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Letter – Michael Blackett to Charles Banks – 22 Apr 1676

Mr: Cha[rles]: and Ja[mes] Bankes Newcastle Ap[r]ill the 22d 1676 Sirs my last to you was of the 15th ditto to w[hic]h referrs you Since have Rec[eive]d yo[u]rs of the 7th and 11th present and doe heartily thank you for yo[u]r advise In the former, But Mr Jno Strother I doe nott feare, nor doe I blame him for serving of himselfe, soe pray lett not this hinder you from accepting of his Bills you have mee allwayes att the helme, if any loss itt will be myne, for bee assured w[ha]t

Letter – Michael Blackett to Thomas Finley – 22 Apr 1676

Mr: Tho: Finley Newcastle Ap[r]ill 22d [16]76 Sir I have beene severall times to wayte upon Mr Jno Eden upon yo[u]r account, but cann nott bringe him to any reasonable tearmes I find him resolute, and as he sayth hee will be Revenged upon you, for the many asfronts [affronts] by you, putt upon him, so I have desired him to take his Course, but in the meane time thought good to advise you that hee Intendes to proceed ag[ains]t you, soe doe you order yo[u]r selfe accordingly, for my par

Letter – Michael Blackett to Henry Nelthorpe – 22 Apr 1676

Mr: Hen[ry] Nelthorppe Newcastle Ap[r]ill 22d : [16]76: Sir I have before mee yo[u]res of the 13th present, the Silver Cann Therein mentioned I have Secd [Secured], and placed the Cost thereof to yo[u]r Creditt this Winter time Tradeinge is dead; I hope the next sumer our Corrispondency may begin afresh In the meane time I desire you to send mee such another Silver Cann rather Stronger than Weaker though itt bee alittle dearrer, for I would have itt alltogether as lardge soe hopeinge

Letter – Michael Blackett to Anthony Allaire – 22 Apr 1676

Mr: Antho: Allaire Newcastle Ap[r]ill 22d [16]76 Sir By yo[u]res of the 27th past I had advise of Wm. Leckes arrivall and that you hadd sent him to Alleran where you hoped hee would bee dispatched in 3 or 4 dayes, Butt 20 beinge past and no account comeing to hand, trouble mee alittle, because the M[aste]r advises mee by last post that hee had lyen [lain] 15 dayes and had nott Rec[eive]d a loade board the quantity of one hundred w[hi]ch is the strangest thinge to mee Immaginable I ha

Letter – Michael Blackett to Edward Willett – 22 Apr 1676

Mr: Ed[ward] Willett Newcastle Ap[r]ill 22d 1676 Sir I have before mee yo[u]rs of the 21th present the 2 billes I have Rec[eive]d, but noe newes of the Pistoles one bille more I must press upon you, that is, that by the first opportunity you would send mee 6 hattes more of the same biggness w[hi]ch I shall expect the Cost and Chardge of all w[hi]ch Advise mee and the same shall bee placed to yo[u]r Creditt ~ By next Post I expect Bills according to yo[u]r advice for the

Letter – Michael Blackett to Peter Barr – 22 Apr 1676

Mr: Peter Bar Newcastle Ap[r]ill 22d : [16]76 Sir I heartily thank you for yo[u]r kindness In recommending mee To a good carefull Man att Rochell, from whom I had severall kinde lett[e]rs, w[i]th assureance, that hee would without fayle dispatch my Vessell In 3 or 4/d [days] how full working dayes I meane; butt hee <peones> nott accordinge as I expected In this business, by w[hi]ch I shall bee a greate looser, nay I am ashamed to tell you of itt, that of the 14 dayes lyinge, my

Letter – Michael Blackett to John Strother – 22 Apr 1676

Mr Jno Strother Newcastle Ap[r]ill 22d : 1676 Sir [Blank]

Letter – Michael Blackett to Humphrey Willett – 25 Apr 1676

Mr. Hum: Willett and Comp[any] Newcastle Ap[r]ill: 25: 1676 Sirs I have before mee yo[u]rs of 20th present w[hi]ch requiringe little answer have the less to Inlardge upon this being cheifly to advise you that I have this day charged upon you £ 16:=: payable <7>/d sight to Ed Blackett Esq[ui]re or Order vallue of himselfe, To wh[i]ch I question nott butt you will give all due hono[u]r I hope ere this you have spoken to Mr Tho. Sheapherd I shall say no

Letter – Michael Blackett to Edward Blackett – 25 Apr 1676

Brother Newcastle Ap[r]ill 25th 1676 I Rec[eive]d yo[u]res of the 22d present In due time, and d[elivere]d your inclosed To Peter Bell, but hee can lett you have noe Bill; nor can I my selfe procure you one In Newcastle, but before you should be disappointed; I have here Inclosed sent you my owne Bill, w[hi]ch you need not question, but will bee complyed w[i]th all; after your Endorsm[en]t to the Partey who you would have to receive the money I never k

