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Letter – Martin Morrison to Thornhill & Co – 10 Mar 1808

Slater £32-11-0 Thompson £32- 2–6 Paul £32-10-6 Lamont £31-14-6 £157-15-6 Messrs C J Thornhill & Co Sunderland Newcastle 10 March 1808 I beg to return the above Bills enclosed in your Letter of the 7th instant having no other opportunity of negotiating them than what you yourselves possess. I must protest against receiving such Bills in payment as attended with endless trouble, Expence and disappointment and which this office has never been ac

Notice – Royal Institution to Diana Beaumont – 11 Mar 1808

THE ROYAL INSTITUTION OF GREAT BRITAIN [Insignia] NOTIFICATION OF ELECTION AS A PROPRIETOR OF THE ROYAL INSTITUTION At a meeting of the Managers of the Royal Institution of Great Britain, held at the House of the institution, on the 7 of March 1808, Mrs. Diana Beaumont was elected a PROPRIETOR of the said Institution. Extract from the Minutes [signed] Willm. Savage, Clerk. Royal Institution, The 11 of March 1808 Tickets of Admission may be had at the House of the Insti

Letter – Martin Morrison to John Ellill – 12 Mar 1808

John Ellill Esq Lead Merchant London Newcastle 12th March 1808 I am favored with letter of the 9th inst. this day, an absence from home prevented me receiving it yesterday. In reply beg to inform you that I have sold a large quantity of Lead at £23 & 22 P[er] fo[dder] Refined & Common at the usual Credit of 6 Mo[nth]s and which has so reduced our Stock that I shall not be disposed to sell any more but at an advanced price viz £24 P[er] fo[dder] for common at the same time I t

Letter – Martin Morrison to Glyn & Co – 21 Mar 1808

Sir R C Glynn Bankers London Newcastle 21st March 1808 Enclosed you will receive 5 Bills (No. 958 & 9, 969,70 & 71) value £12,300 which you will place to the Credit of TR Beaumont Esq and acknowledge the receipt of the same to me. I am etc

Letter – Martin Morrison to Diana Beaumont – 21 Mar 1808

Mrs Beaumont Newcastle 21st March 1808 Addressed Col Beaumont Bretton In this and another cover you will receive Cash Account and Lead Sales up to the end of last month and have remitted Messrs Glyn & Co £12,300, the particulars of which are here Subjoined. It is with much concern I have to announce the death of your old & faithful servant Robert Mulcaster who departed this Life on Saturday Evening: his death had been preceeded by a general debility for some days & nature

Report – Joseph Dickinson to Martin Morrison – 25 Mar 1808

Mr Morrison            In my remarks of the state of the Lead Mines under Colonel Beaumont about the 25th of March 1808 I find the Coalcleugh in general poor, some of the East end workings, in the great Lime which was generally the best, all under water, owing to the Engine getting wrong and could not be repaired immediately, she was going very well when I was there but would require some time to clear the works again, having very little to spare in drawing the general feeder.

Letter – Martin Morrison to Thomas Cobb & Co – 7 Apr 1808

Messrs Thomas Cobb & Co Lead Merchants London Newcastle 7th April 1808 Your favor of the 24th & 31st Ult only reached me late last night an absence for a fortnight on a journey thro’ the Mines is the reason why they did not come to hand sooner. I shall be happy to open a connexion with you and to empower it by every means in my power. Since the Sales you allude to I have sold Lead @ £25 & 24 P[er] fo[dder] Refined and Commonsix months Credit and from the state of the Mines

Letter – Martin Morrison to Arthur Mowbray – 11 Apr 1808

Arthur Mowbray Esq Sherborne Durham Newcastle 11 April 1808 Observing that two years Moormaster’s Rent for Weardale is now due to my Lord Bishop of Durham I am desirous to pay the same. You will oblige me by the information whether you continue to receive it,or if not, to whom I must apply. I am etc

Letter – Martin Morrison to James Finlay – 16 Apr 1808

Mr James Finlay Sol[icito]r Edinburgh Newcastle 16th April 1808 I shall be glad to know at your convenience what is done in the affair of Messrs Taylor & Sons Queensferry. In a late decision before my Lord Ellenborough where Hall purchased Lead on Commission without declaring the Principal name for whom he purchased, those Principals are made responsible & so decided was the opinion of his Lordship upon the subject that he directed the Jury to find the Verdict

Letter – Martin Morrison to Diana Beaumont – 22 Apr 1808

Mrs Beaumont Newcastle 22 April 1808 Addressed to Col Beaumont Portman Square Lo: I now beg to enclose Mr Dickinson’s report of the State of the Mines and the Bargains made for the ensuing Quarter & have much pleasure in acquainting you that I yesterday effected a Sale of 7,000 Pieces of Lead at £25 & 24 Per fodder to Mr <Knowsley> of Hull who makes this purchase purely as a Speculation and with a view of being able one day or other to export it to a foreign market.

