Judgement – John Franklin – 10 May 1682

Document Type: Judgement
Date: 10 May 1682
Correspondent: John Franklin
Archive Source: NRO 753 J
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[On title page:] Copy Report / Thorowgood & Gray

[In a modern hand:]

Margaret Gray/ 1682/ NRO 753/J

[Main text:]

Date 10th die May 1682

Iuter Robertum Thorowgood et [……..] Quod Margaretta Grey vi[…]:  Def[…]

In pursuance of two Severall orders one of the Twenty Seventh of February [..esimo] primo [Caro…] Regis and the other of the three and twentieth of February last I have beene attended by the [sollicitors] on both sides and have [received] my former Report dated the seaventeenth day of December last And doe finde that Ralph Grey late husband of the def[endent] margararett in his life time and the Def[enden]t margarett since his death have possessed themselves of and received the bonds securities sumes of money and personall Estate late of Roger Briggs deceased [mentioned] in the first Schedule hereunto annexed amounting in the whole to the Sume of Seaven Thousand Sixe hundred ninety & two  pounds fower shillings and ten pence three farthings principall money And I alsoe finde that the defend[en]t and her late husband did pay the severall sumes of money [mentioned] in the Second Schedule hereunto [annexed] for Charges of workeing the lead in Question And for Kings and Queenes rents of the Same  amounting in all to the sume of Five thousand Five hundred and ninety pounds three shillings and ten pence And I alsoe finde that the said Roger Briggs did in his life time pay for the charges of [ma]keing the Lead to severall sumes of money in the third Schedule hereunto annexed [mentioned] amounting to in all one thousand Four hundred twenty foure pounds twelve shillings and two pence Soe that the Defend[en]t, and her husband having paid more for and towards such charges then the Sayd Roger the sume of Fower Thousand one hundred fifty and five pounds & Eleaven Shillings and Eight pence. I have therefore allowed to the Defend[en]t according to [their] Interest in the Sayd Lead [mines] which is one moyety of the Same, one moyety of such overplus money paid by her and her Said husband being Two Thousand Eighty Two pounds ten shillings & seaven pence halfe penny And I have alsoe thought fitt to allow unto the def[enden]t the severall other sumes of money mentioned in the fowerth schedule hereunto annexed amounting to the sume of one hundred seaventy and three pounds one shilling and nine pence and which being Added to the sayd sume of Two Thousand Eigthy two pounds ten shillings and seaven pence half penny amounts in the whole to the sume of Two Thousand Two hundred Fifty and five pounds twelve shillings and fower pence halfe penny which being deducted out of the said Sume of Seaven Thousand sixe hundred ninety and two pounds foure shillings and ten pence three farthings there rested in the Defend[en]ts hands of the Estate of the Said Roger Briggs in June one Thousand sixe hundred Seaventy and Sixe the sume of Five Thousand foure hundred Thirty Sixe pounds twelve shillings and eight pence farthing principall money And inasmuch as by the order of the twentieth of Aprill [tricesimo tertio Car Scdi] Robert Briggs who [..] Brother and John Thorowgood and Margaret his wife one of the Sisters of the Sayd Roger Briggs are at liberty to come in before me on the account and have their proportions of the said Estate of the Said Roger Briggs in the [defendents] hands I have therefore in the [presence] of the sollicitors for the Said Robert Briggs and John Thorowgood & margarett his wife considered of their respective proportions of the Said money in the [Defendents] hands And doe finde that according to the Will of the Sayd Roger Briggs the proportion of the sayd Robert Briggs of the moneys in the [defendents] hands amounts to nine hundred seventy and five pounds ten shillings out of which being deducted the sume of Five hundred and twenty pounds seaven shillings and fower pence being the proportion of the Said Robert of the Charges allowed in the second schedule to the defend[en]t working the lead and also Fifteene pounds fower shillings & nine  pence more disbursed by Ralph Grey and the Defend[en]t for necessaries for the Said Robert and allowed to her in the fowerth schedule hereunto annexed there rents to bee paid to him by the [plaintiff] out the moneys in the Defend[en]ts hands when the [plaintiff] shall have received the same the sume of Fower hundred and forty pounds ten shillings and ten pence farthing And I alsoe finde the proportion of the sayd John Thorowgood in right of his wife of the moneys in the Def[enden]ts hands amounts to nine hundred Seaventy and five pounds ten shillings, out of which being deducted the sume of Five hundred and twenty pounds seaven shillings and fower pence three farthings being the proportion of the said Margarett of the charges allowed in the Second Schedule to the defe[enden]t for workeing of the S[ai]d lead And also two and Twenty pounds Seaventeene shillings and twoe pence more disbursed by the defend[en]t for necessaries for the Said margarett & allowed to the def[enden]t in the fowerth Schedule hereto annexed there [rests] to bee paid to her and her husband out of the moneys in the Defen[en]ts hands when the [plaintiff] shall have received the same the summe of Fower hundred thirty two pounds sixe shillings and sixe pence three farthings All which money soe due from the Defend[en]t she is to pay accordingly And whereas the [defenden]t [demands Fe…….] Estate [sett] apart for Robert Briggs portion Seaven hundred pounds Itt is agreed before mee that upon the delivering the securities for the same into [Court] the [defendent] is to bee prote[…] have the same struck out of the Account as the Court shall direct. All which I humbly Certify and submitt to the Judgem[en]t of this hono[ra]ble.

