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Journal entry – John Grey – 23 Feb 1833

Saturday 23rd February 1833 In a Minute of the late Board of Directors, dated the 8th of February 1826, the Receivers were directed to carry into effect all the arrangements proposed by Mr Taylor, and among these, was the building of Receiving Houses for collecting the Duty ore, in three different parts of the Manor. Upon this order, without further reference to the Board, the Receivers agreed for the purchase of land necessary for the one at Nenthead, and also for that at Hudgill Burn, an

Journal entry – John Grey – 25 Feb 1833

Monday 25th February 1833 Possession of Dilston Mill having been given up to me, I proposed to the New Tenant, to place him at once in possession, to commence immediately with the necessary repairs of the Mill, the principle part of which was ordered in last years estimate, and to give him all the advantages of the Way-going Crop, on his paying the expenses I had incurred in obtaining possession immediately, and paying Eighty Pounds on the 22nd of November next: and after some demurring he

Journal entry – John Grey – 26 Feb 1833

Tuesday 26th Feburary 1833 Had an application from Robson Lambert formerly Tenant of Dilston New Town North Farm for the amount of his Bill for leading <materials> in breaking up the Old Hexham Road, and attaching it to his farm – the amount of this Bill, £21. had already been paid by the Hospital in the disgraceful affair of Mr Geo Wailes Bailiff of the District, but Mr Lambert had never obtained it. It is a matter of question with me, whether the Hospital ought to have paid this

Letters – Benjamin Johnson to Caleb Wilson – 27 Feb 1833

Mr Caleb Wilson Sunderland WB Lead Office 27 feby 1833 Dear Sir Messers WmFerry & Co Glass Manufacturers at Carrs Hill, a branch of the Deptford Glass Company have applied to purchase a quantity of Litharge, & have referred me to you as to the credit of their House. May I beg the favour that you will give me what information you may possess as to their stability as Merchants. I am Dear Sir BJ The same to Mr Richardson Bp Wearmo. with alteration of nam

Journal entry – John Grey – 27 Feb 1833

Wednesday 27th Feby. 1833 Engaged in correspondence and accounts nearly the whole day. Rode to East Mill Hills, and examined the several repairs etc, required by the tenant, and promised to give consideration to such as seemed proper. Received a letter from Mr Bainbridge stating that Mr Dickenson of Lovelady Shield had again refused to convey the Land on which the Receiving House at Hudgill Burn is built, unless the Hospital would pay him 5 per Cent interest for 7 years, in addition t

Journal entry – John Grey – 1 Mar 1833

Friday 1st March 1833 Mr Todd the New Tenant of Allerwash Town Farm, again applied to me relative to the Works he required, and also demanded to have included in his Farm two Cottages which have always been let separately, but as I could not accede to any part of his demands, he again threatened me as he had often before done, to give up, and that he would not take possession. It became necessary for me to bring him to a decision, and I told him that I must require of him to sign his agree

Letter – John Bell to John Fonblanque – 1 Mar 1833

Sir, Since I last wrote to you on the subject of Mr Scott’s affair respecting which you were enquiring of me, I have had an opportunity of seeing the Deeds of Conveyance of the Estate late Mr Hunter’s to Mr Beaumont. The Lease and Release are dated 11 & 12 Janry. 1805. The amount of Purchase Money is stated to be £9718.15s.10d. and appears to have been paid to the parties after named, viz: £605 to John Huntley & Henry Richmond; £616.17s.9d. to Benjamin Brunton and Robert

Letters – Benjamin Johnson to William Parker – 2 Mar 1833

Wm Parker 2 Mar 1833 Dear Sir ! Above I hand you Invoice of 2000frs WB Lead sold in Decr last, and annex you a Statement of Acco of 5000 p[iece]s of Lead & 200 Cks of Litharge purchased in April last with one months Int & charges as requested by you & settled by Mr Hodgson. The first payment which falls due on the 8th Inst you will please pay in Cash to Messrs Glyn & Co to the credit of Mr Bt with Bateson & Co & I will draw upon you for the rema

Letters – Benjamin Johnson to Grace & Freeman – 2 Mar 1833

Grace & Freeman WB Lead Off Newcastle 2 Mar / 33 Dear Sirs Above I hand you Inv of 20 Csks Lithg & 300 frs Refd Lead. The Shipping charges on the Lith will be forwarded by the firm Mr Hall the Shipping Agt We shall ship 300 p[iece]s next week & 300 p[iece]s the week following. Pt of qty sold you by Mr Key. We shall be glad to recve your further orders for Lith which you will find of very superior quality. I am Sir BJ

