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Letter – John Bell to John Scott – 21 Aug 1832

Sir, By the Will of the late Mr Hunter of Dukesfield he left his real & personal Estates to Rob. Surtees of Milkwell Burn, save Furniture &c to Wife for life & then to Daur Catherine in trust to sell & pay his Debts; the Int: of one half of the Residue to be paid to his Wife for life; that half after her death & the other half after his own death to be divided among his three children, & appointed sd. Rob Surtees Exor. of his Will which bears date 26 July 1794 –

Letter – John Fonblanque to John Bell – 24 Aug 1832

Dear Sir, I am much obliged by the attention you have paid to the case of poor Scott who appears to me to be deserving of it not only in respect of his afflicted state In Health & Circumstances but also from his general character & as a favoured <attendant> of the late Chief Baron Sir A. Macdonald. The main point upon which information is required is whether Isaac Hunter the Testator’s son received any & what sum on account of the Residue of his Father’s pr

Letter – James Losh to Henry Brougham – 7 Sep 1832

Jesmond Grove Sept. 7, 1832 My dear Lord Brougham, ...I will send a copy of a little pamphlet which I published a short time before the great question of Reform was brought forward. I had arranged in my mind materials for a much more extensive work, but circumstances occurred which prevented me putting them together; and I was obliged (having advertised my intended work) to write something very hastily, and therefore confined myself mainly to answering an Articl

Letter – John Bell to John Fonblanque – 18 Sep 1832

Sir, I have seen Mr Isaac Hunter. He informed me that he never got any Settlement wth his late Uncle Mr Robt. Surtees. He says he remitted to his Uncle at sundry times, to the amount of £1737.5s. which he says is admitted. The real Estate was sold for £9700 or upwards. He has an accot. of £2800 paid for princl. Mo: and £1355.5s. for Int: Law Bills etc. according to this statemt. there remains a Bal. of £7282 of this Bal: he says he has not recd. a penny. If this be so, what a

Letters – George Backhouse to Sigar & Champeny – 22 Sep 1832

Messrs Sigar Champnay & Co Royal Arcade Augt 22 1832 Gentm I extremely regret, being under the necessity of again applying to you for the small balance (£6-2-5) due to the Exors of the late Mrs Beaumont. I beg, most respectfully to inform you that unless the same be remitted forthwith compulsory means will be had recourse to I am Gentm your most Obdt Servt Geo Backhouse

Letters – Benjamin Johnson to William Parker – 22 Sep 1832

William Parker Esqr Arcade Newcastle on Tyne Septr 22 1832 Dear Sir I beg leave to hand you Invoice of Lead you have purchased in Apl last the whole of which is now delivered I am Dear Sir your Obdt Servt Benm Johnson

Letters – Benjamin Johnson to William Thompson & Co – 22 Sep 1832

Messrs William Thompson & Co Arcade Newcastle on Tyne Septr 22 1832 Dear Sir I beg leave to hand you Invoice of the 5000 pcs of Lead which have been delivered & to acknowledge the receipt of Three Thousand Pounds to Messrs Finlay Hodgson & Co which is carried on your credit I am Dear Sir your Obdt Servt Benjm Johnson

Letters – Benjamin Johnson to Walker & Parker – 24 Sep 1832

Messrs Walker Parker & Co Arcade Newcastle on Tyne Septr 24th 1832 Sirs I beg leave to acknowledge the receipt of your letter of the 22nd inst covering six Bills value together Sixteen Thousand, Five Hundred & Fourteen Pounds 19s/1d which is carried to your credit in paymt of 21.500 fsof lead & 100 Casks of Litharge I am Sirs Gm Most Obdt Servt Benjm Johnson

Letters – George Backhouse to Storr & Mortimer – 25 Sep 1832

Messrs Storr & Mortimer Royal Arcade Newcastle Septm 25 1832 Gentm I have to apprize you of a piece of fine Silver weighing Fourteen Hundred & Ninety four Ounces & three quarters, this day forwarded to your address sss Jackson & Co which on receipt have the goodness to pass to the credit of TW Beaumont Esqr at your best price, advising as usual, & paying the proceeds to Glyn & Co to the credit of Mr Beaumonts a/c with Batsons Berry & Co Berwick on Twee

