Report – Joseph Dickinson to Martin Morrison – 12 Oct 1812

Document Type: Report
Date: 12 Oct 1812
Correspondent: Joseph Dickinson
Recipient: Martin Morrison
Archive Source: NRO 672/E/1F/1
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Mr Morrison Newcastle 						Dufton 12th October 1812

       About the 25th March last the Weather being exceeding stormy I inspected Coalcleugh Leadmines & let the Bargains, the Mines being poor in the Old Works was obliged to advance the head Price to 42s per Bing by that time the snow being so very deep, & the Frost intense, was obliged to return, after writing to the Head Agents at Allenheads & Weardale; I had in that journey taken Cold, was very unwell for near three Weeks, and then was confin’d to my bed , & never out of the Room for near seven weeks, & was not able at the 24th June to visit the Mines. I am now so far recovered that I have inspected the principal part of the Mines, which I find in general poor, particularly the Old Works, who ought to had an advance, if the times had not been so very discouraging; & fear the head price have been complyed with by several to <cover> the advanced Cash.

       Coalcleugh hath been visited with a disorder, which the Doctors call a Typhus fever. I did not go there as usual, but after a General Meeting of the Head Agents at Allenheads, Mr Little reported the state of the Mines under his care, I ordered him to let the Bargains himself, & give me the particulars in writing; the principal part of the other Mines I visited in Company with the Head Agents, & was present at letting all the Bargains. I left Messrs. Emerson & Crawhall Inspecting the Mines at Coalcleugh, where they would return immediately when they came out of the Mines, in order to avoid the infection; the Head Agents Report of all the Mines, expect you will receive before this, and therefore shall not be particular in that part, only the Bargains as they are let at present, and shall begin with Coalcleugh, One Bargain at 26s per Bing, Two ditto at 30s, One ditto at 32s, Two ditto at 35s, Two ditto at 36s, Three ditto at 38s, Two ditto at 40s, and Twenty four ditto at 42s per Bing with very little dead Work except the Great Level about £7.10.. per Fathom, expect they will raise their last Quar[ters] quantity of Ore.

       Hartleycleugh & Wellhope, One Bargain at 24s per B[in]g, one ditto at 30s, One ditto at 40s & Six ditto at 42s per B[in]g. Driving the Horse Level at 95s per fathom. This place is expected to raise the last years quantity.

       Allenheads Mine poorer in general particularly the three last lengths at East End. That now sinking being only about a fathom into the Sill, is considerably better, & lett at 30s per B[in]g. The West end continues poor in the Flatts, & seldom works under the head price; the Tryal to find the Vein on the West side of the Great Cross Vein, hath been attended with several unfortunate circumstances both in Boring and sinking a Shaft to Air that place, & when that was completed in driving Westward in the Vein discovered, it went to nothing, I believe by the Sill going down to the West there are some more Veins before us, and not far distant: Before an effectual tryal can be made, it will be attended with a great Expence. I have therefore discontinued this tryal for the present, untill a point of the South Vein at Coalcleugh be taken, to see where it points to at Allenheads & then you will hear further from me.

       Allenheads Bargains. One at 30s per B[in]g. One at 35s. One at 38s. Seven at 40s. & 14 at 42s per B[in]g. This Mine will fall considerably short of last Years Quantity, & is attended with considerably more dead Work than some others, <besides> the under level sinking seven let at £18 per Fathom; the reason for this Sinking is mentioned in my report in January last.

       Weardale leadmines in general poorer than when I last inspected them, particularly those that used to be the best which you will see by the Bargains. Breckonsike Two Bargains at 40s per B[in]g. Eight Bargains at 42s per B[in]g. the low level driving at £9 per fa[tho]m & one to Greenfield at £11.10.. per fathom.

Burtree Pasture. One bargain at 30s per B[in]g. One ditto at 34s. One ditto at 35s. One ditto at 36s. One ditto at 39s & Six ditto at 42s. The Top Level at 130s per fa[tho]m and the Horse Level at 150s per fathom.

Killhope. One bargain at 40s per B[in]g & Six ditto at 42s per Bing.

Sedling. Twenty One Bargains at 42s per Bing, the low level East at £9.10.. per fa[thom] & 30s per Bing. Low level west at £8 and 30s per Bing A Top Level at 66s per f[atho]m & 42s per Bing, & sinking a Sump & £7 per Fathom & 38s per Bing.

Company’s Vein. One Bargain at 36s per B[in]g & One at 38s per B[in]g. Driving Level at £9 per Fa[tho]m & 30s per B[in]g, & Rising at £7 per fa[tho]m & 38s per Bing,

Middlehope Shield. Nine Bargains at 42s per B[in]g. driving Level at 90s per Fa[tho]m.

Slitt. 4 bargains at 42s per B[in]g. Driving Low Level at 130s per fa[thom] & 30s per B[in]g.

Longsike Six Bargains at 42s per B[in]g, & a Sump to open for £30.

Earncleugh. 8 Men driving cross at £9 per fa[tho]m.

Greenlaws. Driving Level at 115s per Fa[tho]m & 30s per B[in]g, driving top drift at 53s per fa[thom] & 42 s per Bing.

Allercleugh, Three Bargains at 42s per Bing, driving a drift at 85s per fa[tho]m & 8 Men opening an old Drift.

Blackdean. Seven Bargains at 42s per Bing, driving level at £10 per fa[tho]m & 2 partnerships driving in the Vein at 80s per f[atho]m & 35s per Bing & one partnership draw[in]g out old deads.

Levelgate. One Bargain at 42s per B[in]g. driving level at £9 per fa[thom] & driving Cross at £6 per fa[thom] to Middlehope old Vein.

Longtyhead. Four Bargains at 42s per Bing

Wolfcleugh. Five Bargains at 42s per B[in]g. driving level at £9 per fa[thom] at Broaddale Pasture and 30s per B[in]g, driving level at Wolfcleugh at 90s per fa[thom] & 30s per B[in]g, driving Cross at £11. Sinking Sump at £7 per fa[thom].

Crawlah. Three Bargains at £11 per F[ath]om.

Yew Tree. One Bargain at £11 per F[ath]om & £20 for driving Level.

Peakside. One Bargain at £11 per F[ath]om

Harehope Gill. To raise Ore at 80s per B[in]g and pay Col Beaumont ¼ Duty Over

Brandon Walls. To raise Ore at 70s per B[in]g, both the two last to be well dressed & made ready for the Mill, & continue for One Year

I remain etc

Jos Dickinson
Quarterly mining report, concerning lead mines in Allendale and Weardale. Mining Reports pp 100-102.
As Dickinson notes in this report his normal inspection routine was disrupted by his period of illness, and then by an outbreak of typhus at Coalcleugh. Hence there are no Lady Day or Midsummer quarterly reports for 1812, and he relied on additional reports at Michaelmas by Messrs Little, Emerson and Crawhall. These are given on the following page (p103 in the copy volume), dated the following day. 

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