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Letter – Michael Blackett to Edward Allen – 10 Feb 1676

Feb the 10th Mr Ed: Allen Sr Inclosed you have the acct of youre pease Ballance is £89: 5: 2d what I disbursed for port of Letters shall place it all to the beanes acct which I perceive you have a mind to Let lye 2 or 3/m[onths] Longer your order aboute the same shall alwayes be observed As for the remitting of your money I shall Begg youre excuse till I receive answer to mine of the 8th present for I would willingly have you to draw it upon me because the Losse is Intollerable – I hop

Letter – Michael Blackett to Henry Nelthorpe – 15 Feb 1676

Newcastle feb 15th 1675/6 Mr Hen: Nelthorpe Sr there is some merchants in this towne whose friends in London hath mett with the Convenience of drawing Severall Summes of money upon them gratis I wish you could do the like & Charge upon me till I gave order to the Contrary £2: £3: or £400 at a time it would be something in my pockett I have a vessell Sailed which Intends for the west burthen aboute 100 Last so that I hope shortly either the m[aste]r Wm Leck by name or m[aste]r Jno H

Letter – Michael Blackett to George Turfrey – 15 Feb 1676

Ditto Mr Geo Turfrey Sr I have before me yours of the 10 present Robt porter shall be furnished with what moneys he desires not doubting but you will Comply with my Bill for the valew Though you write me not a word of it as alsoe for w[hi]ch more I shall at any time pay to any other m[aste]r by your order but I would Gladly have an agrement betwixt us aboute my Commission as I tould you I will be very Reasonable: for w[ha]t you thinke convenient to allow me shall satisfie MB

Letter – Michael Blackett to Anthony Allaire – 18 Feb 1676

Newcastle feb 18th 1675/6 Mr Antho: Allaire Sr My last to you was of the 8th present of w[hi]ch I writt you by m[aste]r Wm Leck who sailed Saturday last 12 present so I hope he may be with you as soone as this & I questione not but he will find his Loading ready for his takeing in and that it will be of the very best and Roundest Salt and the most fitt sort for Stockholme markett which I leave wholly to your discretione as alsoe the disposall of w[ha]t Goods he Brings unto you w[ha]t t

Letter – Michael Blackett to Samuel Sowton – 18 Feb 1676

Ditto Mr Sam: Sowton Sr To this day I have not heard one word from mr Jno Strother so that I am affraid he is on his way for England pray write me a line or two in answer to this and advise me withall youre thoughts or that whether he is or is not that soe if he be I may In time I may In time write to another to Care of my Businesse for my vessell is saild & the time Consequently will not admitt of any delay by writeing 2 lines in answer to this as is above desired you would very much

Letter – Michael Blackett to John Strother – 18 Feb 1676

Newcastle feb the 18th Mr Jno Strother Sr My last to you was of the 8th present by m[aste]r Wm Leck and not haveing any of yours will cause Brevity I have already by my formers writt you so much at large that In short I can say no more unto you for I questione not but all my desires will punctually Complyed withall both In disposeing of my Salt upon arrivall & chargeing so much the Lesse at the neete proceed thereof upon my friend at Hamb[urg] towards the reloading of the sd vessell as

Letter – Michael Blackett to Edward Allen – 18 Feb 1676

Ditto Mr Ed: Allen Sr I have before me yours of the 12 present the Contents have well observed I hope ere this you have received the acct of youre pease so shall dayly expect youre order aboute remitting the neete proceed thereof if you could draw it upon me it would do admirable well for you order me to remitt it I se[e] no probabil[it]y of procureing a Bill under 2p[er]% at least as p[e]r your <Graine> Indeed I thinke no greaine will turne to acct with us this next summer this is m

Letter – Michael Blackett to Charles Banks – 18 Feb 1676

Newcastle feb the 18th Sr My last to you was of the 4th present to which refers you Since none from you so the Lesse to Inlarge upon that being Ch[i]efly to Confirme my former and to desire you to forward the Inclosed according to the Superscriptione thereof and withall to second your former with the same unto sd Strother not doubting but you will Comply with what is desired you knowing as you are in disburse how to Reimburse your Selfe and you may be satisfied my Bro: Davisson would recomme

Letter – Michael Blackett to James Standsfield – 18 Feb 1676

Ditto Honored Sr By yours of the 10th Jan: which I presume should be feb: I take notice of youre Huffing at mine of the primo present deeming my proposall to you In that Letter unreasonable w[hi]ch none surely but your selfe would thinke so for me to buy you In Goods with ready money at your desire and to be thus rewarded for my disburse I thinke in my opinion is not merchant Like to tell me when I desire my owne that I am Severe & Rigid with you w[ha[t I desired in my sd Letter I still

