Letter – Nicholas Walton to Thomas Corbett – 24 Jan 1736

Document Type: Letter
Date: 24 Jan 1736
Correspondent: Nicholas Walton
Recipient: Thomas Corbett
Archive Source: TNA ADM 66 105
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Thomas Corbett Esqr

      Ravensworth Castle    January 24th 1735/6


	Last Post brought us yours of the 20th of Janry Inst with John Fishers letter inclosed complaining of some ill usage he faced from Joseph Pearson & that it had occasion’d his giving up his farme

	The Eight of this Month we were at Keswick & that day reced the Rent of John Fisher as we did of the rest of the Tennants that appear’d ytday & on payment of his Money he requested that he might have liberty to cutt down such Timber in his farme as he had occasion for in his husbandry Utensills, & further requested cutting down some hedges of Willows of a pretty large growth for fire Wood which last we computed might be worth 40 Shillings, & he added it was upon these Terms he would stay upon his Farme and no other, nor giving the least reason imaginable of any other kind and as we did not think it reasonable to Comply with his request he gave up his farme & we lett it the next day to Lancelott Penny for £1-10s per Ann advance.

	We do assure you Sr that John Fisher had all the requird paid him by us, that he could expect as an old Tennant & it was after repeated intreating him to continue upon his Farme that we took his warning, for Pearson may have used him ill, but if he had we are sorry we knew it not all we can say for him is a very Intelligent Man & if he is honest very fit for his present imployment, & his Character as farr as we had an opertunity of Enquiry is quite the reverse of that in John Fishers Letter it appears to be.

	Last Post was Sent you Mr Stephensons Moor Masters Letter & what Accots we held from him except such Minutes as we took to enable us to lay before you the State of the Lead Mines in Aldston Moore Mannor, which you will receive here with.

	The Mannor of Aldston Moor is boundred on the East by Mr Caverley Blacketts West Allan & Colecleugh moores, on the So By Sr Chris: Musgrave & one Crachenthorps moores, on the So West by the same, & on the No West & North by Mr Wallas of Whitley Gilderdale & Ale & <.ixletts> & Whitfield Common.

	In this Manner is what is called the Demesne Farme or Sowbyer with which is lett a Mill in Aldston Town & the Domesne Tyths now lett at £70-7s-6d per Ann neither of which will advance much if any thing at all

	The Antient Rents are payable at Michaelmas in every year but you will observe when you receive our Cash Accot that Severall of these due last Michaelmas are not pay’d & the 20 penny fine is pay’d in 2 years Vizz one half thereof in the one & twentieth & the other in the two & twentieth year  the rest of these fines are due together, but there is besides what is called dropping fines & some of those are & have been for some time due of which we hope to get an Accot but it would save us a deal of trouble to have the dates of the Counterpart of those as well as all other Leases.

	The Lead Mines or Veins of Lead Oare are very numerous in this Mannor, but are (as you will Observe by the Description of ‘em) in such a Condition as render them unprofitable in many places, and in the whole the Revenue arising therefrom very small, the Shaft & Water courses in most of ‘em being destroyed by hushing a practice in Minery, tho some years known, yett was not practised till of late years.

	Tho Sr there is yett some people working regularly & some hushing to the prejudice of the Mines, we are apprehensive there is scarce one Lease, in being or unexpired, & the longer such hushing Continues, the greater will the damage be, not only to the Mine but to the whole County where they are as the Tennants inclosed Lands  Suffer much by such practices wou’d it not there Sr be proper, to discharge & immediately putt putt  a stop to all hushing as the Directors will we presume lett the lead Mines with all Convenient Speed.

	It has been Custimary Sr to impower the Stewards or Receivers to grant Tack Notes; of Lead Mines in Aldston Mannor but we shou’d be much better pleased that at first the Derectors wou’d let them abort & wou’d with submission to their Judgement recommend the letting all those where there is a tolerable prospect to Men able to undertake & effectually carry on the same, for you will observe Sr Where there is the best prospect there is a considerable expence will attend after this is done & that the principal part of the present Mines are lett, you will find Severall people desirous to make new Tryalls, & then it will we apprehend be the advantage of the Hospital; that the Derectors impower us discretionally to grant Tack Notes to all Persons & in all places where desired.  We are told it has been sometime practised by owners of Lands where the Lord has a liberty to digg & Look for Lead Oare, to take a Tack Note to prevent Spoil of ground which they had a power of doing not being bound to a Sufficient Tryall, we have an Instance of It from an application we have had from Jacob Moore for a tack Note to trye in his own Estate at Wellgill.  We therefore Sr begg leave to recommend to the Derectors that care may be taken to bind all undertakers to Sufficient Tryalls.