Letter – John Rushworth to William Blackett – 26 Apr 1676

Ex parte Remendr Regis Termd posctide Anno xxviii Regni Regis Car 2d Mercarii xxvii dio April Johes Carey Barr Quer Willm Blackett the Bill Augb N Casted suy Tyne This day being appointed for reading of the plts Bill and the Defts Demurrer Now upon opening of the said bill the demurrer by Mr Warde of Councell with the Deft and hearing Mr Sawyer on the same side. And Mr Duncombe for the plt it is this day Ordered by this Court that if the Deft doe by the first day of

Letter – Michael Blackett to Matthew Lamb – 26 Apr 1676

Mr: Mat[t]hew Lambe Newcastle Ap[r]ill 26th : 1676 Sir I have Rec[eive]d youres of the 24 present, And am sorrey to heare of my Mothers Indisposition; Indeed the reason of my soe longe silence was my <preperacon> [preparation] for goeinge, As alsoe in goinge to the pay att the Leed Mines the last week, together w[i]th my business extraordinary att my returne from thence, But I am resolved (God willinge) some time this week, to see you and my Mother at Darnton, where wee shall ta

Letter – Michael Blackett to Robert Jackson – 26 Apr 1676

Mr: Robt Jackson ditto [Newcastle Ap[r]ill 26th 1676] Sir I have Rec[eive]d a letter dated the 22 present from Mr Walter Tucker of Lyme wherin hee desires mee to fournish his Brother Mr Jno Tucker, (who is now in the Rob of Lyme as hee sayth and bound for this place) w[i]th money for buying of a Lo[a]dinge of Coales, and vallue the same upon you w[hi]ch may be done, I being assured how, to Reimburse myselfe by you w[hi]ch is all att presen

Letter – Michael Blackett to Walter Tucker – 26 Apr 1676

Mr: Walter Tucker ditto [Newcastle Ap[r]ill 26th 1676] Sir I have Rec[eive]d yo[u]rs the 22th present w[hi]ch the Inclosed for your Brother Mr Jno Tucker. And take notice of yo[u]r desire to fournish him w[i]th money for his Loadinge of Coales w[hi]ch shall be performed, when itt pleases God hee shall Arrive here, as allsoe his letter delivered, by him who is MB:

Letter – Ralph Grey to William Peacock – 29 Apr 1676

NewCastle Aprill the 29th1676 Mr Wm Peacocke yours of 28th curent came to hand but noe accts as you mention in your Letter, I perceive you have remitted £347 2s to Mr James Pickering & Mr Lionel Robinson <merchant> in London, I have Assigned over the s[ai]d bills to be p[ai]d to Mr Tho <Fermon mercer> in London I hope per the next to have your accnt & the ballance returnd to Mr Pickering or Mr Robinson who I have writt to this post, as to the Fishing trade if we &

Letter – Ralph Grey to James Pickering – 29 Apr 1676

Ditto Sr I recd a letter From Mr Wm: Peacocke Junior where he hath ordered into your hands three hundred and forty seven pounds two shill which said sume I have assigned to Mr Thomas firman to receive per the accoumpt of Mr Lanclot Moore for the Like value here Receivd; praye if Mr Wm Peacock send more bills assigne them to Mr Thomas Firman and in so doing you will very much oblige your humble servant Ra. Grey

Letter – Ralph Grey to James Pickering – 29 Apr 1676

April the: 29: 1676 Sr yours of the 25 Curant Came to saife hand, for which I thank you, wherin I rec[eived]d an accoumpt of £347 12s 3d Mr Peacock remittd which: last post I desired you to asigne it over to Mr Tho: Firman For the accoumpt of Mr Lancelott Moore, and this post I have asigned Mr Mr John Blanks of Wappen for the £160 For the Like value Recd of Henry: Miborne Last sume returned I have given Mr Peacock Credite per the ball[ance], if there be any Concerns I can serve you

Letter – Thomas Norton to William Blackett – 3 May 1676

Sr, It may <affen> you that my daughters maladies are abated & she sleepes soundly we are near Rippon & hopes (through God’s mercy) for recovery. I hope the <love> will continue her & that she may have opportunities to acknowledge yo[ur] <indcarme.. to her>. If you please to supply me with yours, will after discharge a debt, or serve her (if beggars may be chusers) I desire whittfeild may bring it to Rippon to Aldeman Gibsons. My <…..> to a