{indecipherable signature]

Jo. Francklin

The first Schedule mentioned in this Rep[ort]

For lead sold by the Def[enden]t & her husband from the 1st of July 1672 Untill the 12th of Sept 1677 as appeared by an Acc[ount] from the Weighhouse booke £10425:16s:01d:  a moyety whereof comes to £5212:13s:00 ¾d

That the def[enden]t hath oversold the [plaintiffs] since the pl[aintiff] Rob[er]t [entred] on the lead [mynes] as appeared by the Acc[oun]t from the Weighhouse bookes 62 fodder 18[.] & 24[.] of lead valued at £723:00s:04d the moiety of which money belongs to the pl[ain]t[if]f & the Def[enden]t therefore to bee charged with the same, being	0361:12:02

Oct 12th 1674: For moneys rec[eiv]ed by Ralph Grey of Anthony Gallely for rent due to the pl[aintiff] [Katherine]	007:10:[00]

Dec 22th 1674: For soe[..]th rec[eive]d of Wm Gallely	010:00:00

Nov 11th 1674 For 60:10 Chalders of Coals being the pl[aintiff]s proportion of 960 tenns of coales wrought by Robt Ellott out of Ridingfeild Colliery at 1s per Chalder 	030:00:00

Nov 12th 1680 For moneys paid the def[enden]t by Mr Robert Thorogd for the pl[aintiff]fs use 030:11:08

1677 For rent recd by Mr Ralph Grey for lande at Teasdale from1673 to 1677 being 4 yeares at £41:10s per ann[um] £166 whereof the pl[aintiff]s are Intituled to a third.  041:10:00

