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Letter – Martin Morrison to Diana Beaumont – 3 Feb 1810

Newcastle 3 February 1810 Mrs Beaumont addressed to Col. Beaumont – Portman Square I beg to inclose copy of Mr Williamsons opinion* respecting the cross vein working by the Lead Company in Middlehope and from the perusal it appears the right of Colonel Beaumont to this vein will be a matter of great difficulty to prove. – for the present Mr Emerson is making a trial to discover the direction of the vein and if he is successful in the attempt, the plan then will be to endeavour

Will – John Erasmus Blackett – 17 Feb 1810

This is the last Will and Testament of me John Erasmus Blackett of the Town and County of Newcastle upon Tyne Esquire It is my wish that my funeral may be as private as possible and that my corpse may be carried to Church in a Hearse attended by two Mourning Coaches and that the only persons who shall attend the Funeral besides the Vicar of Newcastle and the Curator of Saint Nicholas be my Servant Thomas Turnbull my Clerks Gilbert Grey Thomas Gardner and <blank space> Liddell who shall

Letter – Thomas Crawhall to Thomas Dodd – 2 Mar 1810

N[ew]castle March 2 1810 Mr Thos Dodd Nenthead Sir I am desired by Mr Morrison (now in London) to hand you as below the quantity of Ore raised in Mr Beaumonts Mines in Weardale for the year ending the 30th Septr 1809 – and have to request you will be pleased to favour me with an Account of the quantity of Ore raised in the Govenor & Co Weardale Mines <.> to the same period, in order that the proportion of Compositions etc due from the Company may be estimated, and the

Letter – Thomas Crawhall to Thomas Dodd – 9 Mar 1810

N[ew]Castle March 9/1810 Mr Thos Dodd Nenthead Sir I received your favour of the 5th Inst. with amount of Ore raised p the Governor & Co in Weardale in the year ending 30 Septr 1809 and enclosed <hand> your Statement of Account with them for Rents, Compositions etc paid by Col. Beaumont. – I observe it will not be convenient to discharge the amount before the 15th or 16th I am etc TC

Letter – Martin Morrison to Glyn Mills & Co – 13 Mar 1810

Newcastle 13th March 1810 Messrs Glyn Mills & Co Bankers - London I beg to advise of having this day drawn upon you four Bills the particulars stated below, amounting to £45,000 on acc[oun]t of Thomas Richard Beaumont Esqr; to which I request your attention and am etc MM Dated 13 March p[aya]ble to Loraine & Co at 10 days date £11,250 - - 13 ‘ to ditto 15 11,250 - - 13 ‘ to ditto 25 11,

Letter – Martin Morrison to Diana Beaumont – 27 Mar 1810

Newcastle 27 March 1810 Mrs Beaumont addressed Cl Beaumont Portman Square I am favored with your Letter of the 21 inst enclosing one from Lord Strathmore; the reply to which in my opinion is, the situation of the proposed Bridge and the road leading to it, being so distant from the Weardale Mines as totally to preclude its being of the least use in facilitating the Carriage of either Lead or Ore. I beg now to enclose in this and another cover Lead Sales for January & Feb

Letter – Martin Morrison to Gosling & Sharp – 11 Apr 1810

Messrs Goslings & Sharpe Newcastle 11th April 1810 Bankers – London Enclosed you will receive Loraine & Co’s Bill on Vries & Co for £375 for Account of the Revd Henry Hardinge, being the amount of a quarter of a Y[ea]rs Composition for Tithe Ore in Weardale due this day from Colonel Beaumont; - the rec[eip]t be pleased to acknowledge to Gent[leme]n Yrs etc MM

Report – Joseph Dickinson to Martin Morrison – 12 Apr 1810

Dufton 12th April 1810. Mr Morrison I now sit down to give the state of the different Mines to begin this Quarter and first with Coalcleugh which is poorer than last, and in <..> the lowest prices a little advanced, Six men to raise Ore at 26s per Bing, 4 Men at 28s, 6 at 30s, 14 at 32s 6 at 36s and upwards to 50s per Bing for about 60 men; very few of these can draw a shift of work to bank under 19s. Wellhope Lead mine nearly done, only 4 men working in the old ground