Letter – Martin Morrison to Isaac Wilkinson – 23 Apr 1808

Isaac Wilkinson Esq Chesterfield Newcastle 23 April 1808 I am favored with your letter of the 21st instant the quantity of Lead for Sale in this Country may be estimated at 70,000 Pieces, forty thousand of which belong to Col Beaumont. In Yorkshire I do not suppose the quantity very large so that from the reduction generally adopted in working the Mines I entertain no serious apprehensions that the price of Lead will be brought so low as £20-0-0 Per fo[dder] which you think from

Letter – Martin Morrison to Thomas Richard Beaumont – 27 Apr 1808

Colonel Beaumont MP Newcastle 27 April 1808 Cheltenham Gloucestershire I am honored with your Letter of the 22nd inst and should be happy to experience that the price of lead was enhanced by an increased demand and a more extensive consumption. The late Sales to Mr Anderson & Mr Knowsley will I hope have the beneficial effects of rendering a reduction in the price unnecessary and instead the Lead Merchants of the <impolicy> of their conduct in endeavouring to obtain th

Letter – Martin Morrison to Thornhill & Co – 30 Apr 1808

Messrs C T Thornhill & Co Sunderland Newcastle 30th April 1808 I hand you the above Account requesting immediate payment either in Bankers Notes or by a short dated Bill upon London. I am sorry to remark that you have exceeded the usual Credit, beyond what has been granted to, or required by any other House and that it will not accord with the regularity of this Officeto transact business on similar terms in future. I am Etc MM

Report – John Mulcaster to Martin Morrison – 13 May 1808

Blaydon Refinery, 13 May 1808. Mr Morrison, Conformable to your directions I herewith send you a Report of Colonel & Mrs. Beaumont’s Smelt Mills & Refinerys with other occurrences relating thereto and am Sir &c, Jno Mulcaster. Dukesfield Mill. As considerable Sales of Lead have lately taken place and the demand for some time being principally for Refined lead we have only a small stock of that kind in hand not sufficient to complete the present Sales - and as

Letter – Thomas Crawhall to Thornhill & Co – 24 May 1808

Messrs Thornhill & Co Sunderland Newcastle 24 May 1808 I In consequence of your application to the Post Office here they have searched the unclaimed letters, this day produced one here addressed to ‘Mr M M Martin, Post Office N[ew]Castle on sight of which recognizing the handwriting I have opened in Mr Morrison’s absence and found to be yours of 20th March last enclosing the Bill in question on Coutts & Co for £147-1-3 now overdue which sum is now placed to your Credit on

Letter – Martin Morrison to P Forster – 31 May 1808

Sir W[ilia]m Loraine Bt & Co Newcastle 19 May 1808 Pay Arthur Mowbray Esq or Bearer Three Hundred Pounds ¼ for MM Mr P Forster Exchequer Durham Above you will receive a Cheque for £300-1-4 the amount of two years Moor masters Rent & acquittance due to my Lord Bishop of Durham from TR Beaumont Esq on the 2nd of February last; a receipt for which you will in course of Post deliver to Sir etc MM

Letter – Martin Morrison to John Erasmus Blackett – 14 Jun 1808

J E Blackett Esq Newcastle Newcastle 14 June 1808 In consequence of the large sum of money to be paid to the Bishop of Durham for terminating the suit in Chancery respecting the Lot Ore, Colonel & Mrs Beaumont find it necessary to request the Settlement of all accounts wherein they have claims for money and I am directed by them to apply to you for that purpose; at the same time it is their wish in settling the Balances of your Cash Account that such mode may be adopted as is most