	We wish Sr that the description of the Lead Mines may be Clear & Intelligable, it is in the best Mannor we cou’d gett it; & we hope it will answer the end proposed, you will receive with it an Eye<..> of the Manner which we hope will give you a better Idea of the Situation of the Mines than you cou’d other wise have but the Weather was so unseasonable when we were there that we were hindred in making it more accurate than it is.

	In Aldston Moor Manner is lying all the Lords dues of Lead Oare which was wrought in the year 1735 which ought to have been Sold the beginning of that year, by which the money wou’d have been reced last Midsummer & Christmas, but now can’t be done till next Midsummer & Christmas & Consequently the Interest thereof is lost for one year.  We purpose Selling it with all convenient Speed as well as the dues as may arise this year if the Derectors have no Objection.  you will observe the quantity now upon the Moore in the Moore Masters Accot.

	Mr Stephenson the Tennant who Farmes the Colliery on Alston Moore complains of some hardship he has had upon him in that Colliery the workings are now extended so farr from the present Shafts, that he can’t goe on without Sinking new Ones, & he says he has of late been money out of pocket, he is not willing to be at more at expence as his Lease is expired and he now upon an uncertainty what he therefore desires to know is whether or no he may expect to be continued Tennant or not,  We recommend him as an able Tennant & a man of very good Character.

	Thomas Cowper a Miner in Aldston Moor was with us at Aldston complaining of some hardship he had in taking the Veins to Work called Longhole head, of which hardships the Commissioners of enquiry made a report, and you’ll be pleased Sr to give us such derections therein as you see necessary

	This Sr is all that has come under our observations relating the mannor of Aldston Moore, & upon the whole nothing we think will so much conduce to the improvement of it, as granting Leases & encouraging all people what ever that shall desire ‘em by which the Derectors will find an advantage in New discoverys.

	Keswick aly Castleridge & Derwent water is bounderd on the East by Matterdale and Pallerdale belonging Lord Lonsdale, on the South by Mr Fletcher <Banes> Wiveburn on the West by his Grace the Duke of Somersett & on the North & East by Edward Hazell Esqr.  In this Manner is Some Demesne Lands which are bounderd on the East & North East by the Lords Customary & Arbitary Tennants, on the East & So East by Do on the South by Castleridge Common & on the West & So West by the middle of a large Lake als Derwentwater & on the North by the Ryver Greta & part of Keswick Town.  These Lands lye all together but besides there is Some Demesne Lands called Goosewell & Ullock Closes which are distant from Keswick about two Miles, is bounderd on the East by Naddall Fell, on the South by Naddall Customary Tennts on the West by Pyett Nest also Customary Lands & on the North, by Barnes Customary Tennants.

	The whole of the Demesne Lands by Estimation may be about 600 Acres & cannot we think be much advanced, the Land it Self being very poor & no lime to be had, but at a very great expence, & the hedges are all in bad Repaire

	There is here most Beautifall Oakes Ash & Birch Timber, about 10 Acres of which is all Oakes, near 60 foot high & many of ‘em Straight & without a branch, but besides this we compute there may be near 200 Acre of Woody Lands, upon which is fine Oakes Ash and Birch, but are there as well as on the 10 Acre all Small Timber, but Seems to be at its full growth, the whole may be worth £5000.

	This Timber is Commodioasly Scituated for Trade , being Scituate on the Side of the above mentioned Lake & may be conveyed in Boats or Floats, down that Lake, the Ryver Greta & Bassen Water about 8 Miles, & then will be only about 8 Miles Land Carriage to the Sea

	Keswick Moot hall is in very bad Repaire, the Windows thereof want glaizing & it also wants mending in the Roof.  There Shou’d be new Windows Shutts & Some other Small Matters done where the Court is kept & the Stair Case Shou’d also be repaired.  The Shamells in the Markett place are also necessary to be repaired; the whole of that & the Moot hall may Cost about £8 or £10.

