Letter – Nicholas Walton to William Corbett – 30 Mar 1736

Document Type: Letter
Date: 30 Mar 1736
Correspondent: Nicholas Walton
Recipient: William Corbett
Archive Source: TNA ADM 66 105
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To William Corbett Esqr

      Ravensworth Castle  March 30th 1736


	We were favoured with yours of the 20th, 23d & 26th of March Inst wch conveyed to us the command of the Board dated the 17th, 19th, 23d, 24th & 25th Inst to which we have a due regard, we also reced a Coppy of Mr Radleys Letter relating to Actions to be brought against Persons committing Wasts & damages.

	It being no objection to the board that the people who are now in possession of the Lead Mines in Aldston Moore, may continue to work the sd Mines during the Six Months notice for letting the same, provided they quit the same when ever they are lett, we have thereupon wrote to the Moor Master to acquaint all persons therewith, and to lett us know if any body have any objection, & as soon as we receive his answer you shall be acquainted therewith

	In the Minutes of the 19th Inst we being commanded to explain to the board, in the most minute manner the Affaires in dispute between Mr Wood & Mr Moore & to Pticularize the best reason Mr Wood aledges for not paying Tyths; we have wrote to him to make a Clear State of the whole, which shall be sent to you as soon as it comes to our hands

	We have looked back into the minutes of the 4th of February last, in which the Directors order the Tyths of Hartburn Rectory to remain in the hands of the present Tennant, & they having in their minute of the 19th Inst agreed in opinion that Mr Ra Wood is the present Tennant, we thort proper to acquaint Mr Aynsley therewith  But we observe in the minute taken the 23d Inst that the Directors give us orders to acquaint Mr Aynsley that he is to quitt the Sd Tyths next Mayday which we apprehend woud give him a handle to say you allow him to have been Tennant.  whereas in the Minute you will observe Sr that Mr Ra Wood is the present Tennant, whose Term ends next Mayday.  In order therefore, that no ill use may be made by constraining the meaning of these minutes in the light they appear to us, we send you a Coppy of wt we wrote to Mr Aynsley, in which you will observe we neither allow him to have been Tennant for this or to be Tennant for next year.

	We will take care of what the board has approved of as Receipts for the Interest and annuity due out of the Derwentwater Estate, shall be precidents to us in the payment thereof, to Persons Legally impow’d and that proper testemonials of Lady Catherine Radcliffs Life shall be produced before the payment of her annuity

	Mr Mannock Strickland writes us that he always allowed Mr Watson late Receiver one Per Ct for returning the £1000 Intt & £100 Annuity and he has offered us the same, but we did not think it proper to give him any answer to it, without first having leave from the Directors for so doing, wth which we desire you will be pleased to acquaint them

	We have given directions to prosecute Scott of Stablehills near Keswick, for cutting down two Ash Trees.

	We observe in the Minute of the 19th Inst that the board had been so kind as to recommend us to the Genll Court, to be continued Joyntly in their Service by Vertue of the Commission now Subsisting exclusive of Mr Ellison and we observe their further kind recommendations as to the Security & in pursuance of wch we observe by the minute taken at the last Generall Court, that the Court confirmed the same for wch we begg leave pay our Complimts of Gratitude and to assure you it shall be our Study to do every thing that is in our power for their Service & Intt while we have the Honr to continue in their Service

	With the Minutes taken at Salters Hall the 25th March Inst we reced the Coppy of the advertizement for letting the Derwentwater Estate on Lease for 21 Years & we will observe the directions of the board there upon, there is two papers published at Newcastle Weekly wch is called the Newcastle Currant, & North Country Journall in both wch papers it will (if you think fitt) be proper to putt the above advertizement as the one of them Viz the Newcastle Current is not taken in by Severall of the Governmtd Friends & the Advertizmt being in both papers will make the notice more publick, but we will wait your orders therein   You will observe the orders given us is to putt the Advertizmt only in the Newcastle Currant and it will be so done next Saturday

	Yours of the 20th Inst requires from us an Accot of the Pticular of all the Lead Mines Estates & Tyths, that are out of Lease & to send you printed Coppys of them;  We had some time agoe your directions for the same & we made an Essay to wards it but found it was impossible to doe it in that concise manner wch we intended it, without the Survey of each Pticular Farme, so as we might in cert not only the Quantity but the quality of the same, Mr Thompson is going on as fast as possible but it is impossible that he can compleat the whole so as to give us the quantity of Land in each Farme sooner than abt Midsummer next, in the mean time we send you inclosed an Accot of all the Estates on Leases, by wch you may on compairing it wth the Rentall Sent to us see all the Estates out of Lease.  The Lead Mines we expect are all out of Lease.