For Fower hundred pounds principall 

money owing to the pl[aintif]f Katherine by 

Ralph Grey & Mr Mathew Matfin by bond 

dated abt Jany 7 1674         400:10:00

Roger Batemans bond           100:00:00

Hector Gilroys bond for       020:00:00

John Milbornes Severall bonds 140:00:00

Mary Delavalls Bond           025:00:00

Thickpennys bond              030:00:00

George Horseleys bond         050:00:00

John Puncheans bond           020:00:00

Richard Gilroys bond          020:00:00

Mathew Roades bond            010:00:00

Mr Nathaniell Johnsons bond	   100:00:00

Mr Nathaniell Johnsons bond	   053:00:00

Thomas Elliotts bond          050:00:00

William Cheesmans bond        010:00:00

William Greys bond            100:00:00

Fenwick by Land security      700:00:00

Wards bond                    020:00:00

Mary Fell                     010:00:00

Thomas Blayers Bond           100:00:00

In all                       7692:04:10 3/4

Jo: Franklin

The Second Schedule mentioned in this Re[por]t

						£     s     d

March the 30th 1670				010:11:08

Aprill 26th 1672				120:00:00

May 16th 1672					040:00:00

June the 19th					160:00:00

July the 19th 1672				040:00:00

August 24th					060:00:00

Sept the 26th					060:00:00

Sept the 3d 1672				020:00:00

Sept the 19th 1672				060:00:00

Nov the 21th 1672				095:00:00

December the 13th 1672			030:00:00

Feby the 6th 1672				040:00:00

Aprill the 10th 1673				032:00:00

Aprill the 5th 1673				040:00:00

May the 7th 1673				030:00:00

May the 7th 1673				045:00:00

June the 17th 1673				064:04:05

August the first 1673				030:00:00

August the 4th 1673				064:00:00

August the 20th 1673				039:07:09

Sept the 10th 1673				050:00:00

October the 8th 1673				050:00:00

November the 13th 1673			070:00:00

December the 10th 1673			060:00:00

February the first 1673			087:13:00

Aprill the 4th 1674				206:[..]:00

June the 3d 1674				100:00:00

Aprill the 20th 1674				003:01:03

June the 24th 1674				100:00:00

June the 25th 1674				014:12:08

Augt the 4th 1674				160:00:00

Augt the 22th 1674				080:00:00

Sept the 8th 1674				060:00:00

Oct the 5th 1674				100:00:00


October the 4th & Nov the 3d 1674		008:05:00

Novembr the 4th 1674				200:00:00

Nov the 17th 1674				001:03:04

Dec the 5th 1674				030:00:00

Decem the 11th 1674				100:00:00

Jany the 20th 1674				200:00:00

Jany the 24th 1674				002:11:08

March the 11th 1674				150:00:00

March the 31th 1675				157:13:00

Aprill the 5th 1675				022:05:00

Aprill the 24th 1675				040:00:00

May the 14th 1675				001:02:06

May the 18th 1675				200:00:00

June the 5th 1675				040:00:00

June the 9th 1675				080:00:00

June the 25th 1675				080:00:00

Ditto						020:00:00

July the first 1675				190:00:00

Augt the first 1675				060:00:00

Augst the 13th 1675				140:00:00

Septemb the first 1675			100:00:00

Sept the 3d 1675				060:00:00

ditto						002:05:04

Octob the 20th 1675				160:00:00

Nov the 13th 1675				100:00:00

Novemb the 25th 1675			040:00:00

Sept the 25th 1675				007:02:10

Novemb the 30th 1675			050:00:00

Dec the 18th 1675				200:00:00

Feb the 3d 1675				100:00:00

Feb the 18th 1675				060:00:00

Feb the 28th 1675				050:00:00

March the 16th 1675				050:00:00

Aprill the 8th 1676				080:18:01

Aprill the 6th 1676				070:00:00

Ditto						027:08:03

Aprill the 23th 1676				080:00:00

Ditto						001:02:00


					  	£     s    d

May the 9th 1676				160:00:00

June the 21th 1676				177:17:00

June the 30th 1676				055:00:00

The King and Queens rents <..> acquittances



		In all			           5590:03:10

Jo: Francklin


Third Schedule mentioned in this report

					  	£     s     d

30th March 1670: John Swinborne		010:11:08

26th Aprill 1672 	To Ditto		100:00:00

19th June 		To Ditto		040:00:00

			To Ditto		080:00:00

20th July		To Ditto		040:00:00

24th Augst		To Ditto		060:00:00

3 September		To Ditto		020:00:00

19th Sept 		To Ditto		060:00:00

26th September	To Ditto		060:00:00

19th Oct		To Ditto		100:00:00

22th Nov		To Ditto		050:00:00

22th Nov		To Ditto		045:00:00

13th Dec		To Ditto		030:00:00

      By Mr Henry Bland upon 

      the Acct of Roger Briggs as 

      by his bookes appeares	087:00:00

7th May 1673 		John Swinborne	055:00:00

30th May		To Ditto		050:00:00

17th June		To Ditto		020:00:00

25th June 		To Edward Robson	060:00:00

1st Aug 		To Edward Robson	030:00:00

4th Augst 		To Fr Ethrington	032:00:00

4th Augst 		To Ditto		032:00:00

20th Augst 		To John Swinborne	039:07:06

10th Sept		To Ditto		050:00:00

8th Octo		To Ditto		050:00:00

13th [..]	 1673		To Ditto		020:00:00

13th [..]			To Ditto		020:00:00

13th [..]			To Ditto		030:00:00

10th Dec		To Ditto		066:00:00

10th Feby		To Edward Robson	030:00:00

10th Feby		To John Swinborne	042:13:00

10th Feby		To Ditto		015:00:00

			In all		            1424:12:02

Jo: Francklin

The fowerth Schedule mentioned in this Report

						£    s      d

Money paid to James Emerson		100:00:00

Money paid out of Katherines

      particuler for Expences			035:00:00

For Robert Briggs Expences			015:04:07

For Margarett Briggs Expences		022:17:02


Jo: Francklin
A report of a law case, with four appended schedules of account. See notes on the background to the case attached to Margaret Grey’s statement in the case given the date of 1 June 1680. Franklin was a Master of the Chancery Court, ie. a court judicial official involved, amongst other things, with dispute resolution and adjudication

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