	In this Manner as you will observe by the Rentall are Sevll Sorts of Rents payble to the Lord, the Nature of wch we have inquired into as perticularly as we could, but we find none of them have been reced since the late Lord Derwentwaters death, & they are at Marts last all in arrear 4 years.

	All Free Rents are payble twice a year Vizt at Penticost & Marts & are pd by Owner of Free hold Lands

	The Customary Rents are also paid twice a year & a fine on the death of Lord or Tennant, called a 4 penny fine, that is four times the Value of the years certain Rent & there is now due a fine on the death of the late Lord of the Manr as also on the death of some Tennts of wch we have an Accot which shall be transmitted you afterwards; but besides this fine there becomes another fine due to the Lord, in case of any Aleanation, by Sale Mortgage or otherwise.

	The Customary Rents (with fines arbitrary) are also paid twice a year & if Fines become due on the death of the Lord or Tennant, or in case of Aleanation; & is called an Arbitrary fine because it is in the Lords option to take either a Twenty penny or a Thirty penny fine, or a years value of the Lands, according to Such a Valuation as shall be made by the Stewards or Persons indifferently Chosen,  & there is now due thereon 4 years Rt, a Fine on the death of the late Lord of the Mannr & on Sevll Aleanations

	The arbitrary fines on Aleanations differ Something from that of the death of Lord or Tennant.  for upon any Sale or Mortgage every Mortgage must be admitted by the Lord & the time is Limited for wch such Sum is lent, & in case the Estate is redeemed within that time, the Lord receives only from 6d to 12d in the pound on the proceeding Fine, if it is not redeemed then the Lord receives the whole fine proceeg & on the Sale the Lord receives the preceeding Fine without Limitation.

	There is also Rents called Services paid at Keswick which originally was a certain number of Carriages of Lime etc, & Hens agreed to be paid the Lord or wch he has a right to demand, wch upon, the Lords non residence at the Mansion house at Keswick was reducd to a Sum of Money & is now in the Rentall under the Title of Services

	Besides there is a burrow rent paid by wch each person pays.  it is intituled to graise upon the Common & is intitul’d to Turbery.

	Fishers houses in Keswick are enjoyed by Margt Pattison & are in the rentall amongst the free rents although about 40 years agoe were forfeited to the Lord of Keswick on Nonpaymt of a Fine it Should therefore Now be Enterd amongst the Demesne Lands as these houses are the Lords to all intents and purposes, Lantees Hoses and Williamsons Houses are forfeited in like Mannor.

	Joseph pearson Bailiff informs us that he was present when Isaac Todd pd Mr Watson the late Receiver £10 & he believes gave bond for a Greater Sum & he has heard Isaac Todd Say it was in Consideration of Some faviours Mr Watson did him in Relation to Some Wood Cutt down at Keswick on the Death of the Late Lord D  Whether that £10 be brought to accot or Not & If it was whether Mr Watsons Should not be called upon for the bond that we may receive the remaining part of the Money for the Use of the Hospitall.

A [postscript paragraph was to be inserted here]	

      Thornthwait is distant from Keswick about 3 miles its bounderd on the East by Edward Hazell Esqr on the So by the Duke of Sumsett on the west & and North west by Mr Fletcher Vane & on the North and No’ East by his Grace the Duke of Somersett, being all Arbitrary lands the Same as the Arbitrary Lands at Keswick.

	In this Estate there is a lead Mine Now wrought by the Late receivers pay 1/7 th to the Lord, is bounder’d on the East by Bassen Water On the So & West by the Duke of Somersett, On the West and North West by Mr F Vane & on the No by his Grace the Duke of Sumersett.  This Mine has been wrought Some time has afforded Some Small quantity of Oar, but the Lord has recd no Dews we have Demanded an accot thereof of Mr Hutchinson wch he has Promised us,  The prospect is not very much here but is effectually won by a level there is also some other veins of Lead in wainthwaite bank in this Estate and Some persons wod take Tack notes, it may be of advantage.

	We have been Informed and have had the Confession of wm Miles of Keswick that he the said miles bought of Mr Thomas Jefferson Parson of Cockermouth 200 Birch & Alder Fires in the Spring of the year 1735 then growing upon the Arbitrary Estate of the Said Mr Jefferson for which he agreed to pay £6.12.6 that Since that time Severall of the Said trees (nay a great part of em) are cuttdown and led away  And some are lying Cut and not taken away  This we apprehend Mr Jefferson has no rights to doe & therefore we discharged Wm Miles from proceeding in taking any more trees or paying Mr Jefferson any Money this Estate of Mr Jefferson is in the Mannor of Thornthwait.