Letter – Michael Blackett to John Hall – 18 Feb 1676

Ditto Sr Upon the Recommendatione of my Couz Wm Blackett I make bould to write you these few Lines desireing you to peruse Seale & deliver the Inclosed unto Sr James Standsfield and demand of him upon my acct £148: 6: 8d there is dew to me £2: 17: 4d more but let him give you w[ha]t p[ar]t of that he pleases if none I must be Content if he Give you Bills for the same payable Either here or at London be pleased to receive and forward them unto me but if he offer to pay you in money then

Letter – John Lindsay to James Standsfield – 19 Feb 1676

Feb 19 1675/6 The enclosed Letr from Jno Curtis abt the lead mines we rcd but had not the opertunity of seing Mr Vermuyden to communicate itt to him of wch shall advise per next

Letter – Michael Blackett to Nicholas Verlaen – 19 Feb 1676

Newcastle Feb: 19: 1675/6 Mr Nicho Verlaen Sir My last unto you was of the 5th of Feb To w[hi]ch I referr you since I have <received> yours of the 18th present by w[hi]ch I take notice of the Sale of <50> peeces of Lead att 24 ¼ <s> w[hi]ch price I like not at all but doe Submitt to w[ha]t you doe & am content therew[i]th, Though I wish it were att Rotterdam where it gives above 25 <s> w[ha]t the Reason is that Rotterdam Markett should soe farr overeach yours

Letter – Michael Blackett to James Burkin – 19 Feb 1676

Newcastle 19th Feb 1675/6 Mr James Burkin Sir I am soe ambitious of your Comands & soe ready to observe them that immediately after Receipt of your letter I gott thee needfull subpeena served upon the p[er]son mentioned according to your order <…..> sent your Affidavitt thereof In due time, Now Sir in requitall thereof if you would please to advise mee p[er] first opp[er]tunity (if you can Enquire it out) where Matth Bulmer the Plaintiff is or may be found, you would very much

Letter – Michael Blackett to Walter Chaytor – 19 Feb 1676

Newcastle Feb 19th 1675/6 Mr Walter Chaytor I have not writt to you this longe time for want of occasion that is cheifely to advise you that I have this day shipped & conveyed unto you by the Jno of Newcastle Jno Vahan [Vaughan] M[aste]r 400 peeces of Lead w[hi]ch after good arrivall be pleased to Receive & dispose thereof for my most advantage paying the Ma[ster] 10 <….> p[er] peece freight with a St[uyver] upon a Gilder for primadge & averidge next post God willing I sh

Letter – Michael Blackett to Walter Chaytor – 19 Feb 1676

Newcastle Feb 19th 1675/6 Sir My last was of the <5> feb to w[hi]ch referrs you have none from you soe the lesse to enlarge upon that <Beinge> cheifely to advise you that Jno Vagghan [Vaughan] is Sailed, who I hope may be with you ere this come to hand, when please God send him to his desired Port be pleased as formerly desired to dispose of my Lead as you shall think Convenient, not doubtinge but you will doe it to the best of your knowledge, for my most advantage & make a q

Letter – Michael Blackett to George Turfrey – 22 Feb 1676

Newcastle Feb 22d 1675/6 Mr Geo Turffrey Sr I have onely to advise you that Robert Porter is arrived who shall have w[ha]t money hee desires but I would gladly know In answer to my last w[ha]t you will please to allow mee for my <Comm[iss]ion> & if you have any other Friends who you can recommend mee unto upon the same account I shall be as reasonable as any in this place whatsoever, for w[ha]t you & they think Convenient shall aske noe more, & <besides> you will ve

Letter – Michael Blackett to Edward Allen – 22 Feb 1676

Newcastle 22d Feb: 1675/6 Major Edw: Allan Sir I have before mee yours of the 17th for answer I doe asure you I was my selfe seekinge a good p[ar]t of yesterday for a Bill for you but could neither for love nor money meete w[i]th any I have some at work this morneing if they bringe me some in time you shall have it Inclosed, if not I have no other remmedy but you must please to have patience a Post for if it lay upon my life I could doe noe more for my selfe then I have done for you Malt a