Report – Thomas Dodd – 21 Apr 1810

The greatest part of the mines are poorer than usual and will not raise so much ore this year by some thousands of Bings as they did last, and I am convinced the prices are such that the workmen employed in the most exhausted parts of the mines will make very poor wages. The price of provisions are so high that many families in this poor neighbourhood are half starved. At Tynebottom Joseph Wanless & Isaac Teasdale and partners are each driving Horse levels and will occasionally try the vei

Will – John Emerson – 28 Apr 1810

Will of John Emerson late of Blaydon in the Parish of Ryton and County of Durham Lead agent deceased – Registered As in the presence of Allmighty God I am here sit down to write my last Will and Testament, and devoutly pray to God to help and direct me in this solemn duty both as to God the giver and my dear children whom I intend as receivers of my Worldly Goods I Bless the Lord for the health I this day enjoy, I do not remember that I was ever in more perfect health since I was b

Letter – Martin Morrison – 1 May 1810

Middlehope Fell On a division of this Common under Act of Parl[iamen]t, the Boundary was lately set out by <Whilfd> Harrison of Chapel, the Commissioner for dividing d[itt]o – it so happened that none of the Parties interested in the Lintzgarth Common attended this Bounder riding and the Commissioner included a part of Lintzgarth Fell with that of Middlehope by drawing direct lines from one Bounder Mark to another; whereas this Boundary has invariably been determined by the fall

Letter – Thomas Crawhall to M Lee – 3 May 1810

May 3/1810 Inclosed Mr M. Lee Hexham, Cheque for £16. 16. – to pay ½ a y[ea]rs Duty on Clerks at Mines etc to 5 Apr 1810 TC

Letter – Martin Morrison to Diana Beaumont – 19 May 1810

Newcastle 19th May 1810 Mrs Beaumont Addressed Cl Beaumont Portman Square London In this and another cover I beg to enclose Cash Account for last month, and Mr Dickinson’s Report of the Mines. – Mr Baker has not fulfilled his engagements by the repayment of the money advanced on Security of Stanton Estate, Mr Pearson however continues to expect to obtain it soon, and I shall endeavour, in the interim to arrange with him for what be required for the monthly Subsistence of the W

Memo – Martin Morrison to Diana Beaumont – 1 Jun 1810

Newcastle 1 June 1810 Mrs Beaumont Enclosing Cash Acc[oun]t for last month and Lead Sales for April & May.

Letter – Martin Morrison to Thomas Masterman – 16 Jun 1810

Newcastle 16th June 1810 Thomas How Masterman Esqr White Hart Court - Gracechurch St London I beg to avail myself of your obliging <promises> when in London, to request information respecting the affairs of Messrs Preston & Sons and to know in what state of forwardness the Sale of the Premises and Trade are in. – It is necessary for me to point out to you how much the interest of the Miner is concerned in the re-establishment of this House on the most respectable footi

Letter – Martin Morrison to Diana Beaumont – 28 Jun 1810

Newcastle 28 June 1810 Mrs Beaumont addressed to Col B[eaumon]t Thorpe near Marton I am honored with your Letter of the 24 inst and Mr T Crawhall will repair to Bretton whenever Mr Wood intimates to him, that he requires his assistance to arrange the mineral specimens lately purchased of Mr Sheffield. – The money advanced to Mr Baker will not I apprehend be soon repaid and it is to be regretted that he has failed in the performance of his engagement, as at this time money is w

Letter – Martin Morrison to Thomas Masterman – 30 Jun 1810

Thomas How Masterman Esqr Newcastle 30th June 1810 London I duly rec[eive]d your obliging Letter of the 28 inst and having this day seen Mr Foster, the Receiver to Greenwich Hospital and other Gentlemen Creditors of Messrs Prestons, I imparted to them the Substance of its contents. – As We are all deeply impressed with the necessity of this Concern being re-established, our opinion is that a meeting of the London Creditors should be called for the purpose of extending the time to th