	John Slator and Thomas Laidler of <wittles> has Demanded Of us about £7 for leading Timber & for repairing their Housing & other places and upon their acquainting us that 60 Deals were Led to Mr Readheads the late bailiff of Corbridge and said to be Used in Repairing the mill of Whitley Coasley etc and On Enquiry We find none of them have been Used there, that they were Delivered at Corbridge is Evident from the Inclos’d Informacons of the Sd Laidler and Slater and we believe it to be as Evident from Mr Buntings Infirmation that they Never were appropriated to the Use of the Hospital Estate.  We Sent for Mr Readhead who Would Not give us any Infirmation about them.  These Infermaon Mr Down readily took att Our request & he Seems on all Occasions ready to Espouse the Interests of your Hospitall.

	Next post or the post After you will receive our Observations On Other parts of the Estate, and the whole of it, as well as what you besides require Shall be done with all Expedition by                                                         Srs  Your most Obedient Servts

                                                                                        Walton & Boag

	The following paragraph is omitted in the preceeding Letter & to come in at the Letter 	A

	We doubt not that you are Sencible of the reason why the Customary and Arbitrary Rents and Fines have not been paid, but we begg leave to put you in mind of it, and that it is for want of one admitting Lord, & we apprehend as the Estate is now vested; that there will be a necessity for an Act for vesting it in some one Person, if it should not be Sold, & this must be done before any Rents or Fines can be reced.

The name of the Severall Lead Mines or Veins in Aldston Moor


A Description of the Lead Mines in Aldston Moore, beginning at Coalcloath hill, near the North Boundery of the Estate on the East Side of Nent & on the East Side of Tyne

1 Coalcloath hill

Is Scituated About a Mile from Ale burne is bounderd on the East by Mr Blanchett on the South by Spency Croft on the west by Coalcloath hill & on the North by Clargill Common, has not been Wrought for many years, pd one fifth Dues to the Lord, Lease Expired and there Does not Appear any prospect.

2 Thorngill

Is distant from Coalcloath hill About a Mile lying So East from it is bounderd on the East by Mr Blackett On the South by lough Vane, On the West & So west by Blagill Inclosed grounds & On the North by Corbygates Common, Pays 1/5 to the lord is Now Hushed by Mr Errington, was formerly Very Rich, but is all wrot in the Upper Sils & in a Ruinous Condition but may be tryed by a level from Blagill Burn & May cost £300 but will effectually trye both that and Lough Vane

3 Lough Vane

Joyns Thorngill is bounderd on the East by Mr Blackett On the So by blagill or fistas rake, on the West by Blagill Inclosd grounds & on the north by Thorngill grove.  Was Last wrought by Thos Errington Esqr & paid 1/5 to the Lord, is now in ruins and Little prospects but will be tryed by Thorngill Levell.

4 Blagill or Fistis Raek

Joyns lough Vane, is bounderd on the East by Mr Blackett on the So & So West by Foreshield & Blagill Inclosures, on the west by Blagill pastures On the North by Lough Vane; is now wrought by the Quakers Company pays 1/5 to the lord, & has afforded a good Quantity of Oare  There is here a pretty good prospect tho: The low Sills have not Answerd Expectation, as they were expected to be rich; but they May be yett so.

5 Cock Lake

Is distant from Blagill about ½ a Mile lying So East, is boundred on the East by Mr Blackett on the South by Lovelady Shield Common on the west by Foreshield Inclosures, has not been Much tryed, nor Not at all for many years, nor there does not appear any prospect.

6 Nentsberry green Ends

Is distant from Cocklake about a Mile lying So East is bounderd on the East by Mr Blackett on the South by middle Vane on the west by Nentsbery Inclosures & on the north by Nenthall Common, has not been wrought for many years and there is there little prospect.

7 Middle Vane

Adjoyning Nentsberry green Ends is bounderd by the East by Mr Blackett on the So by nentsberry hagg on the west by Nentsberry Inclosers and on the north by nentsberry green Ends was throughly tryed by Mr Alderman Redley but did not prove.

8 Nentsberry Hagg

Is bounderd by the East by Mr Blackett, on the South by brownlyhill on the west by Nentsberry Inclosed Lands & on the North by Middle Vane; is now wrought by the Late receivers.  has been throughly tryed but affords a Small quantity of Oare and there is very little prospect.