Letters – Benjamin Johnson to Finlay & Hodgson – 2 Mar 1833

Messrs Finlay Hodgson & Co London 2nd Mar 1833 Dear Sirs! I duly recd your letters of the 27 & 28 Ulto I shall forward per Coach tomorrow my annual acct & Cash & Sales A/c for last Month. I have written to Mr Parker to request he will pay into Glyns & Co to Mr Bts credit with Batson & Co the first payment due the 8th Inst. upon his purchase in Apr last. I shall draw upon him in two Bills at 1 & 2 Mos from 8th Inst. for the Balance & forward them to

Journal entry – John Grey – 2 Mar 1833

Saturday March 2nd 1833 Having received the Admiralty authority to let the Smelting Mills etc. wrote to Mr Geo. Lee of Threepwood who came to me, and arranged to convene his partners for Monday next to consider the terms I had proposed. Rode to Lipwood to consider of the best means for effecting some repairs and Improvements to the Farm-buildings which are immediately necessary; and called at West Rattenraw farm on my return to meeting the Old and New Tenant, and arrange their differen

Letter – Henry Beaumont to Christopher Bird – 2 Mar 1833

I am writing to Sir George and therefore have enclosed this for him to <.....>, a journey will do it no harm. – No 9 Cliff Scarbro 2 March 1833 My dear Sir I ought to have written you my thanks for your kind advice some time ago. I had made a mistake in the sum I wished to accept, I meant 30 instead of 35,000£. 20,000 on mortgage, and the other 10,000 for the marriage settlement; when I received your letter I was decided upon it, and wrote to Wentworth, upon which he gave m

Journal entry – John Grey – 4 Mar 1833

Monday 4th March 1833 Having received certain information that Mr Lambert of Elrington East Farm was removing his stock etc. from the farm on Saturday, an event which I was so apprehensive of, that I wrote my suspicions to Mr Fenwick twice in last week; but having instructed Mr F. to proceed against this Tenant, I have hesitated to take it out of his hands lest I should do anything to prejudice his proceeding. In this dilemma I wrote again by the morning’s post to acquaint Mr Fenwich of

Journal entry – John Grey – 5 Mar 1833

Tuesday 5th March 1833 Mr Fenwick having at length sent a person to distrain upon Elrington East Farm, possession was taken but nearly all the stock had been removed, and I fear we shall suffer heavy loss, but every day would make it worse, and it is essential to secure what we can, and get the farm out of such hands – the disgraceful conduct of Lambert the Bailiff in this affair, will render it imperative in me to submit to the Board to visit it by making no allowance on discharge to the

Journal entry – John Grey – 6 Mar 1833

Wednesday 6th March 1833 Mr Peacock made a proposal of £500 a year for Allerwash Town Farm, but this is too low to recommend to the Board, and if we are driven to accede to a low rent it must be for one or two years only. The Hudgill Mill Company met me by appointment, and after much discussion, consented to the following alterations in their proposal. The premises to be demised to consist of only those Buildings immediately connected with the Mills, and the Cottage and ground oc

Letters – Benjamin Johnson to Finlay & Hodgson – 7 Mar 1833

Finlay Hodgson & Co March 7 / 33 Dear Sirs I am in rect Of your lre of the 5th Inst this morning & note your Sale of 1500 p[iece]s of Lead to Walkers at £13 & £13/10 to deliver in Apl May & June. I contracted yesterday with Messrs James & Co of this place for two to four thousand pieces at the same price. Payment in cash Six Months from that date. It will be principally taken in Refd Lead. I want this to be filled up this week. Mr Pattinson is prepa

Journal entry – John Grey – 7 Mar 1833

Thursday 7th March 1833 Received the Account of Stock found on Elrington and Westwood farms, which is very unsatisfactory in reference to the arrears; and I caused Bills for the sale to distributed in the neighbourhood. Rode to Hexham, and saw Mr Ruddock relative to the claims for fencing and for the sums paid to Tenants in compensation – it is evident enough that the Hospital has paid for the fences three times the amount that has been paid by the Trustees in other cases, but the heartl