Letters – Benjamin Johnson to William Thompson & Co – 5 Oct 1832

Messrs Wm Thompson & Co Newcastle Octr 5th1832 Sirs I am favoured with your letter on 2nd Inst and beg to refer to mine of the 22nd Septr handing you invoice of 5000 frs of lead weighed off by direction of your agent Mr I Cookson, Four Hundred &Sixty seven pieces. Refined Lead of the above quantity are awaiting on our Wharf to our great Inconvenience. We have no account of your transaction with Mr Key and must therefor beg of you the loan of 436 p[iece]s Commn Lead as a

Letters – Benjamin Johnson to Thomas Key – 17 Oct 1832

Thos Key Newcastle on Tyne October 17th 1832 Dear Sir I have to acknowledge rectg of your letter so far back as 29th ultm advising of your having paid £1000. to Bp of Drm & £3000 to the credit of TW Beaumont Esqr with Batson & Co for which sums we give you credit. I certainly should have noticed it sooner had I not expected to hear from Mr Hodgson, which I have done this morning under date of the 9th inst. Mr Hodgsons letter was sent under cover to Mr Beau

Letters – Benjamin Johnson to Finlay & Hodgson – 17 Oct 1832

Messrs Finlay Hodgson & Co Newcastle on Tyne Octr 17th 1832 Dear Sirs, Your letter of the 9th Inst came to hand this morning after a most circuitous rout last from Scarbro’ I have written to Mr Key relative to the account to be met by him of the Limehouse works to the 10th Augt 1831. The Book you allude to together with the perspective a/c Balance sheets and the actual cost pr fother of Lead smelted in 1831 shall be forwarded pr Coach on Saturday next you state £1

Letters – Benjamin Johnson to John Stagg – 25 Oct 1832

Mr Jn Stagg Newcastle Octr 25 1832 Dear Sir In answer to your letter of the 23rd Inst I shall be glad to furnish you with One Thousand p[iece]s WB Refined Lead at Twelve Pounds ten shillings pr fr of 21 Cwt and any quantity of Common Lead you may require at Twelve Pounds – A 6 Months Credit from Date of Sale – We have no refined Slag on hand at present I am Dear Sir yr most Obdt Servt Benj Johnson It is understood in the sale of Common Lead that One t

Letters – Benjamin Johnson to Finlay & Hodgson – 25 Oct 1832

Messrs Finlay Hodgson & Co Newcastle on Tyne October 25th 1832 Dear Sirs I have your letter of the 20th Inst & annexed Messrs Maltbys & Co Contract for 5000 frs WB Lead I observe you have conditioned that I am to draw the Bills, they have generally remitted them by which we save the stamps Mr Thompson seems determined to pick a quarrel after the whole of his conm Ltead was shipped & there remained only 467 p[ieces]sof refd to complete his purchase h

Letters – George Backhouse to John Stagg – 1 Nov 1832

Mr Jn Stagg WB Lead Office, Arcade Newcastle, Nov 1st 1832 Sir Your ltr of yesterdays date is now before me & in the absence of Mr Johnson I beg to say in reply that the terms quoted to you in his ltr of the 25th Ulto are the lowest that can be accepted for the WB Lead & I am Sir Your most Obdt Servft Geo Backhouse

Letters – Benjamin Johnson to Geddes & Co – 2 Nov 1832

Messrs Geddes & Co Newcastle on Tyne Nov 2nd 1832 Sirs Your favour of the 19th Oct addressed to Ths Beaumont covering your Promisary note at 4 Mos value £69-9-6 has been forwarded to me. I beg reference to Mr Backhouse ltr to you on the 18th June 1831 stating our payment to be in cash or Bills upon London due at 6 Mos from date of Purchase. We have never deviated from this arrangement excepting by drawing upon the parties & which we have no objection to do in yo

Letters – Hugh Pattinson to Benjamin Johnson – 2 Nov 1832

H L Pattinson to B Johnson Lead Works Blaydon Nov 2nd 1832 Dear Sir I have already very decidedly expressed my opinion to you that in order to improve the quality of our Lead as well as increase the produce it is necessary to have the Ore well and carefully roasted. I have particularly insisted upon this in my report to Mr Bt & pointed out how very deficient our means of roasting were at Allenheads & Dukesfield Mills especially. I am now returning from the West Coun

Letters – Benjamin Johnson to Sigar & Champeny – 2 Nov 1832

Messrs Sigar Champnay & Co Newcastle on Tyne Nov 2nd 1832 Sirs Mr Crawhill having retired from the situation he held under Mr Bt I have succeeded him & beg leave to call your attention to the correspondence which has passed on the small Balnce of £6-2-5 due to the Eors of the late Mrs Beaumont. I have Mr AKeds letter of 30th Augt before me in which he states that Mr Sigar being from home he will on his return lay Mr Backhouses ltr before him which wil