Letter – Martin Morrison to Read, Lucas & Read – 15 Jun 1808

Messrs Reads & Lucas Sheffield Newcastle 15 June 1808 I am to advise of having yesterday sent P the Waggon a Piece of fine Silver containing 843 Oz for the Account of TR Beaumont Esq. The Price of Silver I understand is rising & I hope this will be entitled to the best. MM

Letter – Martin Morrison to Glyn & Co – 25 Jun 1808

Sir R C Glyn Bt & Co Bankers London Newcastle 25 June 1808 I duly rec[eive]d your letter of the 22nd inst covering Messrs Drummonds rec[eip]t for £15,000 p[ai]d them on acc[oun]t of the B[isho]p of Durham for which you have Credit with Col Beaumont, to whose Account you will place the five enclosed Bills amounting to £30,593-13-2 & acknowledge the rec[eip]t of them to G[ly]n & Co Walker Ward & Co on Wallkers Maltby & Co £7806–17– 8 due 15 Sep 1808 Ditto

Report – Joseph Dickinson to Martin Morrison – 28 Jun 1808

Dear Sir                                               June 28th 1808 In examining the Lead Mines under Col Beaumont I find the Eastend of the Coalcleugh Vein is not yet clear of the Cross Veins, a small one being discovered by the Galloway level, which is before the forehead in the Ore workings in a Sill called Pattinson about six or seven foot thick which produces Ore and is let at 35/p Bing to Michaelmas next, the Vein having to cross t

Letter – Martin Morrison to Diana Beaumont – 1 Jul 1808

Mrs Beaumont Newcastle 1st July 1808 Addressed to Col Beaumont Portman Square I am honored with your Letter of the 29th Ult accompanied with the agreement for Lot Ore and in this & another cover you will receive Cash Acc[oun]t and Lead Sales for last month and have much pleasure in adding that I have this day sold 1500 Pieces of refined Lead to Messrs Preston & Sons @ £27 Per Fo[dder]. The attempts of reducing the price of Lead are now I trust entirely defeated &

Letter – James Smith to Diana Beaumont – 1 Jul 1808

Subjects of the Bas reliefs at Bretton Lodges – built 1808 Madam, The Subjects of the Bassreliefs for the Lodge at Bretton Hall are taken from the Roman History one representing Corriolanus at the head of an invading army before the gates of Rome where he was met by his Mother & family who in tears beseech him to spare the City, overcome by their entreaty He exclaimed Mother you have prevail'd; but in saving Rome you destroy your Son The second Commemorates a sing

Letter – John Erasmus Blackett to Martin Morrison – 10 Jul 1808

M Morrison Esq Newcastle 10th July 1808 Sir In reply to your letter I must desire that you will please to acquaint Col & Mrs Beaumont that I beg leave to refer them to my letter of the 13th July 1793 respecting the allowance for conducting the business of their Lead Concerns, an undertaking which required judgement as well as responsibility & well meriting the Salary or allowance of £500 Per ann[um] a sum which Mr Skelton secured annually for barely Auditing the acc

Letter – Martin Morrison to Diana Beaumont – 11 Jul 1808

Mrs Beaumont Newcastle 11 July 1808 addressed to Cl Beaumont at Wm Bosville’s Thorpe near Bridlington Yorks[hire] The enclosed letter from Alderman Blackett was sent to me this morning & which is now forwarded for your information. The Alderman intends being at Harrogate in the course of the Present week. In my visit to the mines I found they were generally poorer than in the former quarter, altho not in any great degree, Sanguine hopes are entertained of a Vein out in Middleh

Letter – Martin Morrison to John Miles – 11 Jul 1808

John Miles Esq Newcastle 11th July 1808 Bishopgate Street London I am this day favored with your Letter of the 8 instant in reply beg to inform you that the whole of WB Lead for Sale this year will I apprehend not exceed 20,000 Pieces and that I cannot at this moment say that it will be in my power to deliver that quantity in October and November, much depending upon the state of the weather and the effect it may have upon the Roads so as to allow the Carriage of Lead from the Min
The Dukesfield Smelters and Carriers Project aimed to celebrate and discover the heritage of the Dukesfield Arches & lead carriers' routes between Blaydon and the lead mines of Allendale and Weardale. A two year community project, it was led by the Friends of the North Pennines in partnership with Hexhamshire and Slaley Parish Councils and the active support of Allendale Estates. It was funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund and the generous support of other sponsors. Friends of the North Pennines: Charity No:1137467