Journal entry – John Grey – 8 Mar 1833

Friday 8th March 1833 The Tenant of Shawhouse Farm came to me in consequence of a letter I wrote him, and requested to be allowed till Tuesday next to pay his arrears, and I consented on his promise to be punctual. Arranged with the Wood Inspector the form of notice, and several conditions relative to the sale of Wood, and fixed Tuesday the 23rd of April for holding it. At his suggestion, and concurring in what he said, I altered the conditions from taking 5 per cent interest if the party

Letters – Benjamin Johnson to Finlay & Hodgson – 9 Mar 1833

Finlay & Co Mar 9th / 33 Dear Sirs I have duly recd yr letter of the 7th Inst a& now inclose two Bills together value £3,011. 14-5 for Mr Parker’s acceptance. I wrote Mr Parker another 2nd Inst requestg him to pay £1505..4..7 in Cash yesterday to Glyns & Co to Mr Bts credit with Batson & Co. You will oblige me by asecertaining that he has done so advising me of it & enclosing the accepted Bills. In respect to the Accts you request to have in ad

Letters – Benjamin Johnson to Cox, Payser & Co – 9 Mar 1833

Cox, Payser & Co Derby Mar 9 / 33 In reply to your letter of the 6 Inst our present price of WB Litharge is £14/10 per ton dld at our Works at Blaydon. Credit Six Mos from date of Contract. Refd Lead £13-10/- Common £13 at which avail & delivery I can offer you 3000 frs in the proportion of 1/3 Refd & 2/3 Com & any quantity of Litharge you may want. Our very small stock Lead at present prevents me offering a larger quantity. I am Sir BJ P.S. M

Letters – Benjamin Johnson to Grace & Freeman – 9 Mar 1833

Grace & Freeman Mar 9 / 33 Dr Sirs Above you have Invoice of 300 frs Ref Lead shipped on board the <Britain Capt Wise> which will sail tomorrow. I am Sir BJ

Journal entry – John Grey – 9 Mar 1833

Saturday 9th March 1833 The Tenant of Dilston Hall Farm came to me in consequence of a letter I wrote to him, respecting his arrears, and after hearing his statement I gave him till Saturday next to bring me security for payment by instalments, in addition to the regular half years rent; and if he then offered me any arrangement that I could consider satisfactory I would gladly accept it. – Obtained the Estimates for the repair of Dilston Mill Machinery, Water-Courses, and Cisterns, and g

Journal entry – John Grey – 11 Mar 1833

Monday 11th March 1833 Mr Armstrong on behalf of Mr Tweddell applied to me for two stacks of Oats distrained at Elrington, which had been grown upon Mr Tweddell’s farm, but I at once resisted this claim by stating the fact that we had lost both Cattle and Corn by its being removed to Mr T’s farm, where we could not follow it; but that I would allow the Straw for the Manure of the farm according to the Custom of the Country. Had an application from Mr Beaumont’s Tithe Agent for the ti

Letters – Benjamin Johnson to William Hodgson – 13 Mar 1833

Wm Hodgson Mar 13th 1833 I am favd with your letter of 11th March. I am decidedly of the opinion that we had better hold from selling large parcels for the next Month or six weeks - unless we can obtain £14 to deliver in June and July. I think you may fairly state that we shall not be in stock before that time that we do not wish to make prospective sales in the present state of the market. This should be made known to the Lead Co who no doubt will be glad to remedy their lat

Journal entry – John Grey – 14 Mar 1833

Thursday 14th March 1833 Resumed my examination early this morning by visiting Newlands South Farm and Mill, and found the latter, in common with all the Mills of the Hospital I have yet seen, to be a sort of incubus, a dead weight upon the Revenue. A new Water-wheel is about to be put in, ordered last year, and estimated at £118.19.4., and there are now other necessary repairs which will cost 40 or 50 more. I inspected and minutely noted all that seemed requisite, but would decide on no
The Dukesfield Smelters and Carriers Project aimed to celebrate and discover the heritage of the Dukesfield Arches & lead carriers' routes between Blaydon and the lead mines of Allendale and Weardale. A two year community project, it was led by the Friends of the North Pennines in partnership with Hexhamshire and Slaley Parish Councils and the active support of Allendale Estates. It was funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund and the generous support of other sponsors. Friends of the North Pennines: Charity No:1137467