9 Brownly Hill

Is bounderd on the East by Mr Blacketts on the South by Brown Gill Moss on the west by Welgill Inclosed Lands & on the North by Nentsberry Hagg was last wrought by the Late recrs is now in Ruins & there is no further Prospect.

10 Goodamgil Moss

Is bounderd on the East by Mr Blackett, on the South by Wellgill Common, on the west by Wellgill Inclosures & on the No by Brownly hill has not been lately wrought but last by Mr Aynsley of Hexham is now in ruins & little or no prospect.

11 Redgroves

Is Distant about a Mile from goodamgill Moss is bounder’d on the East by Mr Blacketts Coalclough, on the South by Nenthead Common, on the West by Nenthead Inclosures and on the North by goodamgill Moss Common, is now hushed by the late Recrs & by that Means in a ruinous Condition & the upper Sills of very little Value but is hopefull in the lower as it bounders upon a Rich Mine at Colecleugh & will be effectually tryed by a new Levell wch may Cost from 4 to £800 this Mine pays 1/5 to the Lord

12 Long Cleugh

Is Distant from redgroves abt a Mile is bounderd on the East by Mr Blackett on the So by Do  On the west by Nenthead Common and & On the North by redgroves Common, was wrought by Hushing about 5 years Agoe by Mr Meers  Here is a prospect, but a level for that purpose is Necessary & will Cost about £200 Pay’d 1/5 to the Lord

13 Carrs & Cowslits

Is distant from Long Cleugh abt a Mile to the west , & near Nenthead is bounderd on the East by Nenthead Common on the South by the Same on the west by nenthead Inclosures & on the North by Fairhill Lead Mine  Paid 1/5 to the lord was last wrout by Sr John Meeres, Not now wrot by any and there is very little prospect

14 Fairhill

Is bounderd on the east by longcleugh on the South by Carrs & Cowslits on the west by Nenthead Inclosures & on the North by middle Cleugh was last wrought by One Tinswood pay’d 1/5 to the Lord but is not hopefull.

15 Middle Cleugh 

On the So West side of Nent is bounderd on the East by long Cleugh, on the South by longholehead, on the west by nenthead common & on the No by nenthead Inclosures has not been wrought for many years paid 1/5 to the lord but there is no manner of prospect

16 Longhole head & Briggell Burn Cross

On the So West of Nent is bounderd on the East by Nent on the South by Middle Cleugh on the west by Brigill Burn & on the North by part of Briggill burn and is about a mile west of Middle Cleugh, last wrought by the late Receivers and Cor by hushing etc.  A good prospect here, by bringing up a Level to each place which will cost about £400 pd 1/5 to the Lord.

17 Briggelburn

On Do Side of Nent lyes about ¼ of a Mile west from Long holehead  Is bounderd on the East By Nenthead Inclosures on the South by part of longholehead & on the west and north by greengill wrought last by Thos Errington Esqr paid 1/5 to the Lord, but now little or no prospect.

18 Peatstack hill

On Do Side of Nent lyes Joyning to Briggellburn is bounderd on the East by Nenthead Inclosures on the South by part of longhole head on the west by green gill & on the North by nenthead field, is now wrought by Mr Errington, pays 1/5 to the lord & there is there a pretty good prospect.

19 Nent head field 

On Do Side of Nent is bounderd on the East by Nent On the South by Peatstack hill on the west and north by greengill, has not been wrought this many years, paid 1/5 to the Lord but now little or no prospect.

20 Greengill 

Is distant from Nent head feald Nent a Mile is Bounderd on the East by nent, on the South by Nenthead field  On the west by Gallygill Sike & on the north by the Same  Now wrout by Mr Bacon by hushing, pays 1/5 to the Lord but there is little prospect wth out Compleating a level of wch a part is already Drove & may Cost Compleating the Same £200

21 Gallygill Sike

Is Distant from greengill abot a Mile, is bounderd on the East by nent  On the south by greengill & on the West and North by Gallygill Inclosures this was tryed the last years by the late recrs & Compy but there is very little prospect.

22 Farrenberry

Is distant from Gallygill sike about 2 Miles is bounderd on the East by Skellgill Common on the South by Nattress Inclosures on the west by Annetwalls & on the North by Aldston Town Common was formerly wrout by John Jackson, now in ruins and no prospect.