	One thing we begg leave to observe with regard to the letting of the Lead Mines & that is this.  The Act of Parliamt requires Six Months notice to be given before any Lead Mine now known can be Lett, & by vertue of this advertizmt all these already discovered may be lett at Michs next, but Supposing Six Months or 12 Months afterwds a new Vein shoud be discovered; does the Act of Parliamt require a new Advertizmt for letting of it; if it does we apprehend it will be a very great discouragmt to new discoverys; for supposing a Man to make a discovery and to apply to take Lease thereof and that it must be before Lett advertized 6 Months; the Discoverer has no chance more than any other person to take it & consequently will discourage all discoverys.  We begg this may be laid before the Directs as it may possiably deserve their consideration, whether an Amendmt may be proper to be made to the Act for th encouragemt of Mine Adventurers, It may be a very materall Branch of the revenue of the Hospitall

	Mr Thompson has finished the Survey of Newlands and Whittinstall in the doing of wch he was discharged by the direction of Mr Fenwick of Bywell, who bounders upon Whittinstall Comon on the North, but as Mr Thompson had directions not to be take a discharge from any body he proceeded & finished his Worke we are told Mr Fenwick intends riding his boundry very soon, and as we shall have notice of it we intend to meet and discharge him if he comes within Whittinstall Comon.  We have taken care of materiall evidences in case of a dispute by wch we can prove that the Tennants of Whittinstall have Tilled & grown Corn on the verry ground in dispute.

	Since we sent you the last Accot of what proposals we had reced for letting the Tyths, already advertized, we have reced these following Viz


   Mr Lumsdon of Morpeth for Hartburn         £ 90

   Mr Dalaval for Whelpington                  100

   Mr Wm Robson for Whelpington                100

     Do  For Hartburn                           70

   Lett the tyths for Larbottle in 

     Pursuance of a former order at £33 now for 35


      These Tyths of Larbottle were let by Mr Boag to Wm Story of Carlington near Larbottle as above at £35 & the House & grounds at Alnwick late in the possession of Mr Francis Anderson to Mr Ra Archibald & Ptner at £14-10-d so that what Mr Anderson pretends to have held by a agreemt with Mr Watson at £40, per Ann is now lett for £49-10-d  In the Rentall sent to us Mr Anderson is charged £44-10-d but by a Letter from Mr Watson to Mr Anderson it appears that he was to pay no more that £40 but as it is to us returned at £44-10-d we desire your directions whether Mr Anderson must pay accordingly to the Rentall or according to the last agreemt wth Mr Watson

	We observe that there is orders given that Mr Radley search for the Grant of Hartburn Tyth, wch we are informed was granted to one Ward & Morgan

	We give you many thanks for your kind congratulation upon our being Continued Joynt recers exclusive of Mr Ellison & it gives us great pleasure that our Actions have been hitherto to your Satisfaction, and we hope they will always be so & are Your most Obedt &                                                                                          most Hble Servts

      Nichos Walton		Hugh Boag

An Accot of all the Estates late belonging to James late Earl of Derwentwater on Long Leases, Shewing the Terms & No of Years yett to expire from Penticost 1736 Vizt

Lease on Langley Barony vizt.           Term   No of

                                               Years to


Whineatly      Thos Hutchinson          1000   890      £1- 4-

               John Hutchinson          1000   890        -12-

               Nicholas Maughan         1000   890       4-16-

Ratten Raw     William Stokoe             99    16       5-  -

               John Dobinson              99    44       4-  -

               Widdow Lambert             71    44       4-  -

               Nicholas Maughan           71    44       4-  -

               William Stokoe             71    44       4-  -

               Edward Parker              71    44       4-  -

Broomhill &    John Atkinson              99    49      10-  -


Strother Close Ditto                      99     ?       2-  -

Beam Wham      Francis Stokoe             99    41       2-  -

Haydon Town    Ditto                      99    16      10-  -

Little Close   John Green                 99    16       1-10-

Magees Land    Ditto                      99    16      10-  -

The Tofts      Widow Todd                 99    16       6-  -

Esphill        John <Coaler>              99    39      22-  -

pt of Mill hills Michl & Alex Topping     99    16       5-  -

Plender heath  George Potts               99     ?      11-  -

Allonside      Thomas Walker              99    41      15-  -

Fourstones     Richard Stokoe             99    16       2-15-

               Richard Henderson & Ptnr   99    16       2-10-

               Cuthbert Lambert           99    16       8-  -

               John Gaull                 99    16       6- 7- 6

               Nich Laedbitter            99    16       1- 7- 6

Holt Bank      John Gibson                99    31      20-  -

Dean Raw       William Charleton          99    16       3-10-

               Edward Parker              99    16       3-10-

               Carr & Craig               99    16       5-  -

               Cuth Robinson              99    16       3-10-

Light birks    Henry Eshton               99    16      11- 5-

               Robt Wallace               99    16       5-  -

               Joseph Teasdale            99    16      11-10-

               John Todd                  99    16       4-13- 4

Lees           John Ridley                99    16      10-  -

               Nicholas Smith             99    16       3-  -

               Edward Parker              99    16       6- 4-

               Henry Eshton               99    16       3-  -

               Ditto                      99    16       4- 6-

Lough          John Maughan               99    16       4- 5-

Tedcastle      Nath Leadbitter            99    16       5-  -

               Do and Ra Laws             99    16       2- 5-

Heydon Bridge  John Atkinson              99    39       6-  -

                                                       249-10- 4

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