Letters – Benjamin Johnson to Isaac Spencer & Sons – 2 Nov 1832

Messrs J Spencer & Son WB Lead Office Newcastle on Tyne Novr 2nd 1832 Sirs I beg to refer you to Mr Backhouses ltr of June 16th & to your reply 11thJuly. You are correct as to a small Discount of 6/8d in your favour upon your last remittance of £20 this will reduce your Balce to £3-0s-6d which you will please to favour us with by cheque next week. I am Sirs Yr Mo Obdt Servt Benj Johnson

Letters – Benjamin Johnson to Finlay & Hodgson – 3 Nov 1832

Messrs Finlay Hodgson & Co London Newcastle Nov 3 rd 1832 Dear Sirs I have duly recd your ltrs of the 31stOct & 1st Inst &note your additional sale of 3000 frs of Messrs Maltby Sons & Co. Of the 5000 p[iece]s 300 only remain to be shipped, & a considerable portion of the last sale will no doubt be sent off next week. I am glad you have stipulated to deliver any specific quantity of selected Refnd Lead of course they shall have what we can conveniently spare but

Letters – George Backhouse to Finlay & Hodgson – 7 Nov 1832

Messrs Finlay Hodgson& Co Newcastle Nov 7th 1832 Gentm In Mr Johnsons absence I hand you annexed sales for last month, Stockton Lie & Statement of Blaydon Refy to 27th Octr (the latest we are in possession of Mr Emerson having been prevented sending one this week by an usual press of business) but will forward one up to Saturday early next week. under another cover I hand you cash a/c for the past month By Jackson & Co Waggon. This day I have also forwarded to your ad

Letter – Wladyslaw Zamoiski to Charles Grey – 7 Nov 1832

London 7 November 1832   The Baron of <Suglend & Sywith> was saddened to return to the <Treforesie> without having the honour of paying his respects to My Lord Grey, when he learnt that the time of His Excellency's stay in the countryside was uncertain. Consequently the Baron of Suglend dares to hope that His Excellency would like to indicate to him a time which would be most convenient to him for this purpose.   He has the honour of repeating to My Lord Grey

Letters – Benjamin Johnson to Sigar & Champeny – 12 Nov 1832

Messrs Sigar & Co Beverly Newcastle Nov 12th 1832 Sirs I have received in due course your ltr of the 8th Inst & cheque value £3-2-d which is carried to your credit. As I before stated, we never undertake to deliver Litharge or Lead at any other place than at the works at Blaydon, nor will we on any consideration depart from it. You’re a/c therefor remains with a balance of £3-2s 5d due to Mr Bt which you will please to settle at your earliest convenience.

Letters – Benjamin Johnson to Geddes & Co – 12 Nov 1832

Messrs Geddes & Co Glasgow Newcastle Nov 12th 1832 Dear Sirs I beg leave to Acknowledge the receipt of your ltr of the 5th Inst covering Bill at 50 Days value £60-13s-6d which is carried to your credit. I have debited you’re a/c with 18s-6d Interest of the amounts of your two parcels of Litharge (sent Jany 27th and April 16th) from Sept 7th to Dec 28th when your bill falls due. I am sorry you have put yourselves to the trouble of remitting a Bankers Bill

Letters – George Backhouse to Thomas Key – 13 Nov 1832

T Key Newcastle Nov 13th 1832 Dear Sir Yours of the 6th Inst came to Hand in due course. I will endeavour in future to furnish you with Sel[ecte]d ref[ine]d l[ea]d of the mark AN WB 1 as much as possible. As to Slag Lead we have not at present on hand as much as will meet our engagements but if you be in immediate want will contrive to furnish with one Keel the quality of which I trust you will approve. We shall have a supply in a short time. We do not make Litharge o
The Dukesfield Smelters and Carriers Project aimed to celebrate and discover the heritage of the Dukesfield Arches & lead carriers' routes between Blaydon and the lead mines of Allendale and Weardale. A two year community project, it was led by the Friends of the North Pennines in partnership with Hexhamshire and Slaley Parish Councils and the active support of Allendale Estates. It was funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund and the generous support of other sponsors. Friends of the North Pennines: Charity No:1137467