23 Nattress

Is distant from Farenberry & lyes So East from about a Mile is bounderd on the East by Nattress Common on the So by Doubot sike on the west by nattrass gill and on the North by Nattress Inclosures is now hushed by Thos Atch, is in a ruinous Condition thereby;  here is a prospect by bringing up a level but will cost abt £400.  had a tack note from the late Recrs & pay’d 1/5th.

24 Doupott Sike

Is distant from Nattress about ½ Mile lying So East is bounders on the East by Aldstone Peet fell on the South by Fetcheress on the West by Rise Common & on the North by Nattress Common was formerly wrot by Mr Stephenson of Crosslands, but there is little or no prospect

25 Fetcheress

Is distant from dowpott Sike about a Mile So East is bounderd on the East by Shieldhill Common on the South by Garrigill burne head on the west by Cragg Inclosures and on the north by Doupot Sike is now wrout by Sam: white by Tack Note from the late receivers getts a Small quantity of Oar; pays 1/5 to the Lord but the prospect Small.

26 Garrigill Burn Old Groves

Is Distant about ½ a mile from Fletchess lying about So is bounderd on the East by Taylor Syke on the South by Garrigill Burn Rivulett, on the west by Shieldhill Inclosures & on the North by Do Common has not been wrought for many years and no prospect.

27 Taylor Syke

Is Distant from Garrigill burn Old groves about ½ a mile lying So East is bounderd on the East by Nunnery on the South by browngil & Thortergill & on the west and North by Garrigillburn has not been wrout for many years & little prospect.

28 Browngill

Is distant from Taylor Syke about a Quarter of a Mile lying South is bounderd on the East by garrigillburnhead on the South by Snab  On the west by dodberry Incloses & on the north by Garrigill burn is now wrout by Mr Rogers and & ptners, but the Lease Out or near it pays 1/5 to the Lord getts a Small Quantity Of Oare & there is a prospect but -- a Tryall will cost £200

29 Thortergill

Is bounderd on the East by browngill on the So by gd Snab on the west by garrigill burn & on the west & north west by garrigill burn  Is now hushed by Mr Rogers & Ptners but the Lease is Out or Near it there is here a Little prospect but will be try’d by Browngill Tryall.  Pays 1/5 to the lord.

30 Hill Close

Joyns Thortergill Lying west thereof is bounderd on the East by the Sd Thortergill, on the south by the Snab on the west & North by garrigill burn was last wrout by Mr John Aynsley & the Late recrs is now ruinous & Little or no prospect.

31 Windy Brow

Is Distant from hill Close about about 2 Miles lying South Is bounderd on the East by Littlegill, on the South by Tyne head Common on the west by Tyne head Inclosures and on the North by Eshgill Common has not been wrought for Many Years & little or No prospect.  There is Severall Veins here but none of them hopefull & one half of all windy brow only belongs to the Hospital.  The Other half to Mr Hopper of Hole

West Side of Tyne beginning at Gilderdale or the No boundry

32 Reckhill Or Broomberry

Reckhill Or Broomberry is distant from Gilderdale abt ½ a 

mile is bounderd on the East by Hogill rigg Inclosures  On the So by park grove on the west by Gilderdale hd & on the north by Gilderdale burn  Is now wrout by Wm Lee & partners.  The Vane runs into park grove, has got about 20 bing of Oare & pays 1/5 to the Lord but there is little prospect.

33 Park Grove

Is distant from rockfield abot ½ a mile is bounderd on the East by Bayles Inclosures on the South by part of park Common on the west by part of the Same and on the North by part of Gilderdale Common  Now hushed by John Jackson & Ptners pays 1/5 to the Lord never got much Oare & there is very little or no prospect

34 Horse Edge

Is distant from park grove abt a Mile is bounderd on the East by Bayles Inngrounds on the So by Ameshaugh fell, on the West by Gilderdale Common & on the North by wanwood bent, was tryd by William hewatson etc but did not prove here is little or no prospect

35 Slate Mea

Is distant from hors Edge abt ¼ of a Mile lying South  Is bounderd on the East by part of AmeShaugh Common on the So by part of the Same on the west & north by the same, it was last tryed by John Jackson & Wm Hewatson about 5 years ago but did not prove here is little prospect