Letter – Martin Morrison to Gosling & Sharp – 11 Jul 1810

Newcastle 11th July 1810 Messrs Goslings & Sharpe Bankers London You will be pleased to pass to the Credit of the Revd Henry Hardinge the enclosed Bill of £375 being ¼ of a years composition for Tithe Ore due this day to him as Rector of Stanhope from Colonel Beaumont and acknowledge the receipt to Gent[leme]n – Y[ou]rs etc MM

Letter – Martin Morrison to Thomas Bowes – 11 Jul 1810

Newcastle 11th July 1810 Thomas Bowes Esqr Darlington Enclosed you will receive the amount of Coll Beaumont’s Profits arising out of the Weardale Mines on an average of five years. – The deficiency of Produce for the last three years, and the great increase in price, and quantity of materials consumed in the Mines, have reduced the Profits materially. I am etc MM

Memo – Martin Morrison to Diana Beaumont – 12 Jul 1810

Newcastle 12 July 1810 Mrs Beaumont Thorpe near Malton Enclosing Cash Account and Lead Sales for last month

Report – Thomas Dodd – 14 Jul 1810

The mines in a general way are poor and I have let the whole on the lowest terms I can both the ore bargains and those in the Dead work. Tynebottom is poor. Joseph Wanless and Co are driving an Upper Horse level by the side of the vein, and will at convenient points try the same for ore.

Letter – Martin Morrison to Robert Tippler – 14 Jul 1810

Mr Robt Tippler, Secretary to the Gov[enor] & Co for Smelting down Lead Ore London N[ew]Castle 14th July 1810 Sir I am this day favored with your letter of the 12th Inst. and beg to inform you that Coll Beaumont will be at Newhouse in Weardale on Tuesday the 14th of August next and will be happy to meet on that day, or the day following, as they may appoint, the Gentlemen deputed from your Court on the business relating to the Mine in Middlehope. I am MM

Report – Joseph Dickinson to Martin Morrison – 19 Jul 1810

Mr Morrison Dufton July 19th 1810. Dear Sir, The State of the different leadmines under Col Beaumont at the beginning of this month as under – Wolfcleugh leadmine poorer the last Quarter, and of course some of the prices advanced a little, but the hed price still <obtained> for raising Ore the same as before, Wellhope nearly worked out, and no further discovery made since the last quarter at Hartley Cleugh. Further search hath been made, where the Piece of

Letter – Martin Morrison to Glyn & Co – 20 Jul 1810

Newcastle 20th July 1810 Sir R C Glyn Bt & Co Bankers London Enclosed you will receive four Bills value £13,883–15–1 for account of TRd Beaumont Esqr, the rec[eip]t of which be pleased to acknowledge to G[entleme]n. Y[ou]r etc MM Walkers Ward & Co on Walkers Maltby & Co dated 14 Apl @7 Mos £3682 16 4 Ditto on ditto 12 May @7 ‘ 3400 6 3 Ditto on ditto 9 June @7 ‘ 3400 6 3 Ditto on ditto 20 July @7 ‘

Memo – Martin Morrison to Rundell Bridge & Rundell – 25 Jul 1810

Newcastle 25 July 1810 Messrs Rundell Bridge & Rundell Ludgate Hill – London By the London Waggon I have this day forwarded to you a piece of fine Silver containing 1467oz for which I shall draw upon you as usual, on stating the best price you can afford for the same. I am etc MM
The Dukesfield Smelters and Carriers Project aimed to celebrate and discover the heritage of the Dukesfield Arches & lead carriers' routes between Blaydon and the lead mines of Allendale and Weardale. A two year community project, it was led by the Friends of the North Pennines in partnership with Hexhamshire and Slaley Parish Councils and the active support of Allendale Estates. It was funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund and the generous support of other sponsors. Friends of the North Pennines: Charity No:1137467