehold

[added to this in the same hand that has added the previous notes:] but <g…..> out into the <F…>

Wn Lead is 13.10.0 pr fodder, then oar is 50s a Bing at every advance of 5 sh <per tun> oar rises 1 sh.

Washd at Green North Groves Since June Rot. Walter the Carrier at Hawkwell hill on Saturday 10 June carried it 6 horses <i a> Bing ½

Smelting is getting       1:2:6

DCRO D/Bo/F/138. This list is undated but catalogued as c. 1743.   It is more likely to have compiled in 1732 for Bishop Chandler.  Evidence from elsewhere shows that he commissioned such a list, with the distances of the veins from New House, from Peter Whitfield in 1732, so it was possibly from him.  It is likely to have been written between 10th June and 9th July. The earlier date is quoted in the report as being when lead ore was carried away. On the later date Bishop Chandler wrote to Walter Blackett (DUL CCB B 182 121) complaining about ore being carried away. The Bishop’s letter was probably written soon after receipt, so 1st July is used here. The additional notes and marks in the margin and on the document are probably in Chandler’s hand.

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