36 Gillhouseburn

Is distant from Slate mea abot a Mile is bounderd on the East by Gillhouse Inngrounds & on the South West & North by the Same was wrot by Jno Graham & John Richardson about 4 years agoe & paid 1/5 to the Lord.  here is a prospect and Richardson and Graham wod take it again

37 Birchybank

Is Distant about 21/2 miles from gill houseburn and is on the South Side of blackburn, is bounderd on the East by highbirchy bank on the South by part of howburn  On the west and north by Blackburn, was abt 16 years agoe wrot by Thos Burne at 1/5 due to the Lord but there is now no prospect

38 High Birchy Bank

Is distant from low birchy bank abt 100 Yards or adjoining thereunto & bounderd in like manner, was wrot about 5 years agoe by Henry Fetherston & ptners at 1/5 Due to the Lord but here is now at this place Very little prospect.

39 Greencastle

Is distant from high birchy bank abt 500 Yards & lies in Rotherup Common & bounderd by it on Every Side has not been wrot this many years & there is here little prospect

40 Howburn Moss

Is distant from Greencastle about ¼ of a Mile lying in how burn Common being bounderd thereby on all Sides. Last wrout about 5 years age by Sr John Meers at 1/5 Dues to the Lord, but is now ruinous & no prospect.

41 Cashburn

Is distant from howburn Moss about ½ Mile is bounderd on the East by Cornridge Common on the South by Cashburn on the west by Craggling Syke & on the north by the Same was last wrot by Thomas Brown by hushing may gett Oare but not hopeful, 1/5 Dues

42 Cornridge

Is Distant from Cashburn about ¼ of a Mile to the South is bounderd on the East by Windy gapp on the South by Cashburn on the west by Cashburn Grove & on the north by Longman hill was last year wrot by Mr Mowberry & ptners at 1/5 Dues by hushing but here is little prospect   The Lease Supposed not Out

43 Crosgillhead

Is distant from CornRidge about a Mile & is on all Sides bounderd by Crosgill Common, had no Vein but gott a Small Quantity of Oare at 1/5 Dues was wrot about 15 Years agoe by Geo Errington & is now no prospect at all

44 Green Craig

Is distant from Crosgill head about ½ a Mile & is bounderd on all Sides by Crosgill Common was wrot about 15 Years agoe by John Watson at 1/5 Dues but now there is no prospect.

45 Gate Castle

Is distant frpm Green Craig about 400 Yards is bounderd on the East by Leehouse common, on the South by the Same and on the west  and North by Crosgill Common was wrot by John Foster about 15 years agoe & Some Copper Oare was found but did not turn to accot & there is no prospect of her proving better. 

46 Middle Syke

Is distant from Gate Castle about ½ a Mile is bounderd on the East South west & north by Crosgill Common was wrot about 12 years agoe by Mr Ridley & ptners at 1/5 Dues but there is now little prospect.

47 Scarr Ends

Is distant from middle Syke abot 300 Yards is bounderd on all Sides by Crosgill fell was wrot about 20 years Agoe by Saml White but found little Oare & now little prospect

48 Leehouse

Is distant from Scar Ends about ½ a Mile is bounderd on the East by leehouse Inclosuers on the South by Leehouse Common by Do on the west and on the North by Hogillsyke has not been wrot for many years & not hopeful

49 Dryburn

Is distant from Scarr Ends about 2 Miles is bounderd On the East South west & North by Dryburn Common was wrot by John Carrick & ptners about 8 Years agoe by hushing, but is far from hopefull.

These are all untryed veins of wch Mr Stephenson Moor Master Gives an Account

Wellgill Inclosuers

Hudgill Burn

Eshgill side force

Cragg Scars 2 or 3 Veins

<Toolard> Foot

But besides these veins & those before described there is many Veins or Old Tryalls that never can be of Vallue & therefore not taken Notice of in this Discription.

Witness our hands      Walton & Boag

Guttergill or Battle Green a veine untryd.

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The Dukesfield Smelters and Carriers Project aimed to celebrate and discover the heritage of the Dukesfield Arches & lead carriers' routes between Blaydon and the lead mines of Allendale and Weardale. A two year community project, it was led by the Friends of the North Pennines in partnership with Hexhamshire and Slaley Parish Councils and the active support of Allendale Estates. It was funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund and the generous support of other sponsors. Friends of the North Pennines: Charity No:1137467