Letter – Michael Blackett to John Horsham – 22 Feb 1676

Newcastle feb 22d 1675/6 Mr John Horsham Sir I have onely to advise you that my Vesell by greater Winds had much a doe to keepe above for by misfortune sprung a leack butt god be thanked by the helpe of some of his friends who stand by him hee hath gott into Thems [Thames] River & hee writes mee hee must of necessity sell his Coale there & soe lay the Shipp a Shoare to gett her mended. I hope hereafter wee may have greater dealeinge together & if at any time you shall Judge mee

Letter – Michael Blackett to Thomas Finley – 22 Feb 1676

Newcastle feb 22d 1675/6 Mr Tho: Finley Sir I expected you over before now J: E: his business for you writt me you would be here before wee should make an end I goe into the West to morrow, att my Returne w[hi]ch will bee God Willinge upon S[a]turday I expect to meete with a letter from you and to know w[ha]t you Intend to doe for my p[ar]te I would advise you to come over some time the next weeke & to make a peaseable End thereof butt doe w[ha]t you please my respects to all Frends I

Letter – Michael Blackett to William Leck – 22 Feb 1676

Newcastle Feb 22d 1675/6 Mr Wm Leck I have before mee yours of the 17th present am very glad you are gott well to London God be thanked for itt I can nott helpe the badd Markett you meete w[i]thall onely I hope you will take care to sell as deare as otherwise & w[ha]t money you can spare pay unto Mr H: Nelthorpe Gold Smith at the Rose in Lomboard Streete, make w[ha]t hast[e] you will but noe more then good speed, I hope you have gott your Vesell <Holded> first & then away as fa

Letter – Michael Blackett to William Blackett – 22 Feb 1676

Newcastle 22d feb 1675/6 Honoured Sir I have noe more to Inlardge upon that to advise you that tomorrow morninge Brother C & I indendes God willinge for the pay, att my Returne you may expect as full an accou[n]t as my weak Capasity shall be able to give you of occurences att all places there, of w[hi]ch I can at present onely lett you that the next pay will take about £600 - - <S> I intreate you to advise mee how it stands with Mr N for some people in Towne doth feare him a littl

Letter – Ralph Grey to Tradell – 26 Feb 1676

Febry 26th 1675/6 Sir Yours of 20th with the inclosed came to safe hand I should have answered but that I have been out of Toone I shall examane them & place them to account my request was to you that you would sell my lead Cottons & Stockings off at price current & send returns per Mr White for to lye to <another> Fair will be inconvenient & noe shipping till next vintage, soe pray sell of the goods rather then draw bills for here is such a dead trade that their

Letter – Michael Blackett to William Blackett – 26 Feb 1676

Newcastle Feb: 26: 1675/6 Honoured Sir I have att present onely To advise you of occurrences at the Lead Mines w[hi]ch I shall doe God willing as well as I can, Soe in the first place the Condition of the severall Groves are as follows (vizt) Green Gill Inddiffrent good In two Shafts & they gett some Oare In the third Cole Cleugh Indifrent good In the low bed for the high bed itt hath beene poore this long time but Rich: tells mee hee hath <Dialled [drilled?]> oute a new Shaft, &am

Letter – Michael Blackett to Edward Allen – 26 Feb 1676

Newcastle Feb 26th 1675/6 Major Ed: Allen Kind Freind Under 2 Posts I now meete w[i]th noe Bills, nor for 2 Posts from persons To Content, here Inclosed you have my owne Bill for £70: 8: 6 upon Mr George Turffreys> 10 d[ays] sight to your order, w[hi]ch money I payd yesterday unto one by 1 d Turffreys order if you will accept thereof & allow mee 2 < po> advance I suppose you may comand the money, if not you are free & I doe sweare to another I would nott take after that r

Letter – Michael Blackett to George Turfrey – 26 Feb 1676

Newcastle Feb 26th 1675/6 Mr Geo Turfrey, Sr, I have your kind letter of the 19th p.sent & have furnished Robt <Porten> with £70 & this Inclosed receipt, now Sr what matter att any time you doe recommend unto mee my fitter shall be ready to wayte upon them upon all accounts, to <sbare> them & to helpe them to <such> coale as shall bee fit for the Markett for wch I demands ½ P % wch I call reasonable so Commission of that if 70 will be <7.s> att the rat
The Dukesfield Smelters and Carriers Project aimed to celebrate and discover the heritage of the Dukesfield Arches & lead carriers' routes between Blaydon and the lead mines of Allendale and Weardale. A two year community project, it was led by the Friends of the North Pennines in partnership with Hexhamshire and Slaley Parish Councils and the active support of Allendale Estates. It was funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund and the generous support of other sponsors. Friends of the North Pennines: Charity No:1137467