Letter – Ralph Grey to William Peacock – 5 May 1676

May the: 5: 1676 Mr Will: Peacock yours of the First Currant with the inclosed accoumpt came to safe hand for which thanks when the other moneys comes in as to the Ballance praye Returne for London I se[e] freinch wines will not do at your port: if the Vinicar be not sould send 24 for this port; my wife sent for it for her owne use, For the Leakidge of the Brandy its well its noe worse, he going from port to port, Mr Rudd hath sent <its now> to ship eight dozen of skins whereof

Letter – Ralph Grey to Joshua Pannell – 5 May 1676

ditto Mr Josh: Pannell yours of the 29 April per Mr John Vaughan with the inclosed acct came to hand I shall make a bad accoumpt of the sweet sented hogshead, it would have given more <..> send the Returns if there be in <twofould twine>, I have shypt in Mr Vaughan 150 pcs Lead markd R:G: which praye despose to best Advantidge at prices Currant and send the Returns in dolars for I se[e] nothing here that monyes is mad[e] on if this do turne to any accoumpt shall send more I soul

Letter – Michael Blackett to Humphrey Willett – 5 May 1676

Mr. Hum: Willett Newcastle May the 5th 1676 Sir I have before mee yo[u]rs of the 22d: 27 and 29th past w[hi]ch I shall now God willinge Answer att large, In yo[u]r former and last doe find 2 Bills remitted mee by yo[u]r Brother, w[hi]ch Inclosed send you desiring you to resend the ballne [balance] when due and place the same To my credditt I thank you for haveinge spoake to Mr Sheapherd; and also for promiseinge paym[en]t of my Bill of £ 16:=:=:=. I take notic

Letter – Michael Blackett to Peter Barr – 5 May 1676

Mr. Peter Bar ditto [Newcastle May 5th 1676] Sir I have before mee yo[u]rs of the 29th past, Mr Allaire [Allaine] hath left mee above £20:=:= my desire in every letter to him was to keepe mee indemnified from demaridge, Butt for all that and all his fayre promises of dispatchinge the vessell In 3 or 4 dayes shee was noe less then 25 dayes: 15 dayes demaridge att 40s p[er] diem; nay worst of all the Ma[ste]r hath made protest, how I come off I know nott Butt for

Letter – Michael Blackett to Walter Tucker – 5 May 1676

Mr. Walter Tucker ditto [Newcastle May 5th 1676] Sir My last unto you was of the 26th past, wherein I advised you that yo[u]r Brother John Tucker should be furnished w[i]th w[ha]t money hee wanted for the buyinge of his Loadinge of Coales, and this I would reimburse my selfe accordinge to your order upon Mr Robt Jackson of Stockton, but since I have advice from s[ai]d Jackson, that hee will nott accept any Bill upon yo[u]r account soe concerneinge this business

Letter – Michael Blackett to James Cooke – 5 May 1676

Mr. James Cooke ditto [Newcastle May 5th 1676] Sir I hope one thinks you have Rec[eive]d the forty pounds of Esqr Irrington; w[hi]ch makes In all three hundred and forty pounds. you need send noe Bill as yett for I intend <soin.inge> the next weeke by Hen Lawes to send you some more money and then will advise you, for w[ha]t send you <soe> please to send mee a Bill. In the meane time pray advise mee how my Unckell Eden doth I am MB:

Letter – Michael Blackett to Nicholas Verlaen – 6 May 1676

Mr. Nicho: Verlane Newcastle May 6th [16]76 Sir My last to you was of the 15th Ap[r]ill 76 to w[hi]ch referrs you Since have Rec[eive]d yo[u]rs of the 27th past and the 4th present whering takes notice of the Sale of p[er] of my Leed I wonder you remitt mee noe money upon t[ha]t account to Effect my desire Sir Expect noe more Orders butt this w[hi]ch is, that you fayle nott upon receipt to putt off w[ha]t Leed you have of myne In yo[u]r handes, an

Letter – Michael Blackett to John Strother – 6 May 1676

Mr. Jno: Strother ditto [Newcastle May 6th 1676 ] Sir My last was of the 22d past to w[hi]ch referrs you Since not any from you, soe the less to Inlardge upon; I hope ere this come to hand, William Lecke will be come away, and I question not butt God sending the Goods To hand here they will all prove to Content w[hi]ch will be a meanes to Create greater Correspondence together hereafter, I allsoe hope that accordinge to my desire you would not fayle of puttinge o
The Dukesfield Smelters and Carriers Project aimed to celebrate and discover the heritage of the Dukesfield Arches & lead carriers' routes between Blaydon and the lead mines of Allendale and Weardale. A two year community project, it was led by the Friends of the North Pennines in partnership with Hexhamshire and Slaley Parish Councils and the active support of Allendale Estates. It was funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund and the generous support of other sponsors. Friends of the North Pennines: Charity No:1137467